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Gonks Go Beat (1965)

Bizarre sixties fable resembling Romeo and Juliette, but instead of Montagues and Capulets, there are two musical communities, one who like rock and roll and one who like ballads, who become reunited through the love between a cou...

IMDB: 4.30 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Musical
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  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 4.3/10 
  • MPR: Normal
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[Director]Robert Hartford-Davis
[Role:]Kenneth Connor
[Role:]Frank Thornton
[Role:]Terry Scott

The Reviews for Gonks Go Beat (1965) 720p

Brilliantly awful, and awfully brilliantReviewed byimdb-13900Vote: 10/10

This is as bad (and good) as it gets: "High camp" doesn't even begin to adequately describe this abject nonsense.

If you enjoy conspicuously awful films, then get a copy, pop it in your player and just sit back and enjoy the entirely unapologetic dreadfulness of the production.

In the days where "jukebox musicals" are now coining it in hand over fist, we've become accustomed to tissue paper thin plot lines and re-runs of hackneyed "standards" - this could be regarded as the mother and son of all bubblegum flicks


Not that many of the "star" acts were that well known at that well, and the songs have fallen into well deserved obscurity - the supporting "luvvies" simply turn up to pay the rent, dialogue is lamentable, acting ability strictly an "optional extra" but above all it was a cynical attempt to get bums on seats when the UK Music industry was desperately eager to cash in on the "youth market" yet remain mainstream.

The saving grace is the choice of artistes - some would re-emerge in years to come, others succumb to their "daemons" and others fall into well deserved obscurity.

If you love "Eurovision" for all the wrong reasons, or simply want a snapshot of the mid-sixties UK music industry knowing it was onto something good, but was entirely clueless about how to promote it, this is 92 minutes of pure gold.

It deserves to be up there along with "Rat Pfink a Boo Boo" "Reefer madness" and "Glen or Glenda"

barking mad filmReviewed byshaggydoo1Vote: 4/10

I still have a copy of this film on VHS video, it came out sometime in the nineties as part of a series of British "musicals" including Tommy Steele and Billy Fury. I have seen it available at boot fairs and second hand record/video shops so i guess others were buying/watching at one time. This is the sort of film that can clear a house of unwanted guests leaving a hardcore of like minded (barking mad) friends to laugh themselves stupid (i know from experience) .it is that bad. like one of the other posters i think the drumming sequence is amazing but the lulu sequence with the "gay looking" backing singer clapping is hysterical "darling do try to look as butch as you can, while clapping your hands in the air, splendid!" as the other posters have noted the songs are not great the acting is awful and the story is virtually non existent so all together a truly awful film right! no! in the right mood and with friends of equal IQ (friday night IQ) its great fun. go and find a copy (somewhere in the UK) and watch. PS when i was at college i even tried persuading the film club to show this, but was turned down in favour of the french film Weekend-from the stupid to the bloody boring...

Well, the opening credits were entertaining anyway!Reviewed byOKCRayVote: 4/10

This is a totally weird 60s rock-n-roll musical send-up of Romeo and Juliet centering on two squabbling islands: Beatland and Ballad Isle. Intergalactic ambassador Wilco Roger is summoned to resolve the differences between the communities, employing the tactic of uniting a Beatland boy and a Ballad Isle girl; if he is unsuccessful he faces exile to Planet Gonk (inhabited by some strange doll-like creatures that apparently were based on a popular toy of the time). Despite the presence of Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce, Graham Bond and Lulu, the music here is nothing special. The music by the Beatlanders is typical of mid 60s rock rave-ups (watch for the lead singer/guitarist for The Long and the Short doing his best "Enzyte Bob" impression during their number "Love is a Funny Thing"!) , while the music favored by Ballad Isle consists of some of the sappiest ballads imaginable (the best way I could describe them would be to imagine the late 50s light pop group The Fleetwoods on Prozac). We're also treated to musical sequences featuring a band playing instrumental rock while driving down a deserted airstrip and a nine drummer prison jam session (neither of which serve much purpose other than padding the movie's run time) and a wacky "battle" sequence between both factions with musical instruments used as weapons. All this leads to the Golden Guitar contest pitting both islands against each other (which usually ends in a draw). Lulu's song "I'm the Only One" is pleasant but not exactly memorable, and The Nashville Teens' "Poor Boy" comes nowhere close to matching their hit "Tobacco Road". The bargain basement budget is readily apparent in the cheap set designs and the minimal special effects (watch for Wilco Roger ducking into the cloud of smoke as he makes his first entrance). If there was anything resembling a highlight here it would be the opening credits sequence featuring the Gonks grooving among construction paper/contact paper animation (to the song "Choc Ice", sung by Lulu with her voice altered almost to the point where she starts sounding like Cartman); it's pretty much all downhill after that.

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