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Informant (2013)

A documentary on radical left-wing activist turned FBI informant, Brandon Darby.

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The Synopsis for Informant (2013) 720p

A documentary on radical left-wing activist turned FBI informant, Brandon Darby.

The Director and Players for Informant (2013) 720p

[Director]Jamie Meltzer
[Role:]Lisa Fithian
[Role:]Scott Crow
[Role:]Brandon Darby

The Reviews for Informant (2013) 720p

One wrong move leads to anotherReviewed byjonsjunk-2Vote: 7/10

Brandon Darby went to help in post-Katrina, and by all reports did a remarkable job, but once his superhero role necessarily evolved into a day-to-day grind of emptying sh** buckets, dealing with tourist activists and literally mending fences, he got bored. He tried to enlist the "real revolutionaries" but is soon disillusioned by them. He drops out. But then he drops back in, this time with the FBI. But it's still Brandon trying to be a superhero, and to do that he needs a few super villains. And so the downward spiral begins.

What I found most fascinating is the fantasy that penetrates all of these people (right, left and law enforcement), how those fantasies can lead to disastrous consequences and how ego can rationalize it all.

There's a certain tragedy in Brandon's very small progress of stabbing in the dark at what he believes is the enemy; in one case resulting in great good and in another, ruining lives, but he can't connect the dots. He can't see how he takes one side of an ambiguous coin today, and the other side tomorrow, all the while mistaking his waffling for insight. And few around him seem to get it either: the radicals and their fair trade coffee coops, or the law enforcement looking to make their conviction numbers and "do their part" in post-911 America. In the end, Brandon simply idealizes and does whatever he thinks will most impress those he's surrounded by at the moment, and the only conclusion I can draw from that is he's either easily manipulated or morally bankrupt.

Reviewed byTcarts76Vote: 7/10/10

OK, it is clear from the very beginning this guy may just be one of thebiggest's on the Planet. Brandon Darby is the proto-typicalteenage middle class white kid who runs away from home wearing his CheGuevara T-shirt and falls for every "revolutionary", damn the man,cause that comes down the pipe. He is arrogant, aggressive, thinks heknows better than everybody else and then finds himself in a worldwhere he realizes that he know very little.

The problem with this guys "stories" (whether some of them are true oruntrue) is he is the same figure that makes up most left wing radicals.They just want attention and will seek out every cause on the planetuntil they find one they can make a name, and hopefully fame and moneyfrom.

My guess is that most of these crazy activist leftist groups saw thisdude for who he was....a B.S. er. and when he couldn't become that starhe became an informant. He became an informant because he was justseeking some sort of "exciting" life. He really could care less aboutanyone else.

The kids who got busted for the molotav cocktails deserved to getbusted. They say they had no intention of using them, but why thencreate them at all? One said he didn't know just making them was acrime...Ignorance is no excuse and its an incendiary device, what kindof idiot thinks thats OK?

Either way, Brandon, David, and anyone involved are all self absorbedidiots. Which pains me to give it a 7, but just because I don't likethe people involved doesn't mean it's not a decent film.

All-in-all this just shows the loopy extreme left-wing and how theyprey on young, white, middle class people, and many of them just growout of that stage, but some just become pawns in this fake, "damn theman," fight they always create out of thin air. Teach your kidsreality, when you see them wearing Che Guevara shirts, and joiningactivist groups, teach them some history so that they don't believe therevisionist history that the left tries to teach today.

Reviewed bydhingedVote: 8/10/10

I think the message of this movie is lost in the left/right side-takingthat many viewers will feel the need to take. Above it all is Darby'ssimple aspirations to help people and do the right thing, which istranscendent to any side and is the side everyone should take.

Unfortunately this makes him a complex character in a world that likesto take sides and trumpet ideals to the detriment of undeserving andunawares people. He did the right thing for Robert King Wilkerson bygoing back and fighting for his survival, and tried to help people bycreating the Common Ground foundation and rebuilding a dividedcommunity. His activism was fueled by anger from the neglect of theFederal government's lack of response to the Katrina disaster, and hisflair for radical protest was egged on by an ambitious ego that wantedto do more than the average man.

He may have stoked a fire that caused a couple of kids to try to dosomething violent to make a message, but he did the right thing bytrying to stop it. I can't think of one liberal that would be willingto put themselves in one of those cars that could have caught fire andmaimed or killed them. While it may be frustrating to try to pin down aguy that seems to be playing both sides, he's really taking the higherroad by refusing to be a part of a violent protest and disrupt it.

As negligent and profiteering as the right-wing power is today, harminginnocent people and destroying collateral property is not the answerand only strengthen's the power's resolve to suppress it. Brandon wasright to fight against the powers-that-be that contributed to the messin Katrina and other suppressive powers, but he was more right to standin the way of violent protesters who felt innocent people gettingharmed or their property damaged justified the means to the end.

While I feel he hasn't gotten deep enough into the right-wing to seetheir corruption and the misguided souls (much like the left) of manyof their followers, I do believe him when he says his ultimatemotivation is to help people and do the right thing, which is evidencedwhen he left the FBI due to their negligence, and he just may leave hisown party when he realizes they can't live up to his two simple idealsof doing the right thing and helping people, which is something we allshould be living up to. That's what our common ground should be.

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