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JFK (1991)

A New Orleans DA discovers there's more to the Kennedy assassination than the official story.

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The Synopsis for JFK (1991) 720p

Details the actions of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, who takes it upon himself to investigate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, in 1963. Garrison is extremely suspicious of the official story presented by the FBI, and what he already knows and what he subsequently learns lead him to suspect that there is more to the story than the public is being told.

The Director and Players for JFK (1991) 720p

[Director]Oliver Stone
[Role:Senator Long]Walter Matthau
[Role:Jack Martin]Jack Lemmon
[Role:Jim Garrison]Kevin Costner
[Role:Lee Harvey Oswald]Gary Oldman

The Reviews for JFK (1991) 720p

A Modern Cultural ObsessionReviewed byMichael O'ConnorVote: 9/10

The assassination of JFK has been told in every possible way through every available medium. Oliver Stone managed the unimaginable transforming and almost folk tragedy, through a mix of drama and cinema veritè, into a riveting mystery thriller with the paranoiac style of a man who's in touch with paranoia in a quasi permanent basis. Unnerving, frustrating and spectacularly satisfying. Kevin Costner manages to be convincing as the center piece of the conspiracy theory. We believe the whole damn thing because we see it through his logic. Sissy Spacek, as his wife, represents most us and she does it brilliantly. Tommy Lee Jones and Kevin Bacon are a pleasure to watch. Donald Sutherland, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau and even John Candy, Sally Kirkland and Vincent D'Onofrio deliver little parts of the puzzle without ever becoming distracting. Gary Oldman is a chilling dead ringer for Lee Harvey Oswald. For film lovers, for history nuts, for pop culture fanatics and for conspiracy theorists, this is a must.

Time flies despite its daunting runtime - An informative and important filmReviewed byRameshwar INVote: 9/10

Reviewed April 2012

The movie might have exaggerated, dramatized or manipulated certain real events, but what a stunning presentation featuring one of the best ensemble performances and intense screenplay that holds the audience attention for well over 3 hours. Though it reminds a bit of 'All the presidents men', it doesn't have its subtlety.

It all starts after the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the conspiracies surrounding the investigation. Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner) a DA of New Orleans is convinced that there is a lot more to what the officials are willing to share and after finding a lot of loop holes in the Warren Commissions report, starts an unauthorized investigation with a small team from his office. He starts putting together facts, speculates certain conspiracy theories and the case starts consuming him. The fear, humiliation, object of losing his family doesn't stop him from going further.

The amount of information, fact or fiction fed to the audience in extraordinary and since it is a little speculative and involves one of the most popular conspiracy theories, there is a better chance the audience gets sucked into it. Screenplay doesn't allow a single dull moment and every actor gives a one up performance scene after scene. The look of the period and a clever mix of real and shot footage helps too. One problem here is that, it does not just present the important facts and let the viewer decide, it thinks for the viewer too. Thus dumbing down and ending up one dimensional.

Knowing the runtime beforehand might be a daunting task for you to attempt to watch this, trust me time flies is an idiom never more appropriate while watching this movie.

Oliver Stone's greatest film!!!Reviewed byBobStageVote: 10/10

I have stated many times that Oliver Stone is an incredible film maker whose films sizzle with excellent cinematography, good acting, and original storyline. He makes controversial films that are sometimes unappreciated by the public and the critics. I said and believed all this even before I watched "JFK".

"JFK" is a film that stars many A-list actors in major and minor roles, but they give deep imprints nonetheless. Tommy Lee Jones, the Oscar nominated actor of the film, gives a performance that I almost missed due to my not recognizing him. Jones plays Clay Shaw, a powerful figure in New Orleans and a secret homosexual who knew about the plot to kill the president. Gary Oldman is fantastic as the widely publicized murderer, Lee Harvey Oswald. Joe Pesci, fresh from his Oscar in "Goodfellas", as Dave Ferrie, a man who is struggling to cope with the heavy accusations and mysteries of the JFK murder. Donald Sutherland in an Oscar-worthy performance, as an informant that talks to Jim Garrison, played wonderfully by Kevin Costner. Other great appearances include Kevin Bacon, Sissy Spacek, Michael Rooker, and even Walter Matthau in a bit appearance.

Many of these fine performances were worthy of Oscars, but if there is one man that deserved an Oscar more than anyone else, it would have to be Oliver Stone, who did not win Best Director OR Best Picture. Who did he lose to? "Silence of the Lambs". While I do consider the film to be an excellent thriller featuring one of Anthony Hopkins' greatest performances, I must say that in terms of scope and daring, "JFK" was a far superior film. The cinematography was far more varied and ambitious, as well as the subject matter itself. I can understand why "JFK" was passed over, but the reasons are not fair to the extraordinary film given to us.

The appearance of "JFK" is astounding. You are taken to a time of much distrust, horror, confusion, corruption, and cover-up. The murders of JFK, Martin Luther King, and RFK all influenced the time periods and the peoples. Many people tried not to think about it, or else they were scared into silence. Some, like Jim Garrison, tried to present the truth of "JFK", and their efforts are being felt even now.

Before I saw this film, I had seen Oliver comment that "JFK" was a movie in which he got all the crazy theories and presented them. He was not implying that everything was true, and some of it isn't true. But after seeing this film, I am convinced there was definitely more to the story than was originally told, as I believed even before I saw "JFK". This gave me a knowledge of the period, and awareness of the people participating in the drama of the time.

The point of the film is not entirely based on the story of the JFK assassination. It is an outcry from Oliver Stone to remind us that truth is never simple, nor is it always presented by the government. People must struggle to find the truth sometimes, and if it is covered up, it could be lost forever. The film is an attempt to show us that the murder of President Kennedy was a time of much confusion and mix-up. So what was true and what was not? Many eye-witnesses gave conflicted views, while other circumstances were strange in their origins and happening. And while he gave us this, Oliver Stone also presented us with the best film that he has yet made, and his resume is incredible as it is.

I have seen the films "Platoon" and "Born on the Fourth of July": films that Oliver Stone won Best Director for. Why did he not win for "JFK"? Why did it only win 2 Oscars? For me, it is another example of how disappointing the Oscar results can be. I urge all to see this epic film of mystery and deceit, of truth and lies, the work of a master film director known as Oliver Stone.

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