Hatching Pete (2009) 1080p YIFY Movie

Hatching Pete (2009) 1080p

Hatching Pete is a TV movie starring Jason Dolley, Mitchel Musso, and Tiffany Thornton. When Cleatus can't play the school mascot, Pete has to secretly do the job.

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The Synopsis for Hatching Pete (2009) 1080p

When Cleatus can't play the school mascot, Pete has to secretly do the job.

The Director and Players for Hatching Pete (2009) 1080p

[Director]Stuart Gillard
[Role:]Mitchel Musso
[Role:]Josie Loren
[Role:]Tiffany Thornton
[Role:]Jason Dolley

The Reviews for Hatching Pete (2009) 1080p

The Ultimate Movie Review! - http://tss5078.blogspot.com - @tss5078Reviewed byTss5078Vote: 6/10

It really is a shame that Disney refuses to release films that are a little edgier for young adults, because sometimes, they really do come up with a good story. The problem is that by the time they are done dumbing it down and disnifying it, the once promising story becomes a joke. that only 10 year olds seem to get. Hatching Pete is one of these film that have a really terrific storyline. With a little more realism and a little less Disney, it would have been a really spectacular film. Hatching Pete features two best friends, Cleatus (Mitchel Musso) and Pete (Jason Dolley) who are complete opposites. Cleatus is so outgoing that he is actually his local High School's mascot, while Pete is a loner, scared of his own shadow. One day Cleatus is injured and Pete sees that as an opportunity to get close to the girl he is afraid to talk to, so he takes his place as the mascot. When one is infatuated with a girl, it will drive them to do anything, and Pete puts on a hilarious show, that even inspires his team, the worst basketball team in the state. Cleatus quickly becomes a school celebrity and a target of bullies, but once it's discovered he's not the one inside the costume, the question becomes who is the mascot? The story was a really good mix of comedy, coming-of-age drama, and athletic competition. At it's core, I really did enjoy this film, but ultimately all the Disney crap manages to diminish it's quality. As for the cast, it's you're usual Disney cast, filled with a lot of beautiful people, only a couple of whom can actually act, and the star of this film is Jason Dolley. I always wondered why Disney keeps putting this kid on show after show, but now I know, he actually has some talent. He was charismatic and showed terrific range going from one personality to another in a relatively short time. While Dolley was fun to watch and even gave me a few laughs, the rest of the cast wasn't much to right home about. Hatching Pete is a terrific film for kids and some young adults, and while it has a story that adults would like, the Disney factor makes it somewhat unlikely that most will.

Hatching Pete Or Channeling CyranoReviewed bybkoganbingVote: 6/10

Disney Studios new teen comedy Hatching Pete is about two high school kids who both are their team's Chicken Mascot. Only one claims credit for it while the other does the work.

I suppose that Cyrano De Bergerac is well in the public domain so no one will be suing the Magic Kingdom any time soon. But I suspect that Rostand would not be too unhappy with this updating of his classic set in 21st Century America. In fact things work out a whole lot better for these kids than for Cyrano and Christian.

Teen Disney Television stars Jason Dolley, Mitchell Musso, and Tiffany Thornton star in Hatching Pete. Musso is the school's chicken mascot, a family tradition as his father was one also. The problem is that Musso's developed an allergy to the costume and just can't go on. So he has good friend and wallflower transfer student Jason Dolley put on the suit for a game.

But Dolley discovers he's got a real flair for those outfits and soon he becomes the reason the crowds come out. It certainly isn't for the team and its coach Brian Stepanek. In fact there's a lot of jealousy developing between Stepanek and his players with the chicken no matter who it is.

In fact both Dolley and Musso would like to win Homecoming Queen Tiffany Thornton even though cheerleader Josie Lopez is a whole lot nicer. Trust me, it all works out in the end.

Hatching Pete is a nice product from the Magic Kingdom and who knows in some English Literature class in some high school in the USA someone may realize where this plot comes from and develop an appreciation for the classics.

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