Jim Jefferies: Freedumb (2016) 720p YIFY Movie

Jim Jefferies: Freedumb (2016)

Jim Jefferies talks about family life and challenges the idea of American freedom live on stage in Nashville, Tennessee.

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The Synopsis for Jim Jefferies: Freedumb (2016) 720p

Jim Jefferies talks about family life and challenges the idea of American freedom live on stage in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Reviews for Jim Jefferies: Freedumb (2016) 720p

Reviewed byAri MengelVote: 10/10/10

All right, Jim is obviously smart as hell. But he always says he isdumb. But obviously the guy is not dumb. He pretends to be a dumbliberal to keep his job and get his special routine on some networkonce in a while and also not to offend his audience in case there aresome dumb people in the audience. Jim carefully tries to hide hissmartness, it's sort of his enemy.

One day he may wake up at 8PM Sober and Smart, because obviously hedrinks only to build up his stage character. One day he may wake up at8PM Sober and Smart and he is about to go do his daily routine andright there and then he may have a melt down. He would think tohimself, I'm smart, I'm smart, I solve problems, I could have been ascientist at MIT, but I got into this comedy business and I wasenslaved by my stage character. Everywhere I go, I have to pretend tobe dumb, because if I blow my cover the magic will disappear, nobodywill laugh anymore. People will think, oh, he is not dumb at all, hewas just screwing with us all this time, he is just manipulating usbecause he is smart and we are dumb, what a bad person. And that wouldnot be cool. People will become uncomfortable and eventually stopcoming to his shows, his girl is gonna leave him, his home is going tobe taken by the bank. And the rest of the money is going to be spent onchild support and heavy drugs.

So on that day Jim is gonna have a melt down and he is gonna say tohimself, that's it, I can't hold it any longer, I'm getting too old forthis crap, I'm tired of pretending to be dumb and today I'm gonna go onstage and I'm gonna tell everybody that I was messing with them allthis time and that I'm actually smart.

And so he comes on stage and tells everyone that he is actually smartand that he was faking that he was dumb all this time and for the restof his show he's just gonna tell the audience about how time works andquantum mechanics and all the smart things. And he would actually drawa diagram how to build a Time Machine on which he was working since hewas 12 years of age. And that lecture was kind of very boring and sortof not funny. And people would start to get up and leave but Jimwouldn't care, he would continue with his Lecture about time and TimeMachine.

And when the last person leaves, right at this moment a portal willopen and out of that portal is going to step out Jim from the futureand he is gonna say:

-Well, guess what, you smart genius person. And Jim is gonna ask -What? You have been telling your lecture about time machine every dayafter this day for the whole year and you created 365 time machines intotal. Don't even ask me how you did it. It's a long story.

And every day after this, one more Jim from the future is going to stepout of the portal and join the original Jim for the whole year, eachday, until there are 365 Jims + 1 original Jim on Stage.

And all 365 of them + 1 Jim are gonna open a portal back in time beforehe had his meltdown, right at 7:59PM before he woke up that day.

And right when Jim wakes up all of them are gonna yell Happy Birthdayyou lying bastard and immediately after that all of them are going toopen a portal back each to his own time and disappear.

And Jim who just woke up was going to realize that he just had the mostshocking Hallucination while being Sober and Smart and Awake. And afterthat moment he's gonna tell himself. First of all, its not my birthday.Second of all, that is it Jim I can't do it anymore, I gotta stopfaking that I'm dumb, if I'm going to continue to fake that i'm dumb,I'm gonna go crazy and then the whole world is gonna break lose. Igotta tell them everything like it is. Like it really is.

So he goes to the club and tells people about time and Time Machine.

Jim doesn't know this yet, but actually after that his life is gonnaget extremely better. Much better then it ever was. He just doesn'tknow it yet.

But we gotta make sure he experiences his melt down on that day when hewakes up at 8PM.

Why is it all 365 Jims + 1 Jim had to go back in time? I guess if therewould be less of them, then the Happy Birthday part was not going tohave a desired effect on Jim.

I'm telling you he is manipulating our brains. Who knows. Maybe he isJesus. Of course Jim is an Atheist, but may be he is just faking it.

I dunno if I'm doing it right. But that's kind of what his comedy islike.

I mean from the point of view of a dumb person. I'm sort of high rightnow.

newsReviewed byadmalice-12101Vote: 1/10

It's too boring.

Perhaps should spend less time in politics and virtue signaling and more time writing fresh funny material.

And , please, stay away from politics, you uncle Chuck Schumer from NY is ruining this country.

He so killsReviewed bydiedaily77Vote: 9/10

Such a variety of topics, and such killer irreverence. And killer cynicism. Emphasis on kills Kills so bad. Slowly steers from abominable to revelatory. Ends off superbly. This guy is top tier. I say this, even though I'm Canadian.

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