Last Flight Out (2004) 1080p YIFY Movie

Last Flight Out (2004) 1080p

Last Flight Out is a movie starring Richard Tyson, Bobbie Phillips, and Adriano González. A clean family movie of action, humor, and love. Pilot Dan's mission: rescue a woman working a jungle clinic in midst of warfare. She and...

IMDB: 5.50 Likes

  • Genre: Adventure | Drama
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.57G
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  • Language: English  
  • Run Time: 82
  • IMDB Rating: 5.5/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 4 / 4

The Synopsis for Last Flight Out (2004) 1080p

A clean family movie of action, humor, and love. Pilot Dan's mission: rescue a woman working a jungle clinic in midst of warfare. She and another are willing to sacrifice their lives for villagers. A daring rescue results in a changed life. Planes, helicopter, explosions, and Samaritan's Purse are elements.

The Director and Players for Last Flight Out (2004) 1080p

[Director]Jerry Jameson
[Role:]Richard Tyson
[Role:]Rene L. Moreno
[Role:]Adriano González
[Role:]Bobbie Phillips

The Reviews for Last Flight Out (2004) 1080p

Tears notReviewed byfangandtalonVote: 7/10

Message Good Movie Bad cleaned up "Tears of the Sun" try being original

the greatest movieReviewed byModern_HippieVote: 10/10

You will love this movie and understand how great gods love is its a must see for your everlasting life (watch the end its in a bible verse!)It helped me in my Christian life and it also was just a great movie with lots of love pain sadness and joy if that makes sense!i have to make this 10 lines to be posted so the rest of this will be very boring!it was a very fun and exiting adventure packed film I'm surprised that Hollywood allowed it with their anti Christian view. I don't get why they the passion of the Christ play but I'm glad that they did because it rocked!I don't know why it was not rated its not like it had cursing or violence in it just a little blood and explosions.oh well thats all I have to say c'yah computer people!

Good story, poor movie.Reviewed byjunk01-5Vote: 6/10

The movie tells the story of a bad-boy pilot living a life of shame and regret after a crash killed his best friend several years before and caused a breakup with his (presumably) girlfriend. He is in the "repo" business, repossessing aircraft from people who haven't paid up. The father of his ex-girlfriend comes by to ask him to fly down to Colombia and rescue her. She is a missionary-doctor in a remote village threatened by rebel guerrillas. He refuses at first, but after a walk on the beach he decides that he really is in love with her and heads off to rescue her.

Along the way to the remote village in Colombia, our bad-boy pilot comes across a very devout, missionary-doctor who finagles a ride with the pilot out to the remote village. It's at this point that the movie's agenda becomes very clear. This is not just a movie trying to tell a story about some missionaries, some villagers, and a pilot and their valiant struggle against rebel forces (ala Tears of the Sun). Instead it quickly turns into Christian propaganda bent at convincing the viewer of Christ's love.

The filmmakers could have made a movie and let the character's actions speak for themselves, but instead made a film that will alienate everyone who isn't already a "believer" with its overt, cult-like presentation. The movie is something that will undoubtedly be appreciated by Christian families and youth groups everywhere as an alternative to the rest of Hollywood movies that they will typically find so threatening. People who maintain the illusion that this movie will somehow show people the error of their ways and convince them to enter into a lifelong relationship with Jesus are only demonstrating just how ignorant they are.

I give this movie 6 stars because it has a good storyline, but it is weighed down by unnecessary scenes and dialog that detract from the story and only serve to draw things out needlessly. Having grown up as a missionary kid in Colombia, I have seen many movies like this. Last Flight Out definitely sets itself apart with the unusually high production values that show just how the Christian movie community is advancing. However, anyone who pretends this is a good movie by any worldwide standard is simply lying to himself. And everyone knows Jesus doesn't like lying.

The movie is unrated not because of any outlandish content, but presumably because it was not shown in theatres and is probably sold mostly in Christian bookstores which would make obtaining an MPAA rating an unnecessary expense.

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