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Go Figure (2005)

A teenager dreams of becoming a champion ice-skater, and soon discovers a top Russian instructor is working at a nearby private school.

IMDB: 5.90 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 88
  • IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 
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The Synopsis for Go Figure (2005) 720p

"Go Figure" follows 14-year-old Katelin in her quest to become a world class championship ice skater. When renowned Russian figure skating coach Natasha Goberman offers to train her at the private school where she teaches, Katelin will do almost anything to take advantage of the opportunity - even join the girl's hockey team on scholarship.

The Director and Players for Go Figure (2005) 720p

[Director]Francine McDougall
[Role:]Cristine Rose
[Role:]Whitney Sloan
[Role:]Jordan Hinson

The Reviews for Go Figure (2005) 720p

Reviewed bybEkKi BaRtLeTtVote: 8/10/10

i fought that the film was brilliant! but as said it did av a few bitswhere it did seem v. obvious that she was acting. i think that JordanHinson did a v. good job but Jake Abel was so cute an that made thefilm even more brilliant! i love it an can't wait 4 it 2 b out onDVD!!! yea!!! Jake Abel is so hot!!! if i had to watch this film overand over again i would because this film is a very good film and ibelieve that anyone from the ages of 5 to 16 would find this film verygood. i admit it can be a bit tedious but that is all forgotten if youwatch the film with open eyes and an open mind. please don't say thatthis is a very bad film because truthfully you probably haven't seenthe whole of the film. don't dis the film!!!

I give it an 'F'Reviewed byhandsprings614Vote: 1/10

this movie was a horrible excuse for...a movie. first of all, the casting could have been better; Katelyn the main character looked nothing like her TV mom.

also, the plot was pathedic. it was extremely cliché and predictable. the ending was very disappointing and cheesy. (but thats all i'll say about that).

the nail in the bag though, was a scene when Katelyn (jordan hinson) was supposed to be crying, but the girl couldn't cry on command! there were no tears streaming down her face, just a few unbelievable sobs. she is not a dynamic actress at all. she gave the same fake little laugh identical to that of hillary duff on lizzie Maguire (sp?). thats when the movie went from not-so-good, to just plain bad. it really looked like she was acting.

in a nutshell: this movie was really bad! it was kind of a mix of every cliché kid movie from the 1990's that everyone's sick of--only worse!

i give it an 'F', because it was just so darn hard to sit through (b/t/w, i was babysitting when i saw it).

however, you may like it if your 9 or under. ;)

Entertaining but with a lot of inaccuraciesReviewed bylaurraineVote: 5/10

I watched this because Kristi Yamaguchi was in it. I follow figure skating fairly closely and enjoy skating myself when my health permits.

I found the story entertaining and fulfilling, but the movie is full of inaccuracies as far as the world of figure skating goes at least as far as I have seen things myself. Although Tanya Harding's actions brought the world's attention to figure skating, she is an anomaly. Figure skaters do not generally try to hinder their competition, at least not so blatantly. Rather there is quite bit of camaraderie among skaters.

The national competition is a several-day event. Each skater must skate at least two programmes. This is done on different days. I'm not familiar with the schedules for school hockey, so I don't know when their championship would take place. The national skating championship typically takes place in January. They take place at a large public arena, not a small rink like the one used in the movie.

I was also somewhat incredulous that when the skater showed up all covered in paint someone didn't ask "What happened to you?"

Enjoy the movie but don't base your ideas about the world of figure skating on it.

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