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Kissin' Cousins (1964)

An Army officer returns to the Smoky Mountains and tries to convince his kinfolk to allow the Army to build a missile site on their land. Once he gets there, he discovers he has a look-alike cousin.

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The Synopsis for Kissin' Cousins (1964) 720p

An Army officer returns to the Smoky Mountains and tries to convince his kinfolk to allow the Army to build a missile site on their land. Once he gets there, he discovers he has a look-alike cousin.

The Director and Players for Kissin' Cousins (1964) 720p

[Role:]Arthur O'Connell
[Role:]Elvis Presley
[Role:Director]Gene Nelson
[Role:]Glenda Farrell

The Reviews for Kissin' Cousins (1964) 720p

A Good Glenda Farrell Film But Who Was The Guy in The WigReviewed byjayraskin1Vote: 7/10

Glenda Farrell was in some of the greatest films of the early 1930's, including, "Little Caesar," "I Was Fugitive From a Chain Gang," "Mysteries of the Wax Museum," and "Gold Diggers of 1935". It was delightful to see her as a hillbilly mammy in this film. The director, to his eternal credit, even gave her a song to sing without Elvis. It was the best song in the film. I wonder if anybody else ever got to sing a solo in an Elvis picture?

It was also nice to see Yvonne Craig, she because famous a couple of years later when she became a regular on the "Batman" television series as "Batgirl". It was a gimmick that helped save the rapidly fading series for a short while. She was rather adorable and perky in the role, as she was in this movie. Unfortunately, her career went nowhere, except for occasional television guest spots.

Pam Austin also looked great in this film. She became famous for a Dodge television commercial a couple of years later, inviting people to join the "Dodge Rebellion." She starred in "the Perils of Pauline" with Pat Boone two years later. It was quite an amusing and sweet movie, but sadly her career also went nowhere afterward.

We have to remember that three of the most popular television series at the time this film was made were 1) The Patty Duke Show (Patty Duke playing cousins with opposite personalities), 2) Petticoat Junction (rural comedy) and 3) Hootenanny (music variety show). It must have seemed like a great idea to combine all three themes in one movie. The conflicted cousins theme comes off the worse. Air Force Major Elvis is fine, but Hillbilly Elvis just stands around looking grouchy. The Petticoat Junction theme is transformed into a "Little Abner" theme, but there is no Julie Newmar (Stupifying Jones)to focus on. The Hootenanny that takes up the last 25 minutes is the only part that sort of works. It would have been nicer if there was more time for the choreography. It looks like they only had a couple of days to get it together, but everyone seems to be having a good time and it does send the audience out of the theater tapping their toes.

While not a good film, it is fun and worth seeing for Elvis and Glenda Farrell fans, and people who enjoy 1960's television sitcoms. I thought this was much better than the other Elvis film that Gene Nelson directed, "Harum Scarum". That one really is only for die-hard Elvis.

KISSIN’ COUSINS (Gene Nelson, 1964) **Reviewed byBunuel1976Vote: 4/10

It should come as no surprise to anyone that, before now, I was only familiar with the two best-regarded of Elvis Presley’s films, namely JAILHOUSE ROCK (1957) and FLAMING STAR (1960). However, since this year marks the 30th anniversary of his death, I made it a point to watch as many of his movies I could lay my hands on…a sort of “it’s now or never” type of situation, if you will!

Actually, I had caught the beginning of this one on local TV several years ago, where it was shown as part of a mini Elvis retrospective. The “citizens vs. missile-base” plot line here is basically the rural version of Leo McCarey’s RALLY ‘ROUND THE FLAG, BOYS! (1958) but, as it turns out, the hillbilly antics get tiresome pretty quickly – especially whenever the man-chasing Kittyhawks turn up, which is too often for my tastes!

The best gag, then, is when Captain Jack Albertson suddenly leaves the farmers’ dinner table – after “Ma” Glenda Farrell describes the stomach-turning contents of the “delicious” meal he has just partaken of, and “Pappy” Arthur O’Connell asks his soldier kin Elvis if something has come up, to which the latter matter-of-factly quips, “Not yet, but I think it might”! For what it’s worth, the songs are variable and unmemorable (except, perhaps, for the title tune) and even Farrell gets her own maudlin number!

This film is perhaps best-known for offering a dual role for The King, one of whom is a brown-haired layabout, but this eventually leads to an unintentionally hilarious ending where the two characters share the screen doing a number, but every time one sings, the other conveniently turns his back to the camera and a longshot exposes Elvis’ double all-too-clearly!

Ghastly film! Have an early night!Reviewed bygeoffm60295Vote: 1/10

Kissing Cousins is based on Presley playing two parts, one as an army officer and the other as a country hillbilly. Both characterisations fail. This was a dud script with lots of hillbilly nonsense with an excruciating dialogue. Presley doesn't have the ability to put across these dual roles and Albertson who can act, shows how wooden Presley in this daft film. Even the songs are frankly poor, except for the eponymous song, which introduces the film. Presley did have some acting ability but clearly His manager Parker didn't think they were good enough for a wider critical audience , otherwise he wouldn't have pushed Elvis into these crass films. Yes, they made lots of money at the box office, but essentially they were wasting his time and talent! I feel that Parker should take the blame since these films undermined Preley's reputation as an actor and singer.

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