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Innocent (2011)

Innocent is a TV movie starring Bill Pullman, Marcia Gay Harden, and Richard Schiff. Twenty years after being cleared in the death of his mistress, Judge Rusty Sabich is charged with the murder of his late wife. During the trial, a...

IMDB: 5.41 Likes

  • Genre: Crime | Drama
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  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 
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  • Peers/Seeds: 2 / 11

The Synopsis for Innocent (2011) 720p

Twenty years after being cleared in the death of his mistress, Judge Rusty Sabich is charged with the murder of his late wife. During the trial, a secret affair from Rusty's recent past threatens to hamper his defense and fracture his relationship with his son.

The Director and Players for Innocent (2011) 720p

[Director]Mike Robe
[Role:]Richard Schiff
[Role:]Marcia Gay Harden
[Role:]Bill Pullman
[Role:]Mariana Klaveno

The Reviews for Innocent (2011) 720p

Somehow disappointedReviewed bycheer88Vote: 6/10

Yes, it should be a bombshell with such casts. On the opposite, it was made like those movies for Lifetime channel. From the beginning, it did not have the suspension like those Hitchcock's movies. And the plots are complicated but not connecting to audiences' curiosities. The intense of dark dramas was not carried out by its surroundings among other things.

It probably should be remade by different directors. I am not thrilled with those presumptuous plots which the writer tried to reinvent them. It should have more details of the wife's mental illness. The reveal to the end was not enough. The wife's struggling needed to be explained to connect the whole storyline. That missing part is crucial to the whole movie. The movie needs better cinematographers, too. I hope to see a different version of it in the future.

The 'Cliff Notes' version of a great bookReviewed bysusenetVote: 5/10

Scott Turow is an amazing writer because of his ability to give full, rich, textured lives to most of the characters in a book. In his fictional world of Kindle county, even the peripheral figures have great,textured back-stories. He has great insight into human nature. It's too bad that you can see almost none of this in the TV movie version of Innocent.

I watched this movie shortly after reading the book. The book was fascinating and absorbing. While the movie was competently made, it lacked most of the detail that makes Turow's books so rich and interesting. The recorded version of the book is 14 hours long, and none of that time was wasted or boring. The movie was probably less than 90 minutes, if you take out the commercial breaks. There was no way for them to compress so much character development and plot into such a small space. And in my opinion, it was wrong to try.

Unfortunately, though the movie isn't awful, I can't think of any reason to recommend it. There are some good performances, but the script is just too skeletal to do justice to this story.

I hope that the next time Scott Turow gets an movie offer on one of his great books, that he holds out for a miniseries instead.

Molto leadReviewed bySnoopyStyleVote: 5/10

Judge Rusty Sabich (Bill Pullman) is found with his dead wife Barbara (Marcia Gay Harden) in their bed. He didn't report it for 24 hours and suspicion mounts against him. D.A. Tommy Molto (Richard Schiff) reluctantly allows Jimmy Brand to investigated despite the possibility of another humiliation from a Rusty case. A year earlier is his 60th birthday. There is tension below the surface of his perfect job, their perfect marriage, and perfect family. His clerk Anna Vostick provokes accusation of infidelity. There is a good reason for the accusation and a previous affair led to a big media trial.

This movie needs to be Molto's movie. The audience needs to know only what Molto knows. The audience needs to learn what Molto learns. The computer thing needs to be more clearly explained. I get the explanation but it needs to be physically shown. I'm not a Scott Turow reader. I'm not sure how he attacks the story but I'd definitely make Molto the protagonist. This is messy and the Sabich family is not appealing. The most compelling section is the D.A. group come up with Barbara's revenge premise.

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