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Hollidaysburg (2014) 1080p

Hollidaysburg is a movie starring Rachel Keller, Tobin Mitnick, and Claire Chapelli. Home for Thanksgiving break after their first semester at college, five friends discover just how much things change (and don't) after high school.

IMDB: 5.80 Likes

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The Synopsis for Hollidaysburg (2014) 1080p

Home for Thanksgiving break after their first semester at college, five friends discover just how much things change (and don't) after high school.

The Director and Players for Hollidaysburg (2014) 1080p

[Director]Anna Martemucci
[Role:]Tristan Erwin
[Role:]Claire Chapelli
[Role:]Tobin Mitnick
[Role:]Rachel Keller

The Reviews for Hollidaysburg (2014) 1080p

Reviewed byPsychoMichael448 ([email protected])Vote: 9/10/10

This was such a beautiful little film about going back home andlearning to let go. After having seen the trailer I was definitely moreexcited for this film that Shane Dawson's Not Cool. They are both incompetition On Starz' The chair to win a grand prize of $250,000. Ihave to say I hope this wins because it deserves it.

The director has a real eye. The use of lighting and reflection isbeautiful as is the framework of almost every shot. The actors arewonderful in their roles. Rachel Keller and Tobin Mitnik are charmingand give very subtle performances. Very natural. The supportingcharacters are the same.

As for the plot, have we seen it before?


But what makes this familiar territory so fresh is the fact that itsfrom someone new. This is Anna Mertemucci Directorial debut, and ifthis in any indication of whats to come she has a bright future. I knowI'll be keeping an eye out for her.

The film contains some language, sexual situations, and drug use.

Really falls offReviewed byMrMcMurphyVote: 4/10

I really liked how it started: Quality filming, acting, and music.

But then it got a little convoluted. The main actresses looked too much alike. And the dialogue referenced too many names of characters we couldn't possibly have known well enough to follow.

As the stories unfolded, everything went downhill.

Protagonists were written to do dubious things with insufficient justification for the audience. It seemed like the drama was being "set up," as opposed to organic and justified.

Further actions taken by the characters were frustrating, and also didn't seem natural given the circumstances we'd been given (doing things that didn't make sense in the moment).

Maybe if we had been given more background for the dubious and frustrating behavior, things would have felt more understandable and appropriate, but I don't think any amount of background could have been sufficient to justify all the weird actions and reactions by the characters.

If you have the money, give it a go.Reviewed byanthonygiancola24Vote: 6/10

This movie was good. It wasn't exactly great, but it had it's great moments. That being the casting, everyone in this movie assumes their roles well and have good chemistry with each other. The relationship between the loner Tori and the lost Scott while it takes a while to actually occur, is believable. At least to what the movie wants to serve, you aren't supposed to see these two together forever, but you are supposed to see them as a brief fling sort of relationship. One that will probably leave them in a close friendship rather than a romantic commitment. Each character is sort of unlikable in a very likable way. Tori is a bit whiny and cold but never to a point that it gets in the way. Scott has a charming arrogance, but knows when he goes too far. All the characters are like that, sort of how real people act, and it works in the films favor. If I said the film had a drawback it would be the flowing narrative. It takes a little too long for the couple to meet and even longer for the relationship to become believable. There are a few moments that feel a little too rushed, but the film as a whole is good. If you go into it expecting something spectacularly funny or amazingly deep, you might be disappointed depending on your standards. For my money though I'm glad I bought it.

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