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Held Up (1999)

While they're on vacation in the Southwest, Rae finds out her man Michael spent their house money on a classic car, so she dumps him, hitching a ride to Vegas for a flight home. A kid ...

IMDB: 5.11 Likes

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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 89
  • IMDB Rating: 5.1/10 
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The Synopsis for Held Up (1999) 720p

While they're on vacation in the Southwest, Rae finds out her man Michael spent their house money on a classic car, so she dumps him, hitching a ride to Vegas for a flight home. A kid promptly steals Michael's car, leaving him at the Zip & Sip, a convenience store. Three bumbling robbers promptly stage a hold up. Two take off with the cash stranding the third, with a mysterious crate, just as the cops arrive. The robber takes the store hostage. As incompetent cops bring in a SWAT team and try a by-the-book rescue, Michael has to keep the robber calm, find out what's in the crate, aid the negotiations, and get back to Rae. The Stockholm Syndrome asserts its effect.

The Director and Players for Held Up (1999) 720p

[Director]Steve Rash
[Role:]Nia Long
[Role:]Jamie Foxx
[Role:]Barry Corbin

The Reviews for Held Up (1999) 720p

Reviewed byjonathan a. cullumVote: 1/10/10

I really had no expectations going into this movie, but it turned out to bethe most painfully boring, humorless movie-going experience I've had so farthis year. The script is completely unfunny, and as good as the castmembershave been in other projects, they can't salvage this mess. What it boilsdown to is that we end up stuck in a convenience store in the middle of thedesert with a group of thinly-written and annoying characters. I didn'tcarefor Clerks, but it now looks like a masterpiece compared to HeldUp.

Reviewed byJames H. H. Lampert (JamesL-4)Vote: 1/10/10

I saw this film aboard a bus, in November of 2000, on my way from theTallahassee Amtrak station and Walt Disney World (the tracks were beingworked on). I was thus a captive audience for the bus driver's taste inmovies; otherwise, I never would have seen it.

It's hard to imagine that Barry Corbin and John Cullum (from NorthernExposure), and Julie Hagerty (from the Airplane movies) would have wastedtheir time with anything this bad: nobody could be that hard up forwork.

That's not to say that the movie didn't get a few laughs from me, and fromthe other passengers on the bus. But we weren't laughing WITH it; we werelaughing AT it.

Reviewed byjotix100Vote: 3/10/10

What a difference five years make! Judging by the performance of JamieFoxx in this comedy, one wouldn't have thought he had the range to playthe title role in "Ray". This movie will not add anything to hisresume, that's for sure. As directed by Steve Rash, the movie looks asthough it either had some production problems, or the studio lost faithin this project.

The movie has a flat feeling. Most of the jokes don't work and allthose familiar faces one sees have done better work before. What's evenworse, the two stars, Jamie Foxx and Nia Long, don't show muchchemistry between them. In fact, Ms. Long is only seen occasionally.Barry Corbin, Julie Hagerty, Eduarado Yanez, Roselyn Sanchez, JakeBusey, John Cullum, are seen in minor roles that don't add much to thepicture.

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