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Great Guns (1941)

Great Guns is a movie starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, and Sheila Ryan. Laurel and Hardy join the army. They are hardly soldiers, but they believe their employer will need them now he's drafted.

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The Synopsis for Great Guns (1941) 720p

Laurel and Hardy work for sickly heir Dan Forrester, who has been diagnosed with a myriad of debilitating allergies. However, when the draft board sees things differently and he seems very happy to leave the confines of his sick room, his loyal employees join him in the U. S. Army. He seems to thrive on Army chow and regimen and even becomes a rival to the growling Sergeant Hippo for the affections of beautiful post employee Ginger Hammond . The bumbling Stan and Ollie also get a chance to redeem themselves when they participate in the all-important war game maneuvers.

The Director and Players for Great Guns (1941) 720p

[Director]Monty Banks
[Role:]Sheila Ryan
[Role:]Stan Laurel
[Role:]Oliver Hardy
[Role:]Dick Nelson

The Reviews for Great Guns (1941) 720p

Great Guns (1941) ***Reviewed byJoeKarlosiVote: 7/10

It's time to re-evaluate the scathing history of Laurel and Hardy's post-1940 films made for 20th Century-Fox and at least give some of them a break. It's always been written that the classy Fox studio just didn't understand the comedy of Stan and Ollie, and that every film the duo did with them in the '40s is plain unfunny and a disgrace to their talents. Well, not so in my book.

GREAT GUNS was the first Fox feature for Laurel and Hardy and it was inspired by Abbott & Costello's huge army hit, BUCK PRIVATES, which had been released early the same year and made millions at the box office. Here, Stan and Ollie play two concerned mentors who decide to enlist in the U.S. army to keep an eye on their wealthy but sickly young employer, who's just been drafted and insists on serving duty against his doctor's orders. Once in uniform, L&H must contend with their classically nasty sergeant, a firing practice that goes amusingly wrong, and all sorts of other zany mishaps, the topper of which involves a black crow that winds up nesting inside Ollie's pants during a drill!

Yes, things certainly were modified a bit for Laurel and Hardy's characters in these later Fox feature films. But only we most dedicated of followers would even notice this, and even then some of us don't mind as long as we can laugh a bit (which we still do). The boys are not boys at this point, and time has marched on. We'll always have the best of their classic '30s Hal Roach talkies to fall back on when we want the cream of the crop, but there are moments to be enjoyed in the Fox films too, if we can let go and stop comparing them to something else. *** out of ****

Marginally decent, though out-of-character L & H effortReviewed bybeauzeeVote: 5/10

maybe not quite as awful as critics and fans say...but very disappointing, at least in one regard: it's not very funny. plus, the "humour" is too often coming from the wrong place: Ollie w Stan's lines and Stan doing lines 100% out of character.

Stan in the mess hall, asking for "sanka", as I recall. the food server says, "you're welcome". a good chance for a typical L & H bit...but no. the miscellaneous actor gets the laff.

Ollie gets a glass of water in the face when Stan holds a glass and turns his wrist to look at the time. Ollie tries to set up Stan and it goes...askew. Ollie says, "something went wrong". What Roach coukld have done with that > Ollie simply looks in the camera! of the worst racial bits ever > Sgt. Hippo gets coal or gun powder, whatever, all over himself and Laurel laughs hysterically > "Old Black Joe!". The team hated that kind of thing but mystifyingly...they go along with it.

on the plus side, the film has a professional look about it and has several genuine laffs, including an actual "LOL" scene > at Ollie's expense. The Drill Sergeant can only wonder.

Now we ain't sayin' this is a Bad Movie, It's just that It's a Bad LAUREL & HARDY Movie. Get it, Schultz?Reviewed byredryan64Vote: 5/10

ANYONE (and this would include about everyone) who has ever watched the Films of Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, generally loves the team and can watch and re-watch their works again and again; only to put them away for a time and repeat the process over and over again many times. The films are just that good and one can see that there was real care and affection for their production that was a driving force in their inception and realization to screen.

STARTING with their accidental teaming on the lot of Hal Roach Studios in (Circa) 1926 to the sound movies they made in 1940, the tally board shows one great and memorable comedy short or feature after another. To be sure, some of their films were a cut above the others and others are not quite up to their standards; but overall, they were among the best comedies in the world.

THEN something happened. The team left the hallowed sanctuary of Hal Roach for some seemingly greener pastures on just the other side of the fence. The result was they didn't make the films the way that the two comedians were used to. Instead of feeling their way through a basic premise, with a highly flexible and briefly written script, they were given their assignments to do Picture "A" and then they'd do it. There was very little wiggle room at the two studios in which they worked; being 20th Century-Fox and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. No longer could Stan Laurel work out a gag and shoot it from a variety of angles in to get the gag just right visually. The new order of the day called for getting the movie done in as little "takes" as is possible.

NOW we are talking about today's 'victim', GREAT GUNS (20th Century-Fox, 1941). Other than THE FLYING DEUCES (Boris Moros/RKO Radio Pictures, 1939), this is the first movie made by the Laurel & Hardy team outside of Hal Roach Studios. Not that the movie is all that bad as a wartime comedy (even tough it was released two months before the Pearl Harbor Attack of December 7, 1941) which it is not. It's just that it is a terrible Laurel & Hardy Film. (Get it, Schultz?) BASICALLY it is much like the Abbott & Costello vehicle, BUCK PRIVATES (Universal Pictures, 1941), which was released January 31, 1941. These and other films were Hollywood's way of getting the country in the cooperative mood to accept the National Conscription Act which had brought about the first Peacetime Draft in the History of the United States.

ONCE again, GREAT GUNS isn't really a bad movie. It's just that it's not a good Laurel & Hardy outing. While it is probably not the worst, it was mainly all down hill from that point on. The best of the Post Roach L & H's is said to be JITTERBUGS (20th CEntury-Fox, 1944) with Vivian Blaine; but that's another story, Schultz!


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