High School Hero (1946) 1080p YIFY Movie

High School Hero (1946) 1080p

High School Hero is a movie starring Freddie Stewart, June Preisser, and Noel Neill. The students at Anytown, USA high school (Monogram version) are down in the dumps as; their football team faces almost certain defeat; the school...

IMDB: 5.71 Likes

  • Genre: Musical | Comedy
  • Quality: 1080p
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 69
  • IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 12 / 29

The Synopsis for High School Hero (1946) 1080p

The students at Anytown, USA high school (Monogram version) are down in the dumps as; their football team faces almost certain defeat; the school paper may have to suspend publication because the circulation is so low; and the principal intends to replace student performers at the school bazaar with professionals. But with the class roster on this Monogram campus made up of Freddie Stewart, June Preisser, Ann Rooney et al, it's only a matter of about 45 more minutes before the team wins, the paper gets a large circulation boost and all hands are on stage performing with the Freddie Slack and Jan Savitt orchestras.

The Director and Players for High School Hero (1946) 1080p

[Director]Arthur Dreifuss
[Role:]Anne Rooney
[Role:]Noel Neill
[Role:]June Preisser
[Role:]Freddie Stewart

The Reviews for High School Hero (1946) 1080p

You gotta be a football heroineReviewed bybkoganbingVote: 3/10

I had not heard about this series from Monogram depicting high school life in the40s. If this is an example I could have stayed ignorant.

For one thing all the cast members who are teens are old. Far worse than isnormally the case where in 90210 in the 90s. Our lead is Freddie Stewart a minorsinger from the 40s.

Our protagonist school has a rivalry with another school in town and theyare anticipating losing, but as a gag one of the cheerleaders goes in drag in afootball uniform and the girl can do some great broken field running. Shemight be a secret weapon.

With no less than the governor in the stand it all blows up, but as you canimagine it all works out as it usually does.

Typical Monogram sloppy editing, I had problems picking up the plot in a fewplaces. Three Stooges fans can see Curly Joe DerIta in a small part as a highschool kid and soda jerk. Try that one on for size.

A Sam Katzman gobbler.

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