Incident On and Off a Mountain Road (2005) 1080p YIFY Movie

Incident On and Off a Mountain Road (2005) 1080p

Incident on and Off a Mountain Road is an episode of Masters of Horror starring Bree Turner, Angus Scrimm, and John DeSantis. While driving at night along a lonely road through the mountains, Ellen gets distracted by her radio and...

IMDB: 6.62 Likes

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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 51
  • IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 
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The Synopsis for Incident On and Off a Mountain Road (2005) 1080p

While driving at night along a lonely road through the mountains, Ellen gets distracted by her radio and hits a car parked on the road. She faints and looks for help since her car does not start again. She meets Moonface pulling a woman in the woods. He's a deranged monster-like man that collects human bodies. She is abducted by Moonface, but she recalls the survival lessons of her husband Bruce as she faces and fights back against the killer.

The Director and Players for Incident On and Off a Mountain Road (2005) 1080p

[Director]Don Coscarelli
[Role:]Angus Scrimm
[Role:]Bree Turner
[Role:]Ethan Embry
[Role:]John DeSantis

The Reviews for Incident On and Off a Mountain Road (2005) 1080p

Not too bad...Reviewed byKia_TeeVote: 7/10

I must say I very much enjoyed this episode. Angus scrimm and Ethan Embry were both a delight in their roles. Though she seemed to struggle from time to time, the female lead was still able to hold her own, though in the future others may be hesitant to cast her as a lead. The scare factor was great and suspense was always there from start to finish. The director has an excellent talent of being unpredictable, which he executed with the greatest of ease. Just as you think everything is okay, WHAM! Something hits you again. The end of this film left me with my mouth hanging open, followed by a smile of delight. Wonderful start to the season.

Run-of-the-mill slasher fare...Reviewed bycgyfordVote: 6/10

"Phantasm" and "The Beastmaster" director Don Coscarelli adapts genre author Joe R. Lansdale's short story as a somewhat uninspired premiere episode for Mick Garris's exciting new series that demonstrates little promise for the show and none of the genius the writer and director would develop with their later collaboration on "Bubba Ho-Tep".

Bree Turner makes for a cute enough scream queen but fails to generate any sexual chemistry with survival freak Ethan Embry whilst long-term director favourite Angus Scrimm proves a misplaced annoyance and John D. Santis is far too cartoonesque to generate any real fear as the dreadfully monikered Moonface.

The master employs the incredibly overly familiar set-up of an accident on lonely mountain road to lead into a run-of-the-mill slasher in the woods story that quickly degenerates into splat pack style gore soaked torture porn and sadly fails to take its own advice to do the unexpected.

It comes in through your eyes.

A Decent Start To This Excellent SeriesReviewed byWitchfinder-General-666Vote: 7/10

I have, as probably many fans of the great genre of Horror, become a big fan of the "Masters Of Horror" series. A series of 1-hour features by well-known horror directors, including such names as Dario Argento, John Carpenter and Takashi Miike, just has to be a treat for a fan of the genre. This first episode, "Incident On And Off A Mountain Road" by Don Coscarelli (Phantasm) is a decent and highly entertaining, although not astonishing opener to this great series.

When a young woman (Bree Turner) has a car accident on a mountain road in the middle of nowhere, she is suddenly attacked by a psychopathic creep. Luckily for her, her husband, a gun-loving survival enthusiast, has taught her quite something about kicking attackers' asses...

"Incident On And Off A Mountain Road" is by far not one of the best MoH episodes I've seen so far, but it is certainly a decent opener to the series. The story itself is far from original, but the episode is well directed, very creepy, gory and demented, and highly atmospheric. Bree Turner fits very well in the lead, and each one of the other actors also delivers a good performance. Recommended!

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