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King of Kings (1961)

The temporary physical life of the Biblical Savior, Jesus Christ.

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The Synopsis for King of Kings (1961) 720p

The story of the life of Jesus Christ from his birth in Bethlehem to his crucifixion and subsequent resurrection. Filmed on a relatively grand scale, the film includes all of the major events referred to in the New Testament; his baptism by John the Baptist; the miracles - cripples walking, blind men seeing; the fishes and the loaves; and so on. The film actually begins with the Roman invasion by Pompey in 65 B.C., the appointment of King Herod the Great by the Romans and finally the crowning of Herod Antipas after he murders his father. The revolt led by Barrabas is also included and John the Baptist's beheading as Salome's price for dancing for Herod.

The Director and Players for King of Kings (1961) 720p

[Director]Nicholas Ray
[Role:]Hurd Hatfield
[Role:]Siobhan McKenna
[Role:]Jeffrey Hunter

The Reviews for King of Kings (1961) 720p

Good religious movie for its timeReviewed bysharonartiste43232Vote: 7/10

I have the DVD of King of Kings and I thought it was a well made motion picture. The cinematography and musical score was very good and Jeffrey Hunter did a good job of portraying Jesus. I don't know why he received so much criticism. I don't think he looked like a teenager. People who put down this movie have to understand that it was made in 1961 and not early 21st century. There was no CGI and very,very few Middle eastern actors that spoke good English at that time. Also at that time, most people in the Western world saw Jesus as a light haired white European, due to the influence of medieval art. Movies were much more difficult to make and took a lot longer time in the 50's and 60's. At least with the films of that time period, they used REAL PEOPLE AND REAL ANIMALS and not CGI. The only parts that I didn't like in the movie was Frank Thring's AWFUL wig and VERY FAKE beard. I thought he looked hideous. I also thought that they placed too much emphasis on Barabbas. They also didn't show enough of the miracles that Jesus did. The actress that played Virgin Mary also looked too old. They should have cast Carmen Sevilla as the Virgin Mary instead. I also didn't care much for the actor that played John the Baptist. He seemed very dull and stiff. The scenery in the movie was very pretty and the Sermon on the Mount scene was the best in this movie. The costumes were done very well. A good, but not perfect movie on the life of Christ.

a film worthy of its subject (the life of Christ)Reviewed byTashtagoVote: 7/10

Check this out over the boring "Greatest Story Ever Told" any day. The entire cast right down to the bit players who portray the beneficiaries of Jesus healing are all effective and extremely moving. The script moves quickly and adeptly between story lines involving a Jewish insurgency against the Romans, King Herod's court, and the story of Jesus Christ. King of Kings may or may not be historically accurate, but makes for great entertainment. That said, the scenes with Jesus are almost all derived from the Gospel. Jeffrey Hunter is an excellent Jesus,emphasizing the gentleness and conveying the inner spiritual strength that the real Jesus must have possessed.Another of the many acting highlights is Brigid Bazlen as a wickedly sexy Salome. I can't fail to mention the Oscar worthy performance of Rip Torn as the spiritually "torn" Judas. Fans of the Larry Sanders Show should look for Torn in another overlooked performance in the movie "Pay Day". I believe Martin Scorsese said Jesus must have been the equivalent of a rock star in his time and this film affirms that idea.

This movie has something for everyone and scores on many different levels. First as historical fiction it's compellingly told,second there's plenty of heroic action involving Barrabas uprising against the Romans, and then the moving display of mysticism involving the scenes with Jeffrey Hunter (Jesus) and the inspiring majestic score of Miklos Roza. Nicholas Ray an unlikely choice for director tackles the subject with aplomb.

The most moving movie I've seen in my 52 years on this planetReviewed bylonesome64075-1Vote: 10/10

This was a movie that everyone if they're not dead or from another planet, had to be moved by. Jeffery's eyes alone was enough to cut right through a person to make them believe!! Sure wish they had movies like this one today. A movie that could keep my attention and interest for that period of time when if I remember right, I think I was probably about 9 or 10 when I first saw it, had to be special! Even as a kid it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck, and It also made me interested in what was said in the bible. Today since the world has gone to pot, morally, this movie still I believe would generate much interest. I believe no one ever since has ever caught the real image of Jesus Christ and even though we don't know what he looked like, I believe that most people who ever watched this movie went away believing that Jeffery Hunter was Jesus Christ!

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