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I Am Heath Ledger (2017) 1080p

Friends and family of the late actor

IMDB: 7.65 Likes

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The Synopsis for I Am Heath Ledger (2017) 1080p

I Am Heath Ledger is a feature length documentary celebrating the life of Heath Ledger: actor, artist and icon. The documentary provides an intimate look at Heath Ledger through the lens of his own camera as he films and often performs in his own personal journey.

The Director and Players for I Am Heath Ledger (2017) 1080p

[Director]Adrian Buitenhuis
[Director]Derik Murray
[Role:]Heath Ledger
[Role:]Ben Mendelsohn
[Role:]Naomi Watts

The Reviews for I Am Heath Ledger (2017) 1080p

A beautiful, human & touching documentary. But, where are Heath's films?Reviewed byAntonia Tejeda BarrosVote: 9/10

I am a huge fan of Heath. I actually discovered him when he was already dead. He struck me and enchanted me, and I suffered a Heath's fever that lasted more than a year. I bought all his (16) films, and saw all his TV series. I also spent more than 3 months writing an article about him. Today, my obsession is gone, but the admiration will always be there. So, I was eagerly waiting for that new documentary about him. I watched it with my husband (who fell asleep) on our cinema projector, and, although the documentary is beautiful and touching, I must say I was a bit disappointed. I wanted more of Heath the actor. I think that the documentary tends to forget why do we all love Heath. We love him because of his movies. We love him because of his art. Also, the image we get from Heath is not multidimensional. Heath was human, and, as amazing as he was, I am sure he also had many flows, like all of us, but nobody dares to mention any of them.

I.A.H.L. has a very personal touch. Heath's friends, ex-girlfriends, parents, and sisters talk about him with love and admiration, but, in my opinion, other angles are missing. I missed more directors & actors taking about Heath's art. I would have loved to see and hear Jake Gyllenhaall, Nolan, Bale, Rose Byrne, Bryan Brown, Gregor Jordan, Stiles, Gordon-Levitt, Haynes, Cornish, Rush, Gilliam, and Damon taking about Heath. Also, many of Heath's films are simply missing: Two Hands, The Sin Eater, The Brothers Grimm, Casanova, and Candy are just not there. Why? It's not that Heath made 100 films and you can easily omit 5 of them. He only made 16 films, some better than others, OK, but I definitely think that they all should have been there.

Also, I.A.H.L. does not even mention the roles Heath took in some TV series, and his uncredited appearances in some movies. Before his first big role for the big screen (Two Hands), Heath appeared in 1992 (at the age of 13) in the movie Clowning Around as an orphan clown (uncredited) and in 1993–1994 in 3 episodes of the TV series Ship to Shore as a cyclist and as an actor. In 1996 he appeared in 26 episodes of the TV series Sweat as Snowy Bowles, a gay cyclist (yes, gay!), and, in 1997, in 11 episodes of the TV series Home and Away as Scott Irwin, and small roles in Blackrock (as Toby) and in Paws (as Oberon). The documentary only mentions Roar (an American production –13 episode TV series– shot in Australia) where Heath stars as Conor (which is a quite bad series, despite Heath's smile).

And, what about Heath's death? That is mentioned only by passing. Well, we don't have to get stuck on his death, we don't have to see again those horrible photos of Heath's body covered by a black sheet carried by policemen out of his apartment that the media loved to show time and again the days after he died... but to talk a bit about his death, to through some light about his sudden end, would not have hurt, don't you agree? The only thing we can feel in the documentary is the fact that Heath was not depressed the days prior to his death, that he was full of projects and wishes, but that already was said by Terry Gilliam and others years ago.

Heath died at the age of 28 due to an accidental overdose of prescription pills –a combination of 6 different painkillers, sleeping pills and anti- anxiety pills. A real lethal cocktail indeed. Today he would be 38 years old. Although his life wasn't easy by the time of his death, Heath had a strong love for life and was full of projects. Heath suffered from insomnia. In addition, he had a strong backache and a chest infection the days prior to his death that didn't allow him to sleep. Heath had several types of pills prescribed by doctors from different countries. Although no pill taken on its own was extremely dangerous, the combination of all together proved to be lethal. He took 6 pills (which is a lot), but he didn't take 30, which is common in suicides. Heath died probably without suffering. He just stopped breathing. His death was purely accidental.

