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Indigo Children (2012)

A mysterious girl pursues a young man in her new small town home. Coinciding deaths and a disappearance create a common thread between them as they struggle with young love and loss over ...

IMDB: 7.64 Likes

  • Genre: Drama |
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 75
  • IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 
  • MPR: Normal
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The Synopsis for Indigo Children (2012) 720p

A mysterious girl pursues a young man in her new small town home. Coinciding deaths and a disappearance create a common thread between them as they struggle with young love and loss over the course of one summer.

The Director and Players for Indigo Children (2012) 720p

[Director]Eric Chaney
[Director]Robert Olsen
[Role:]Christine Donlon
[Role:]Isabelle McNally

The Reviews for Indigo Children (2012) 720p

So good and I think everyone can relate!Reviewed bywaltp6Vote: 10/10

Man! This movie brought me back to my first mature crush that got away. I can't stop thinking about this now! Good movie. I never knew that there was a term referred to as Indigo Children. That scene where they were on the train and Christina asked Mark what an Indigo Child is, was like a light bulb for me. Christina is growing on me! There were a lot of good setting shots where I want to make stills out of, blow up, make a poster, hang on my wall! We need more movies like this. It definitely has a 70's feel to it. It will make you reflect on your past, and your earliest crush or crushes ha. This has been saved to my Netflix. The Director did a great job sticking to a certain mood and maintaining it throughout the film. Everything flowed together, the ariel shots, the dialogue, the settings, and even the music and soundtrack in the background just made sense!

Indigo ChildrenReviewed byajfrounVote: 10/10

Christina, a attractively complicated girl, follows a grieving young man in her home town. She talks, but has many secrets. It's a chilly summer romance full of mysterious death and loss. An intriguing movie that I could watch over and over. Mark - our main character - has to decide whether this town, this relationship, and this girl are good for him or not, and all we want is for him to find peace. The chemistry between Mark and Christina is palpable, and Mark's description of trains is something I can listen to forever. We get to watch him decide whether he wants to live his life as a local or a passer-by. The story is warm, yet uncomfortable, and - like any great film - never lets you sit still.

Reviewed byjmaddox11Vote: 10/10/10

Incredibly still, yet moving. Inspiring. Pushes boundaries infilmmaking with very little effort. A breath of fresh air in modern dayfilm production. Excellent character development and cinematic choices.Visually breathtaking at times, while awkward and quirky at others. Attimes, I couldn't help but laugh. Whether I was laughing at theuncomfortable situations the characters found themselves in, or at theparallels I discovered within myself is a question I am stillpondering... Nostalgic and witty.. While there is very little physicalmovement, the dialogue carries the film along. About ten minutes intothe film, I found myself on the edge of my seat listening intently. Theseemingly insignificant chatter between the actors paralleled nicelywith serious moments and subject matters. Lots of memorable quotes. Tounderstand this movie, you have to open both your mind and your heart.To enjoy it, you only have to see it.

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