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Ice Castles (1978)

An inexperienced yet naturally gifted ice skater makes a spectacular debut in the skating world before encountering an event that could possibly derail her hopes and dreams.

IMDB: 6.50 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Romance
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  • Run Time: 108
  • IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 
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[Director]Donald Wrye
[Role:]Lynn-Holly Johnson
[Role:]Robby Benson
[Role:]Colleen Dewhurst

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Touching, moving and wondrous...Reviewed byThe_CoreVote: 7/10

Ah, but what can I say? Here's a good-hearted fairy tale full of innocence, wonder and triumph over adversity. "Ice Castles" is a movie I can and do watch again and again, and never grow the slightest bit sick of. A timeless tale, told in a clear-eyed, gentle and non-manipulative style, without the slightest bit of pretense, against a gorgeous snow-and-ice-covered background (brings back all the feelings of Christmas season as a child). In a sense, this is the film "Edward Scissorhands" tried to be and failed miserably. Outstanding acting all around, especially from Tom Skerritt and Colleen Dewhurst. Lynn-Holly Johnson is amazing as a first-time role (although I think they could have done better than Robby Benson as her love interest), and the musical score is fabulous. This is really the best cinematic telling of the age-old story of triumph of the human spirit over adversity that I've ever seen. If you aren't a cynic, please give it a chance and rent a copy at your local video store. There isn't a single thing in this rated PG movie that isn't appropriate for kids of any age to see (only a bit of very vague sexual innuendo that children are likely to miss entirely).

I'm hard-pressed to pick between this and "Awakenings" (yet another "triumph over adversity" tale) as my all-time favorite films (although I would give "Ice Castles" the slight edge), with "Top Gun" and "American Beauty" coming in as distant thirds. Some of you may think I'm nuts (especially putting "Top Gun" in my top four favorite films -- that one I can't explain at all), but I'm just a sucker for these kinds of films -- movies that emphasize values that never change -- love of family, the trials we all go through (death, injury, et al.), the incredible power of the human spirit to overcome all of it and emerge victorious. It really pleases me to see that 20% of viewers rated this movie 10/10, and I'm even more pleased to add my own rating of 10/10 for "Ice Castles." Hollywood doesn't make movies like this anymore (the closest recent film I've seen is "What Dreams May Come," a great tearjerker mostly panned by critics and audiences alike) -- today's audiences are mostly too cynical and are looking for special effects and violent action. This one is in the tradition of "Brian's Song" -- if you liked that made-for-TV film, you'll love "Ice Castles."

Lynn-Holly Johnson Worth SeeingReviewed byccthemovieman-1Vote: 7/10

This is far from a believable story: a top ice skater losing her sight and then becoming even a better skater after becoming blind! I don't think so.

However, the girl - "Alexis Winston," played by Lynn-Holly Johnson - is such a beautiful and sweet person that she alone makes the movie worth watching. Johnson was an accomplished skater in her own right, so she makes the skating scenes look realistic.

The bad news was the character, "Beulah Smith," portrayed by Colleen Dewhurst, an annoying butch-like foul-mouthed woman, the opposite of Johnson. Her bad mouth prevents this from being a good family film, which it could have been. She isn't the only offender, but is, by far, the worst....and all of it was unneeded, but that's Hollywood in the 1970s for you. Familiar '70s actor Robby Benson plays Johnson's boyfriend, but he's not all that likable, either.

This is mainly Johnson's film. She never really was that much of an actress, but her other qualities and talents overcame that shortcoming.

Beautiful StoryReviewed byElphieDefyingGravityVote: 10/10

Ice Castles is obviously not a true story. A blind figure skater? Robby Benson, ice hockey jock? Just...shake all of that off and enjoy Ice Castles for what it is. A romance. A tale of adversity overcome. All set to a gorgeous score by the late, great Marvin Hamlisch. If you have any trace of a hopeless romantic in your soul, you'll love the film. If you are cynical and jaded asshat, go rewatch Train to Busan.

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