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I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2003)

Will Graham is a gangster who has left the life of crime and is living in the countryside. He comes out of hiding to investigate the death of his brother when he learns that he committed suicide. Charlotte Rampling is his old girlfriend who owns a restaurant. Boad is the villain responsible for the bad things that happened to Will's brother.

IMDB: 5.81 Likes

  • Genre: Crime | Drama
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  • Run Time: 102
  • IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 
  • MPR: R
  • Peers/Seeds: 2 / 21

The Synopsis for I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2003) 720p

Will Graham is a gangster who has left the life of crime and is living in the countryside. He comes out of hiding to investigate the death of his brother when he learns that he committed suicide. Charlotte Rampling is his old girlfriend who owns a restaurant. Boad is the villain responsible for the bad things that happened to Will's brother.

The Director and Players for I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2003) 720p

[Director]Mike Hodges
[Role:]Malcolm McDowell
[Role:]Charlotte Rampling
[Role:]Clive Owen
[Role:]Jonathan Rhys Meyers

The Reviews for I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2003) 720p

Back to the PastReviewed byclaudio_carvalhoVote: 7/10

After the suicide of the small time drug dealer and thief Davey (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), his brother and former powerful gangster Will Graham (Clive Owen), who is living a peaceful recluse life trying to redeem himself from his past, returns to his homeland to investigate the motives for such desperate act. Will hires an independent autopsy and the coroner informs that Davey had been raped the night before his death. Will returns to his past life seeking for revenge.

"I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" is a deceptive thriller with an absolute absence of originality. In spite of having a great cast leaded by Clive Owen, Charlotte Rampling, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Malcolm McDowell, and a beautiful and stylish cinematography, the screenplay is very weak and confused, with a storyline similar to many other better movies. The characters are badly developed, and who they are and their motives are disclosed in a confused way. Further, the motives of Boad for the stupidity against Davey are unbelievably ridiculous. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil):" Vingan?a Final" ("Final Revenge")

Character Study of criminals in intertwined stories that slowly comes togetherReviewed bymarkuswsVote: 8/10

This story starts with several sets of mostly low life characters in various settings and slowly shows how the characters relate. Davey(Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is the self absorbed party animal, low level drug dealer whose tragic events form the glue to tie the characters together. Will (Clive Owen) first appears as a hard working back to nature recluse, but we soon learn he is Davey's brother. We learn that this morose woodsman was some kind of crime boss. His return to deal with Davey's tragedy kicks off the pivotal events that make up the rest of the movie. What looks at first like several disjointed stories slowly starts tying together. This is not your glorified crime life like the Godfather, or the Sopranos. This story is not about action, it's about how criminals think and feel and act based on those thoughts and feelings. It is a dark world, full of bad choices and painful consequences. It is a somewhat complicated story like these kinds of things are in real life. There are old relationships: loves, friends, enemies that must be dealt with in a time when emotion is hard to control. If you want something fast, are looking for clear cut plots, and easily understood characters you will be disappointed. I personally like movies sometimes that are not afraid to break with clear cut formulas and don't feel compelled to explain everything in clear terms. I found the movie very intriguing. This is a movie about how characters, in this case, criminals, process tragic events. These dark characters living in this dark world had to deal with something that was especially dark to them. The story moves slowly because it is not about action, but the dark setting, the subtle effects on the characters as the story progresses and so on. In reality tragic events are often not clear cut, and the movie is real in its development of the story. I found myself feeling for the characters, albeit mostly sadness and a little pity with a little admiration, compassion, and understanding thrown in. If you enjoy film noir I think you might like this film.

Odd Freudian evaluation with a little revenge mixed in.Reviewed byAnonymous_MaxineVote: 6/10

I found it interesting that the first review I noticed of this movie on the IMDb claimed in the subject line that "You'll sleep at this movie," because I rented it last night and watched it at my brother's house, and he was literally asleep within minutes. His lack of consciousness, however, probably can't be chalked up to the almost intolerable slowness of this movie because I don't think he made it past the opening credits. I managed to stay awake fairly well, despite the routine story presented in the film and the almost complete lack of any action. It has to be among the most drab thrillers ever made.

Clive Owen, probably now known mostly as King Arthur in the also disappointing King Arthur, plays Will, the guy who has Returned From Retirement to avenge the death of his brother, Davey, which was a suicide but which Will believes he was driven to commit. Davey is played by Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (not to be confused with John Rhys-Davies) in the brief amount of screen time that he spends alive, and for most of the rest of the movie Will Takes Matters Into His Own Hands to investigate what caused his brother's suicide.

The biggest problem with the movie is not that it's anticlimactic or even that it is such an overall cliché, the problem is that Owen snoozes though the movie in a stolid, half-lidded performance, almost like he's trying to stay awake. Kind of like Sylvester Stallone in Copland. There are times when he is confronted with what must have been extremely painful possibilities about what most likely occurred in the last hours of his brother's life, and he is completely expressionless.

This is a nitpicky complaint, I guess, but it seems to me that an ex-gangster would have registered some kind of rage while learning about how his brother was driven to sit in a bathtub for 12 hours and then cut his throat. Here's an example: in one scene Will is talking to the doctor who performed the autopsy, and he is told that there is evidence that his brother was raped, as well as a disturbing possibility that he may have involuntarily ejaculated, can I say that here? Anyway, Will stares blankly at the doctor during the explanation, then when the doctor stops talking he looks at him and says, "What are you talking about?" What, was he not paying attention?

Maybe it's just bad screen writing or maybe the way the character was written just didn't flow with me, but whatever the case, the rest of the movie is a slow plod through revenge movie clichés that never even tries to do anything new. The movie goes into great detail about the possibilities of the circumstances surrounding Davey's rape and the hours that followed, but it pays more attention to the possibilities of its psychological impact on him than it does to developing any momentum or creating interesting characters. As a standard revenge film, it at least adds depth to the meaning of the rape itself, but the rest of the movie suffers because of it. It would almost make a better educational film than a thriller.

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