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Jacob (1994) 1080p

Jacob is a TV movie starring Matthew Modine, Lara Flynn Boyle, and Sean Bean. In the foreign land of Canaan lives Isaac, son of Abraham, with his clever, strong-willed wife Rebekah and his twin sons Esau and Jacob. The first-born,...

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The Synopsis for Jacob (1994) 1080p

In the foreign land of Canaan lives Isaac, son of Abraham, with his clever, strong-willed wife Rebekah and his twin sons Esau and Jacob. The first-born, Esau, is a strong and fearless hunter with a voracious appetite for sensual pleasures. Jacob is a shepherd, more tender and compassionate han Esau. Just as Esau is the pride of his father, so is Jacob the apple of his mother's eye. Rebekah is convinced that Jacob, though the second born son, is the chosen one and the rightful heir of Isaac and Abraham. And she tells him that when she was with child, God announced to her: "Two nations are within thy womb. Two manner of men shall be delivered to you. The one shall be stronger than the other and the elder shall serve the younger". One day Esau returns from a hunt to find Jacob preparing a lentil porridge. Famished, he asks Jacob for some food. Jacob agrees, but on one condition: that Esau sell him his birthright. Since Esau ascribes little value to its meaning, he readily agrees and they...

The Director and Players for Jacob (1994) 1080p

[Director]Peter Hall
[Role:]Matthew Modine
[Role:]Joss Ackland
[Role:]Lara Flynn Boyle
[Role:]Sean Bean

The Reviews for Jacob (1994) 1080p

Solid and AustereReviewed bymarcin_kukuczkaVote: 7/10

Along with its obvious echoes of many biblical films, JACOB by Peter Hall, in accordance with the spirit of its two predecessors in the 1990s international productions, takes on an austere form. Simultanously, it can boast emotional resonance of a biblical story, its characters bring to mind people of our times with their desires, their fears, their constant quests for better world, their doubts blending with confidence. Meanwhile, JACOB is far from the mode of spectacular Cecil B DeMille who used the biblical source as a clever conceit to frame his plot and grandeur of spectacle but a faithful adaptation of the Bible with... surprisingly...only few liberties taken. Therefore, being a heartfelt and accurate adaptation, it is a pleasant Bible lesson on screen for young and elderly viewers alike.

Yes, it is the film which, actually, depicts the life of Jacob, also called Israel (the one who fought with God and won) in a very linear but convincing manner skipping the spirit of preaching but, rather, adapting the spirit of identification with the viewer. Among a lot of merits of the film, one could name a few like great locations that evoke the Biblical atmosphere of the story, the music score as an effect of useful collaboration of wonderful Ennio Morricone and Monsignor Marco Frisina (the mainstays of these films), clever script somehow adapted to the needs of modern audiences (lacking the pompous, unrealistic utterances). To that point, however, many of the Biblical films may be likened. But the depiction of many important moments from the life of our protagonist...indeed, the protagonist who makes the whole film and the story vibrant and realistic, corresponds vitally to modern times.

Jacob, portrayed memorably in the revelatory performance by Mathew Modine, is a character who undergoes development. More to say, he is a wayfarer no less than Abraham, no less than Moses, a typical Biblical hero who starts from nothing and has to rely on God, has to place all his trust in the supreme power of his everlasting presence, ever-present company and support. In a beautiful scene that has, in a way, become a symbol of Jacob's life, he sees the ladder to paradise (famous Jacob's ladder used in many contexts, including tourism in Wales) and sets on a journey unknown, a journey that requires confidence and purity of heart. Quite soon, as he leaves or rather flees from his home, having actually cheated his brother Esau played by another milestone actor, Sean Bean), he is showed to lose everything and arrive at his uncle Laban's (Giancarlo Giannini) with a stick as a wanderer of the desert. There, he has to win his respect and aims at being granted one of his daughters for a wife. Laban has two daughters but Jacob is particularly taken with pretty Rachel (Lara Flynn Boyle), falls in love with her girlish charm. One cannot go without the other, though... No wonder our protagonist will have famous 12 sons. There, a love story begins, love that will need lots of sacrifices... Played emotionally by Lara Flynn Boyle, Rachel is a manifestation or rather resemblance of highly positive women from the Bible. Just to spoil one thing, she gives birth to two of Jacob's most beloved boys: Joseph and Benjamin. Long is their way but, as it usually happens when a human being trusts in God, all must end well.

The emotional resonance of the entire story and the dramatic tensions are brilliantly intensified by their variety displayed simultaneously within the story and by the performers, all those versatile, sometimes contrasting feelings that are not vague nor dated whatsoever for us today: jealousy, fear, favoritism, disappointment, loyalty, deception, idolatry, patience, faithfulness, exploitation, hatred, reconciliation, punishment and redemption (one could name endlessly). All of them somehow blend in a unique story. The supporting cast give fine performances from Sean Bean as Jacob's brother Esau (he is unforgettable in the famous biblical moment of being granted pottage in exchange of giving up the right of inheritance as the first born) to Irene Papas as his mother, Rebekkah. A note must be made of Joss Ackland as old Isaac, the father of Jacob who gives him the blessing that, initially, Esau had deserved. That is actually the moment which makes the two brothers enemies, symbolic 'successors' of Caine and Abel. Not entirely, though. A chance for forgiveness will be granted to them.

There are some funny touches of the script, too. For instance, when Jacob comes to Laban with no dowry, he presents himself as a man having been robbed. Mr Giannini says a hilarious utterance: "We live in lawless times" (consider the fact the story takes place almost 4,000 years ago). Other moments of relief from the learned and serious source are the scenes of Jacob and Rachel flirting, one could say, like many today's teenagers.

An interesting drama highly recommended! A humane story! The Bible being read by means of modern technology and powerful visuals! There is some slight piece of Jacob within many of us. In all this distance of time, solid and austere in its communication. 7/10

response to #1Reviewed byzspira98Vote: 7/10

In response to #1, who didn't understand how Jacob could be with his grandfather: Jacob (Yaakov) and Esav were 15 when Abraham died. The reason Jacob was making lentil soup was because lentils as well as other round type foods are the traditional foods Jews eat upon returning from burying an immediate family member.

The time line is as follows: Abraham lived 175 years and was 100 when Issac was born. Isaac lived 185 years and was 60 when Yaakov and Esav were born. This would make Abraham 160 when his grandchildren were born and 15 when he died.

As for the "dowry," that was taken from him by Elifaz the son of Esav as he was sent to kill Yaakov. The problem Elifaz had was that he used to study with Yaakov and as such was looking for a way not to actually "kill" his uncle while at the same time listen to his father. The way around that was to take all of Yaakov's possessions and according to the Talmud, a destitute person is considered dead, thus he "honored" his father.

You were correct that the "accuracy" to the Torah was quite good. I would not go ahead and compare the Torah story of Yaakov to anything else you did as there can be NO comparison.

a beautiful love storyReviewed byobstacle-enaVote: 9/10

i found Jacob to be intriguing and a great biblical story of love, first i am not that familiar with most bible story's probably because the religious folk only tell us what they deem most significant IE moses ,jesus etc i had never heard the more personal side of his life and am glad i got to watch this.

however i think Jacob's story should be as told as other more well known biblical figures as it allows us to hear story's other than the thou shall and thou shalt not and all other story's parent's tell there children to frighten them. if you are interested in the bible i would highly recommend you watch this and the cast give a emotional and convincing performance. a beautiful if not tragic love story.

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