Heights (2005) 1080p YIFY Movie

Heights (2005) 1080p

Heights is a movie starring Elizabeth Banks, Glenn Close, and James Marsden. Spanning twenty-four hours, Heights follows five New Yorkers challenged to choose their destiny before the sun comes up the next day.

IMDB: 6.90 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Romance
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  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 93
  • IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 
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The Synopsis for Heights (2005) 1080p

Young and attractive lawyer Jonathan is soon to be married to Isabel but then he meets young actor Alec and they fall in love. Isabel's mother, Diana, finds out the truth about Jonathan who now has to choose between Isabel and Alec, and his choice is ...

The Director and Players for Heights (2005) 1080p

[Director]Chris Terrio
[Role:]Glenn Close
[Role:]James Marsden
[Role:]Elizabeth Banks
[Role:]Chandler Williams

The Reviews for Heights (2005) 1080p

Fascinating to watch and satisfying to experienceReviewed bycarlacrypticVote: 9/10

What I like about this film is that it moves like a panther. I feel like I'm outside of it but close enough to smell it. There is lots of intimacy and wonderful performances by everyone, some of which weren't fully comprehensible until the end. Glenn Close is an amazing person to watch doing anything and it was a double treat to see her, in dark hair no less (which I loved), playing an actress going in and out of character all of the time. Elizabeth Banks grew on me - at first, I just wished it were Parker Posey (whom she reminded me of at first). But, as the film developed and I could get over that resemblance, I enjoyed her performance. Jesse Bradford, who has been showing up in a lot of interesting roles the past few years, was notable as always. I liked George Segal as the rabbi without a clue until his being exactly where and what he needed to be when it really counted. Another thing about the film overall which I really liked was that the gay, straight, and everyone in between characters were all so much more real than they usually are in film. They were all over the map and that's where we all are in real life so it was a pleasure to see that. There were nuances on top of nuances and that, too, is what most of us experience but rarely see on film. James Marsden was great as Jonathan from the beginning to the end. I really liked Rufus Wainwright's character Jeremy... reminded me of a good friend of mine. There are too many good moments in the film to list them all.

Destiny, Moral Ambiguity and Rufus WainwrightReviewed byGenevieveCMartinVote: 7/10

Take the unpremeditated nature of Eric Burn's "Sidewalks of New York", the vulnerability of "We Don't Live Here Anymore" and the poetry of "Bande á Part" and you'll have a good feeling for how multifaceted this film truly is. While this film may attract a smaller audience it's well worth it. Many smaller films nowadays exude ostentation or leave an audience alienated, however; Terrio cleverly constructs a small,yet relevant world. Like the characters in Shakespeare's plays, Terrio's characters are greater than we, nevertheless they exemplify universal experiences; Ennui, Betrayal, Loneliness. We never truly enter one character's life enough to become intimate with them; they always remain just a little too far away. Characters interact but never truly unite, which even reflects the structure of the film which is reminiscent of vignettes. Like in Macbeth, destiny and moral ambiguity play an integral role in this film.

Glenn Close is back!Reviewed bysarahmillsteinVote: 7/10

Glenn plays a single mother who is a movie actress who lives in NY with her daughter -- which is what Glenn is. I kept thinking watching her that this character is Glenn. What a treat to get to see her inhabiting a role so naturally and perfectly. A beautiful and sensitive portrait of the relationship between a mother and daughter that can only come from deep inside, where I'm sure she drew it. Also nice to see Glenn doing the kind of subtle work she did earlier in her career. Please please let them give her an Oscar for this one. Glenn lost to Cher the year of Fatal Attraction, and the scales of justice have been off ever since.

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