Genesis II (1973) 1080p YIFY Movie

Genesis II (1973) 1080p

Genesis II is a TV movie starring Alex Cord, Mariette Hartley, and Ted Cassidy. A scientist who has been preserved in suspended animation wakes up to find himself in a primitive society in the future.

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  • Run Time: 74
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The Synopsis for Genesis II (1973) 1080p

Dylan Hunt, a scientist, puts himself into suspended animation in a NASA cavern in 1979 to establish if he could be brought back to life in a couple of days to research into extending the process to astronauts. However the cavern collapses during an earthquake and Dylan doesn't recover until the year 2133. During the 154 years he had slept, war has broken out and the world's scientists rebelled against the war-loving military and developed a society known as the Pax, whose goal is to keep the spirit of mankind alive. However there are also the mutant Tyranians who plan to be Nazi-like rulers of the slowly recovering world. Dylan is tricked by the Tyranians who plan to use his knowledge of the past to rebuild their nuclear generator and therefore make their plans complete. Can the Pax and Dylan stop them or will the man from the past destroy the future?...

The Director and Players for Genesis II (1973) 1080p

[Director]John Llewellyn Moxey
[Role:]Alex Cord
[Role:]Mariette Hartley
[Role:]Percy Rodrigues
[Role:]Ted Cassidy

The Reviews for Genesis II (1973) 1080p

Classic RoddenberryReviewed byvolcanocowgirlVote: 10/10

I watched this show when it first came on the air in 1973. GenesisII is classic Roddenberry. The characters and situations are similar to those seen in the original Star Trek. I really liked this show and was hoping it would have been chosen as a series. Alex Cord brought the main character, Dylan Hunt, to life. When this show repeats on a station I can get it is a must watch.

Postnuclear vision, hippie styleReviewed bySMK-4Vote: 4/10

In case you're wondering: this is not a sequel to Genesis I, it is about the re-birth of life and human civilisation after the age of technology collapsed. Watching this, it was never entirely clear to me how seriously the film was taking itself. Some ideas were genuinely wacky, for example that Sigmund Freud was revered as a saint. There were moments when I wanted to smack the scriptwriter right in the face, e.g. when a woman calms her children with "It's only the wind!" while this wind was actually the shockwave of a nuclear explosion.

Without giving too much away: the ending has surprising similarities in structure and motives to endings of many classic westerns, e.g. in the way the boy doesn't get the girl or the problem of the former 'gunfighter' finally joining a peaceful society, a society he helped preserving.

Genesis IIReviewed bybeisersVote: 10/10

Although the "what if" social scenarios Roddenberry creates are as colorful and widely varied as anyone could imagine, the context for this 1973 would-be series pilot contained many of the future-world social commentaries for which Roddenberry later became famous. The movie was clearly ahead of its time.

Sadly, the movie does not appear to be available in any type of format (i.e. DVD, videotape). I remember watching this movie as an impressionable 12-year-old boy in 1973. My captivation with the character Lyra-A still remains after over 30 years -- quite an impression I might say. Many of the social commentaries contained within the plot were revisited later, within Star Trek episodes and other Roddenberry movies.

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