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Heart of Dragon (1985)

Story of a cop who forsakes his dreams of sailing around the world so that he can care for his mentally disabled brother. Innocently caught up in a gangland fight, the brother is kidnapped to force the cop to turn over a police informant.

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The Synopsis for Heart of Dragon (1985) 720p

Story of a cop who forsakes his dreams of sailing around the world so that he can care for his mentally disabled brother. Innocently caught up in a gangland fight, the brother is kidnapped to force the cop to turn over a police informant.

The Director and Players for Heart of Dragon (1985) 720p

[Role:]Emily Chu
[Role:]Hoi Mang
[Role:Director]Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
[Role:]Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
[Role:]Jackie Chan

The Reviews for Heart of Dragon (1985) 720p

One Of The Best Collabs Between Sammo And JackieReviewed bycoconutkungfu-30704Vote: 10/10

Very well-acted by Sammo and Jackie, and featuring one of my favorite final fights in the Dick Wei vs Jackie showdown, this HK action drama is stellar.

Highly recommended!

Big BrotherhoodReviewed byhellraiser7Vote: 7/10

Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung are both my favorite marital artists/stars, other then having all of the cool moves they never stopped surprising me and this film was one heck of a surprise. This is an under the radar gem for both of them, it's not quite a favorite of mine from both of them but it comes close.

It's no doubt different from the normal Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung films were use to instead of action action this film is drama action which is a combo I rarely see in the marital arts sub genre, in fact it's something I rarely see in the action genre in genre. This film to me is one of those examples that the combo can actually work when done the right way.

Jackie and Samo are just great, both of them get to for once and one of the only times actually get to exercise more of their acting ability. I really liked seeing them play characters that actually have more range and almost feel like these people could exist, than the typical lovable lead actioneers which are usually just both playing themselves sort of.

Samo was just excellent in his role as Dodo, I really did by him as a mentally disabled man, oh and for the record he doesn't do any of his martial arts sorry fans. But that's not a bad thing and it makes sense for his character. Dodo is very sympathetic, he's mentally disabled but he's slightly aware of it and you can tell wishes he wasn't, but despite his limitations he does try and struggle to fit in to contemporary life and really wants his brother to be happy.

One scene, he tries to get a job and goes to this restaurant but of course the manager just humiliates him by practically hazing Dodo. I'll admit I really wanted to punch that manager (one of Tad's friends does, I high five the dude.) there are scummy guys like that that do exist whom are just the worst kinds of hypocrites, making fun/insult people, making themselves look all high and mighty when there not; to me Dodo (even Tad's buddy) was a bigger man than him.

Jackie was excellent as Tad, I really bought him as a struggling brother whom is conflicted with taking care of his brother but also his dream of becoming a sailor which he feels has drifted further away from him. This to me makes his character relatable because we've all been there where were conflicted between our responsibilities and dreams.

Both of them have great chemistry and some memorable scenes were some are touching and surprisingly really sad, at times it really made me wonder if these are the kind of things that people mentally disabled go though as well as the people taking care of them.

One scene which of course is memorable is the argument scene where Tad of coruse is just spewing out his raw emotion toward Dodo and goes to his room afterward. After a minute or two passes Dodo goes to Tad's room finding him crying and of coruse Tad apologies and both hug. I just found it touching and it actually put a tear or two in my eye, but the scene for me pertained to the theme of brotherhood.

Even like some of the supporting characters like Tad's girlfriend Jenny, really liked the interaction with the two it really felt like a serious relationship and we even see both kiss which is something Jackie doesn't do in films much. As well as Tads friends where we get a good feel for them and some solid interaction.

And of course the action is great despite somewhat taking a bit of a back seat, to me it helped keep things moving and gave the film a sense of fun which helped give the film a three dimensional sensibility. From the training ground battle at the beginning, but of course my favorite is the final battle near the end of the film which to me is one of my favorite battles of all time and one that lasts about 20 mins making it one of the longest. I really like the use of the building location and the chirography in both gun play and martial arts was spot on.

I really love the them of the film which is about brotherhood, we see despite both DoDo and Tads struggles they always stick together and do the best they can to make each other happy. It also the same with Tad's significant other and his friends along with some of Dodo's friends who are supportive of both of them which shows that brotherhood isn't just about brothers but also about the people in your life whom would do anything for you as you would for them.

The only bad thing for me is that the pacing is a bit slow, it kinda lags a bit in the middle because not much really happens. But things do pick up again on the third half so that a blemish I can get past.

Brotherhood is always strong because of the sum of it's parts to make a whole.

Rating: 3 and a half stars

Entertaining and Under-Appreciated HK FilmReviewed bymonkeysgaloreVote: 7/10

A strange, but entertaining action drama, Heart of Dragon (Heart of the Dragon in some areas) is a very different movie for both star Jackie Chan and director and star Sammo Hung. Part heavy drama and part flashy action thriller, the movie attempts to deal with some serious themes while balancing fan expectations, and I appreciated that.

Sammo Hung is a good director. He understands Jackie's skills, and fully utilizes him in the climax. I also appreciate Sammo's refusal to do any fight scenes in this movie. It shows restraint and humility on his part, as well as a dedication to the role and film. Sammo and Jackie are great as the leads and their chemistry is undeniable. I watched the English dub, which adds a level of hilarity, but takes away from the performances a little bit.

The action, while scarce, is top-notch, vintage Jackie Chan. The opening training exercise was well-staged and edited. There is essentially no action in between the beginning and the end aside from some very brief fist fights and a cool stunt where a dude jumps out a window. The final battle in the parking garage was awesome and very well-staged. Jackie's kung fu is and agility are great, and he even uses a gun a few times in this movie, which was cool, and an interesting departure. This is a heavier movie, and Chan integrates no comedy into the action.

The relationship between the brothers is cool, and the treatment of Sammo's character was good and tasteful, mostly, although it was kind of audacious at times, with the audience seemingly being expected to laugh and sympathize with him. The moral dilemma of how much one should give up to take care of their special needs sibling is touched upon, and handled in an unselfish way. The ultimate message of brotherly love was one I appreciated, as I have a brother.

Definitely one of Chan and Hung's best 80s films, and much more than a vehicle for both, I recommend this very much.

Oh, it also has the best eastern power ballad ever, and a weirdly long scene of Sammo rolling down a hill.

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