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Jesus (1999) 1080p

Jesus is a TV mini-series starring Jeremy Sisto, Debra Messing, and Jacqueline Bisset. A movie about the life, work and death of Jesus as we know it from the Bible.

IMDB: 6.00 Likes

  • Genre: Biography | Drama
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  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 240
  • IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 
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The Synopsis for Jesus (1999) 1080p

Jesus dreams of a medieval battle in the name of Jesus Christ and of a dying world war soldier who, in desperation, calls out the name: Jesus. Jesus awakes, distraught. What is the meaning of this nightmare? Why are these strangers using his name? Jesus is a simple carpenter, like his father Joseph. Both are presently looking for work, but they've been wandering for days from town to town without finding any. Times are difficult in Galilee. Roman taxes are stifling the country. The hated Jewish tax collectors, viewed by the people as traitors, rob people of their last means of subsistence. Revolts and bands of revolutionary thieves are spreading uncertainty throughout the land. Herod Antipas, the Jewish king, is merely a weak shadow of his feared father Herod the Great. The real power lies in the hands of Caiphas, the high priest. To strengthen his position, he plays the Jewish interests against the Roman interests with religious fervor. His most dangerous opponent is the new Roman ...

The Director and Players for Jesus (1999) 1080p

[Role:]Jacqueline Bisset
[Role:]Jeremy Sisto
[Role:]Debra Messing
[Role:]Gary Oldman

The Reviews for Jesus (1999) 1080p

Amazing....Reviewed byHailSistoVote: 10/10

After becoming enchanted by Jeremy Sisto in the recent TNT "Caesar" I bought this film.

Being a Christian, I have always been left flat by the way Jesus is portrayed in film and pulpit alike. For Christ to have successfully died for my sins, He had to be like me. He had to share my emotions, my temptations, and my pain as well as my happiness, joy and love of life. He had to triumph over those human weaknesses when I can not. IF it were not so, He did not complete God's plan. Sisto's portrayal did not leave me disappointed in him, OR in my Christ.

Jesus in this film is a man who loves life, loves people, and loves his God. This is not a Jesus who seems to withdraw into the knowledge that he is destined for early death, but rather embraces those for whom he will die.

The Crucifiction scene left me shaken and on my knees in praise and thanksgiving. This Jesus did not meekly or stoically have his life taken. The howls and screams of pain and rejection from his God left me in tears and weak. When crying to God asking why he had forsaken him, every muscle in Sisto's body was shaking. Truly a shattering event when you have come to see your Lord in this man's portrayal of the Christ.

When Christ says he will be with us "always" I believe him and I am thankful.

Truly a masterpiece, but without Jeremy Sisto's performance and vision, I'm not sure this film works as well. With it, it's a 10 of 10.

A Dreg of Attempted Movie MakingReviewed bykarenn1Vote: 1/10

Quite possibly the worst Jesus movie I've ever seen. I know "artistic liberties" are taken in all movies, but this script molested the Bible, and the writer should be called before a Tribunal at the Hague for torturing Scripture.

I didn't mind Jesus being considerably more light-hearted than in most movies (even though Isaiah describes Him as "A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief"), but I did resent the gratuitous liberties taken with actual Bible accounts.

Whether it's the depiction of the Christ announcing his impending death to His mother, the death scene of His earthly father Joseph, the timing and method of choosing the 12, the extremely poor sound mixing ... well, it would take a pamphlet to cover every insulting aspect of this illegitimate facsimile of a "Bible" movie.

The kindest thing I can say for this production is that Debra Messing made a drop-dead gorgeous hooker, Mary M. From all other errors in this movie, I wouldn't expect the writer to do a bit of research and discover that Magdalene actually wasn't a prostitute.

I turned it off after Jesus told His mother that He would die in a couple days. So, I agonized through much of it, but enough was enough.

I don't know what Suzette Couture is doing for a living nowadays, but it should be criminal if she is still trying to impersonate a writer.

I don't want to sell the movie on Ebay; my conscience wouldn't let me do that. Maybe I'll sail it like a Frisbee and let the pieces fall where they may. I do know I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

A GREAT TV FILM! and EASIER TO VIEW THAN THE "PASSION"04!Reviewed bywhpratt1Vote: 10/10

My entire family enjoyed watching this presentation of "Jesus" vs. the present day film,"The Passion",'04 with less violence which is entirely unnecessary, which of course is my opinion!! Jeremy Sisto,(Jesus),"Manfast",'03, put his great talents to work in his portrayal of JESUS and even showed Jesus had a good sense of humor in some of the scenes. Jacqueline Bisset,(Mary),"Fascination",'02, was excellent as the Mother of Jesus and acted out great pain and suffering she had to endure. Debra Messing(Mary Magdalene),"Will & Grace",'98 TV Series, showed great repentance for her sins as a woman of the streets and showed great joy when she found out that her Lord was ALIVE! This film showed all the important Biblical facts of the Passion of Christ which my entire family was able to view.

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