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Ice Cold in Alex (1958)

During WW2 in North Africa, a medical field unit must cross the desert in their ambulance in order to reach the British lines in Alexandria.

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The Synopsis for Ice Cold in Alex (1958) 720p

A group of army personnel and nurses attempt a dangerous and arduous trek across the deserts of North Africa during the second world war. The leader of the team dreams of his ice cold beer when he reaches Alexandria, but the problems just won't go away.

The Director and Players for Ice Cold in Alex (1958) 720p

[Director]J. Lee Thompson
[Role:]John Mills
[Role:]Sylvia Syms
[Role:]Anthony Quayle

The Reviews for Ice Cold in Alex (1958) 720p

Typical great understated British war movieReviewed byMAC-16Vote: 9/10

Another example of the British film industry doing what they did best make character based movies that let the story do its job.No heroes here just four people with various reasons for being there working to get themselves out of the desert.

The actors play their parts with warts and all and without glorifying the part i.e. how many times have you seen actors playing drunks who actually seem more able bodied after having a skinfull? . Classic stuff .

I've always had the query about the beer being served in a Carlsberg class . Would a Danish beer be available in Egypt during WWII ? , either way the beer pouring at the end certainly is an endearing and lasting image .

Reviewed byhenry-girlingVote: 8/10/10

'Ice Cold in Alex' is an absorbing story of a British ambulance trying toget to safety in the North African desert. There is the heat, minefields,enemy troops, more heat, shifting sands and human weaknesses to contend withand at the end of the film (over two hours)one feels exhausted. The maincharacters are an army captain on the verge of a breakdown, a determinednurse, a solid sergeant major and a South African soldier whom they pick upon the way. With simple heroism they try making their way to their goal,which in this case is a glass of ice cold beer in Alexandria on thecoast.

The interplay between the characters and the growing bond they have inadversity is well played by the actors. John Mills' deeply troubled captainis particularly well acted. Harry Andrews, Anthony Quayle and Sylvia Symsare fine too. The other main character is the ambulance itself, graduallycoming to pieces on the way, steaming and bumping along.

J. Lee Thompson was a very able director and there are some excellent sceneshere. The minefield scene near the beginning and the hill scene near the endare great, tense and emotional. The beer scene is moving and uplifting. Thebest British films about the Second World War are generally about a smallgroup of ordinary people who faced with crisis and peril just get on withit.

Reviewed byartrex01Vote: 9/10/10

I must have watched this film more than 10 times, and have enjoyed it.I especially enjoy the story of triumph over adversity; both in termsof the adversity of nature itself, as well as human nature.

The subplot of the commonality of humanity, together with the finaldenouement adds to my enjoyment.

As an Englishman living in Australia, I appreciate, especially thefinal scene in the club. I never fail to relish a glass of beer, or tofinger-wipe the condensation on the glass.

(PS I would have made it 10 out of 10 if Miss Syms could have unhookedtwo more buttons on her shirt)

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