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I Wake Up Screaming (1941)

I Wake Up Screaming is a movie starring Betty Grable, Victor Mature, and Carole Landis. Why is Inspector Ed Cornell trying to railroad Frankie Christopher for the murder of model Vicky Lynn?

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The Synopsis for I Wake Up Screaming (1941) 720p

Promoter Frankie Christopher, being grilled by police in the murder of model Vicky Lynn, recalls in flashback: First meeting her as a waitress, Frankie decides to parlay her beauty into social acceptance and a lucrative career. He succeeds only too well: she's on the eve of deserting him for Hollywood...when someone kills her. Now Frankie gets the feeling that Inspector Ed Cornell is determined to pin the killing on him and only him. He's right. And the only one he can turn to for help is Jill, the victim's sister, who's been cool toward him...

The Director and Players for I Wake Up Screaming (1941) 720p

[Director]H. Bruce Humberstone
[Role:]Laird Cregar
[Role:]Carole Landis
[Role:]Betty Grable
[Role:]Victor Mature

The Reviews for I Wake Up Screaming (1941) 720p

One of the earliest and best film noirsReviewed byaromatic-2Vote: 10/10

What a psychological thriller! In many ways, this movie does more than the Maltese Falcon to presage the really dark psychological elements of the film noir era. Betty Grable is terrific in a straight dramatic role. Victor Mature, Allyn Joslyn, and Allan Mowbray are magnificent, deftly blending fear, sarcasm, and dark humour. And, Elisha Cook, Jr. helped build his credentials as a noir staple here. But, it is Cregar who steals the show. A must see.

Neat little early film noir with some offbeat casting...Reviewed byDoylenfVote: 6/10

BETTY GRABLE and VICTOR MATURE were not the likeliest contenders back in the early '40s to be appearing in a creepy film noir sort of tale dished out by Fox. Usually, they could be counted on for much lighter stuff--particularly Grable, who usually starred in Fox's gaudy Technicolor musicals. Mature only came into noir by '47 with KISS OF DEATH.

But no matter. It's really LAIRD CREGAR who gets the spotlight here as a detective relentlessly pursuing Victor Mature as the killer--hoping to snag him in his net--if he can convince anyone that Mature is the real killer. Mature's only relationship to the dead girl (CAROLE LANDIS) is that he's the one who was closest to her at time of death, being that he was her agent trying to get her a Hollywood career rather than letting her remain in obscurity.

So, it becomes a game of cat-and-mouse and full of plot twists and the kind of deception that easily turns up in any film noir or mystery of this kind. And the deception appears to be obvious, at first. But--well, you have to see the film to see how the worm turns.

It's nothing really special but it does provide a few shivers along the way. Some of the Grable/Mature romantic moments go on a little too long (especially at the swimming pool) and once in awhile the plot drags. But by the time it winds up, it's been a pretty smooth ride into noir territory, thanks largely to LAIRD CREGAR and the dark shadow he casts over the whole story.

Lurid and UnforgettableReviewed byHandlinghandelVote: 8/10

I've seen this many times over the years and never tire of it. The plot is a little bit predictable. But the details are what count.

It's like an Edward Hopper painting with dialogue, motion, and fabulously garish musical effects. Everything about it is seamy. Yes, the creepy plot but what a cast! Victor Mature and Betty Grable: These two were a couple to identify with? Not on a bet. They are as weird as Elisha Cook, always a pleasure to find in a movie, and the similarly excellent and mondo bizarro Laird Craiger. Carole Landis, a very likable performer who met a sad end in real life, was not exactly a wholesome beauty either. A beauty for sure but no sweet little thing.

The rest of the cast is great too. Alan Mowbry is icky in an understated way that is also as glaring as the theatrical lights blaring out the title at its opening.

And -- to be circumspect and give noting away: the shrine. The shrine will wake you up in days and years to come. Screams of horror; screams of laughter; screams of astonished appreciation for this one-of-a-kind cubic zirconium of a rare and unique gem.

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