A missing figure in the documentary is the mother of Heath's daughter. That did not surprised me, because I never found Ms. Williams generous to share anything about Heath with Heath's fans (but, still, she didn't have anything nice to say about him? Weird). Not that she was more special than all the others girlfriends of Heath, but she is the mother of his daughter. Heath had many girlfriends and none lasted more than 2 years. To fall in love is not difficult. What it is difficult is to keep the love, year after year, and that was something that Heath didn't know to do or didn't want to do, because he kept having short relationships one after the other. There are two ex- girlfriends of Heath who are generous enough to talk in the documentary about Heath, which are Cauchi and Watts.

A nice thing about I.A.H.L. is that the documentary finally puts emphasis in the creative side of Heath as a photographer, video camera man, and director of video clips. Heath also created a music label called Masses Music Co. (known as The Masses) and directed several music videos.

The worst: the lack of directors and actors taking about Heath, the one-dimensional view, the missing movies and TV series, and the fact that the DVD does not have English subtitles (so deaf people are punished without being able to enjoy it). The best: the unseen footage, and the human and personal touch.

I was hoping for a lot more.Reviewed byHellmantVote: 6/10

'I AM HEATH LEDGER': Three Stars (Out of Five)

A documentary remembering the life, and career, of actor Heath Ledger; through interviews with his family and friends. It was directed by Adrian Buitenhuis and Derik Murray, while Hart Snider wrote the screenplay. Interviews include Naomi Watts, Ang Lee, Ben Mendelsohn, Djimon Hounsou, Emile Hirsch, Catherine Hardwicke, Ben Harper and many others. Considering the subject matter, I was hoping for a lot more. Still the movie isn't a complete waste of time.

The film chronicles the acting career of Heath Ledger, and his life during that time, through interviews with his friends and family. Most of his friends interviewed are other people in the film (or music) industry, that he worked with. There's also video that Heath filmed of himself, with his own personal camera. The movie centers on his life from the time he first got into the movie business, until his death.

The stories that Heath's friends and family tell about him are interesting, and you can definitely tell he was greatly loved, but I don't think this movie really gives you a strong idea of what Heath was really like. It's all told from other people's perspectives, and the video he filmed of himself is not very insightful at all. I wish there was more video of Heath doing some of the things described by his friends, that actually gives the viewer more of an idea of who he actually was. I also wish some more intimate people in his life (like Michelle Williams, their daughter, or Jake Gyllenhaal) would have participated in this documentary as well. The film is at least never boring though.

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Reviewed bydonal-robVote: 8/10/10

I believe with this piece of work, we finally have taken off heathsmask that he portrayed himself as the Joker. We now see a side to heaththat the world had to see. I believe it leaves the light on who he wasas a artist and just how he was able to tackle and perfect not only thejoker in dark knight, but also how he was a father, a friend loved bymany and a creative individual who shocked the 21st century with whatmethod acting was really about. The devastating and sudden death thatrocked the world just around ten years ago had a huge impact on many. Ifound this project as an interesting and insightful one. Right from thebeginning there is close personal creative genius from this guy. If youthink Heath ledger-the actor? Incorrect. The love of film andphotography is evident throughout, along with home videos of heathturning the camera on himself and friends. Footage of Heath actingalong the best actors in the business, we see the humanity in Heath andjust how he was human, he did suffer from the constant overwhelmingfame, and in my opinion enjoyed his work rather than his benefits fromit. Creating film was heaths love. Also we see a insight into how heathfound his wife and love in his tender years that he did live. I believethis documentary went to a place that needed to be searched when wethink about the guy that was Heath Ledger. Heath was a guy who livedlife to the fullest and never really took a break because of his lovefor film. Alongside Dean, Brando and Day-Lewis, Heath Ledger was aniconic method actor, that held qualities of a rare breed and should bea image for young actors today. The ethos of this entire documentaryholds this idea I believe.

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