In Search of the Last Action Heroes (2019) 1080p YIFY Movie

In Search of the Last Action Heroes (2019) 1080p

In Search of the Last Action Heroes is a movie starring Scott Adkins, Stuart Ashen, and Shane Black. "In Search of the Last Action Heroes" the most comprehensive retrospective of the '80s action film genre ever made.

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The Synopsis for In Search of the Last Action Heroes (2019) 1080p

"In Search of the Last Action Heroes" the most comprehensive retrospective of the '80s action film genre ever made.

The Director and Players for In Search of the Last Action Heroes (2019) 1080p

[Director]Oliver Harper
[Director]Shane Black
[Role:]James Bruner
[Role:]Stuart Ashen
[Role:]Scott Adkins

The Reviews for In Search of the Last Action Heroes (2019) 1080p

Great doc!Reviewed bydvspiritVote: 10/10

Definitely worth my money to back this film !

Really surprised they got a quite a few folks from our favorite films from 80's.

Great job !

Wouldn't mind if it went on for another 2 and half hours...Reviewed byhomecoming8Vote: 8/10

Interesting and entertaining documentary that starts with Bronson and Eastwood and descents in the '80s and 90's when the best action films were made. The '80s had Stallone, Norris and Schwarzenegger. The early '90s had Van Damme and Seagal before more 'regular' actors like Reeves, Willis and Cage were more profitable and the bulky macho was reduced to the small screen.

Nice to see interviews with guests like Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2, Commando) Michael Jai White (Universal Soldier: The Return, Undisputed 2), Scott Adkins (Expendables 2, Undisputed 2-3-4, Ninja 1-2) and Cynthia Rothrock (China O'Brian, Martial Law) but don't expect Van Damme or Schwarzenegger to personally drop by.

A lot of screen time is also given to Shane Black. A screenwriter for a number of action classics who also had a part in the groundbreaking "Predator" (1987) before directing films. But he also directed the god awful "The Predator" (2018) aka "everything that is wrong with action films these days" so I think he's included way too much in this documentary.

It also is an almost complete survey of action films but when it came to the early '90s martial arts films they forgot to mention action heroes like Jeff Wincott, Billy Blanks, Lorenzo Lamas and Jeff Speakman. And why was "48 Hrs", "Beverly Hills Cop" and "The Rock" included but no mention of "Bad Boys" ??

There are some interesting facts that even I (love and adore all those films) didn't know.

Bottom line was the conclusion that most action films these days miss good characters, emotion and a decent story. This is perfectly illustrated with the closing film title which is "Terminator: Dark Fate" (2019) Compared to T1 and T2 (and yes, even T3) it misses just those factors to be good. Oh, the good ol' days..

A love letter to the video store/genre cinephile passionately written by one of our own.Reviewed bybatchasVote: 10/10

Director Oliver Harper has crafted a beautiful, sweeping and wonderfully informative love letter to a genre of film so synonymous with the childhood and upbringing of a generation.

IN SEARCH OF THE LAST ACTION HEROES speaks to a sort of movie fan that needs no pretense. This stuff has been an intrinsic part of our lives, embedded in the fabric of how we express and present ourselves through our love of movies.

Movies represent a microcosm of human innovation, imagination, ingenuity, boldness, risk. The idea that creative minds would dare to push high concepts, to go to such lengths with practical effects and stunts in order to achieve what they did in-camera...that's the indomitable spirit of being human.

These were pioneers. Like their predecessors, they went into uncharted territory and carved out the legacy of these amazing films with sheer force of will and THAT, to me, is a part of what makes them special...that is what Oliver's film captures in its interviews and how they're used to tell the collective stories that makeup the dominance of the Action Film through the 1980s and it's gradual fall and redefinition today.

For me, the documentary's passion and thoroughness evokes the efforts of Charles de Lauzirika...the spirit of all those special feature docs we've also grown up on, feeding our love and desire for knowing how these pieces of art were made and learning about the people responsible.

I think what's also so great here is how the pillars of this genre and decade are used.

I know the producers worked very hard to try and get Stallone, Schwarzenegger or Van Damme to participate...countless emails with agents and attempts to make their participation happen.

But ultimately it plays to the film's strength to not necessarily feature them as interviewees themselves.

True to its title, the documentary discusses the impacts and influences of Sly, Jean-Claude and Arnold...these Last Action Heroes...through anecdotes and stories told by peers, friends, collaborators...and in doing so, it elevates the mythic quality of these actors.

The doc uses these actors as if they're folk heroes and figures that are larger than life and they really are.

They aren't there themselves...but it's about the search for them, the search for how their rise came to be and this more mythic angle of discussing them lends their presence to being felt so fully.

IN SEARCH OF THE LAST ACTION HEROES is just fantastic and if anyone loves movies and this particular snapshot in time of Action Films, definitely seek it out and give it a watch.

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