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Imperium (2016)

A young FBI agent, eager to prove himself in the field, goes undercover as a white supremacist.

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  • Run Time: 109
  • IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 
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The Synopsis for Imperium (2016) 720p

Idealistic FBI agent Nate Foster goes undercover to take down a radical white supremacy terrorist group. The up-and-coming analyst must confront the challenge of sticking to a new identity while maintaining his real principles as he navigates the dangerous underworld of white supremacy.

The Director and Players for Imperium (2016) 720p

[Director]Daniel Ragussis
[Role:]Tracy Letts
[Role:]Toni Collette
[Role:]Daniel Radcliffe

The Reviews for Imperium (2016) 720p

Reviewed bytomgillespie2002Vote: 6/10/10

With one of the most recognisable faces in the world, Daniel Radcliffeseems to be making a full-throttle effort not to go down the same roadtaken by many child actors, and has tried to cast as wide a net aspossible when it comes to film roles. Whether it be a man sproutinghorns in, erm, Horns (2013), a hunchbacked assistant in VictorFrankenstein (2015) or a farting corpse in this year's Swiss Army Man,his desire to shake shake off the ghost of Harry Potter is nothing butadmirable. With Imperium, there's no extravagant make-up or gimmick tohide behind, or in fact any hair, as he convinces as a bookish FBIagent turned white supremacist infiltrator.

While it certainly doesn't match the intensity of Russell Crowe inRomper Stomper (1992). Edward Norton in American History X (1998) orRyan Gosling in The Believer (2001) - movies all set within the sameworld - it is undoubtedly Radcliffe's finest performance. When we firstmeet his character, Nate Foster, he is bespectacled and brown- suited,taking a literal back-seat as the Bureau successfully entrap asuspected terrorist. We then see what he can offer, speaking fluentlyin Arabic and using his people skills to settle the suspect down enoughto talk. With caesium-137 on the loose and Middle Easterners thetarget, Nate's boss Angela Zamparo (Toni Collette) feels the FBI haveforgotten that threats also lurk from within, and turns her focusinstead to a white supremacist hate group.

Many of the Imperium's best moments are the scenes between Nate andZamparo, and Collette makes the most of what is a relativelystraight-forward role. We also get an idea as to why Nate, someone whois bullied by his colleagues, is the perfect man to go undercover andtry to work his way into the inner-factions of the group. He is quiet,mild-mannered and spends most of his time outside of work on his own,but he is also highly intelligent, observant and, most importantly,victimised. While the many skin- heads Nate encounters are indeed burlyand terrifying, they all share a sense of misguided victimhood,channelling their frustration and hatred towards a country they feelhas betrayed them. Nate may not share their views, but he can empathiseon an emotional level, which makes him a perfect fit to feel somewhatat home in such surroundings.

Director Daniel Ragussis, here making his feature debut, hints at amore interesting film than he manages to deliver. It touches on theinner psyche of these hateful people, and offers some shocking factsabout America's dealings with terrorism, and just how much of it hascome from white people. However, Ragussis's desire to tell a neat-and-tidy story means that Imperium never rises above routine thrillerterritory. A few key scenes in which Nate feels the wall closing in onhim are very well done, and the script-writing input of Michael German,a former FBI undercover agent turned best-selling author, adds a feelof authenticity. I would also like to highlight the terrificperformances of Chris Sullivan and Tracy Letts, the latter stealingevery scene he's in as radio hate preacher Dallas Wolf. Imperium is asolidly-made, well-acted film that sadly doesn't strive to be anythingmore than an exciting thriller.

Reviewed byE23-filmsVote: 5/10/10

Imperium is the story of an FBI agent who goes undercover to blend inwith a group of neo-Nazis in order to prevent race-related acts ofterror. Even as I typed that sentence I imagined several movies withsimilar stories, and unfortunately this one just blends straight intothe Hollywood back catalogue.

Daniel Radcliffe, to me, is still struggling to find where he now fitsinto the Hollywood picture without a wand in his hand. He's triedhorror, rom-com, fantasy and comedy, and now his attempt at a moregritty drama-thriller also struggles to convince. Although his Americanaccent is pretty good (at least to my English ears), it always feelslike he's just reciting lines without any spontaneity, and given thathe has more screen time than the rest of the cast put together, it doespose a big problem. Some of the less major characters though, includingToni Collette and Sam Trammell, are spot on.

The main trouble was in the script - German and Ragussis's writing justseems to tick all the boxes fairly comfortably. You never quite feel astense as you should, and the final climax is completely underwhelming.The question I asked myself was, what's the point of this movie? Itdoesn't seem to be saying anything new or interesting about whitesupremacy or undercover policing, just another film following the sameformula.

So, Imperium isn't bad, but you've definitely seen better and moreinspiring undercover stories. Radcliffe isn't bad, but he struggled tohold my attention for the seemingly stretched run time.


Reviewed byBrendan3Vote: 3/10/10

If you want to see a film about a conflicted FBI agent infiltrating amodern day white supremacist revolutionary group, seek out the farsuperior 1988 Costa-Gavras film "Betrayed"

The script follows a basic Screen writing 101 format. Toni Collette, asa cliché seasoned FBI agent bucks the system and all her superiors whostubbornly dismiss her ideas, and she recruits an inexperienced youngagent, played by Daniel Radcliffe, to infiltrate local whitesupremacists on the hunch that, just maybe, they are responsible formissing weapons grade radioactive material.

Fine... I'll swallow this premise if they can make it somehow realisticand interesting. Nope. The film makers not only showed almost nounderstanding of how the FBI operates, what these organized whitesupremacists actually do, but also little regard for common sense.

This inexperienced FBI agent manages, not only to infiltrate a group ofthuggish skinheads, but also to rapidly rise up and infiltrate anorganized separatist militia, but an inner circle of careful planningterrorists... all very quickly and easily, simply because the filmmakers were too lazy to write realistically and just wanted to movethings along.

Radcliffe's undercover FBI agent character, for some insane reasoningof the writer, uses his real name and identity to infiltrate, and doesnot use any documentation to support his phony backstory of militaryexperience. It also seems as if the only direction he was given was toconstantly fidget and look nervous and scared at all times... as thoughthis constant erratic guilty behavior wouldn't worry even the dumbestof people he was trying to fool.

It is lazy storytelling wherein events unfold and problems are resolvedwith great ease, because showing the difficulty of infiltrating andinvestigating would require the film makers to actually think throughtheir story.

Yes, the subject matter is important and the threat of homegrownseparatist groups is a serious threat... far more serious than thismovie even seems to understand.

Important subject matter is no reason to overlook bad film making.

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