Les Cowboys (2015) 1080p YIFY Movie

Les Cowboys (2015) 1080p

Les cowboys is a movie starring Fran?ois Damiens, Finnegan Oldfield, and Agathe Dronne. When his daughter goes missing from their prairie town east of France, Alain and his young son, Kid, head out to find her. The journey takes the...

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The Synopsis for Les Cowboys (2015) 1080p

When his daughter goes missing from their prairie town east of France, Alain and his young son, Kid, head out to find her. The journey takes the men to some far-off and unsettling places in what begins to feel like an endless quest.

The Director and Players for Les Cowboys (2015) 1080p

[Director]Thomas Bidegain
[Role:]Finnegan Oldfield
[Role:]Ellora Torchia
[Role:]Agathe Dronne
[Role:]Fran?ois Damiens

The Reviews for Les Cowboys (2015) 1080p

Les Cowboys Keeps You on the EdgeReviewed bykrocheavVote: 8/10

For whatever reason American Westerns have always played well in France, from Alan Ladd, John Wayne, Kirk Douglass, through to Randolph Scott & Audie Murphy. Just as films about the American Native Indians did (and still do) in Germany. I knew very little about this movie before watching and glad that was the case. It wasn't until reading about it later I noticed it being touted as a modern 'remake' of Ford's "The Searchers". I saw no connection (other than a mild story thread) and feel that 'remake' is sort of a long bow to draw. It is however, a topical examination of the present times - with observations on the surge of Muslim immigration across the globe - here, focusing mostly on a provincial village in France.

While a local family attend a festival for American country music, their teenage daughter goes missing. Seems she's run off with a young Muslim to seek a new life. Dad is determined to bring her back no matter what the cost and, it's going to be high. His search covers several grotty situations in Paris then heads overseas. It's at this time the movie changes gear with an unexpected, very well staged car accident that has a life-altering impact on both the family of the daughter and the boy she ran away with. What follows is an epic trek into the Middle East and back, with equally unexpected results.

This is modern movie-making at its most intriguing with first-class performances and superb cinematography. Why something this well made has been overlooked mystifies me. Trailers I have seen for this movie would not convince me to see it - they all look as if aimed at a 12 year olds mentality. The accomplished screenwriter, and for this work also director (first feature) Thomas Bidegain creates a compelling study - complete with his own dabbling in the above-average music score - which is mostly composed by Raphael Haroche, ably assisted by co-composer and orchestrator Moritz Reich. There's much to enjoy in this involving drama even to the point of being unsure if dad's interest in his daughter may be a little more intense than it should be (he certainly is an over-intense sort of fellow) or simply the love of a caring parent. It's a story recommended for thinking audiences - that holds a good pace, as it spans a couple of decades while never outstaying it's welcome.

Beautiful, thoughtful and unexpectedReviewed bymattdearmer-10066Vote: 8/10

I saw this film with no knowledge of it beforehand, and it was a great surprise.

The film's look and feel is beautiful, reminding me of Rust and Bone in tone and feel. The score and soundtrack also suitably served the film, reminding me of the score for 'Seven' in places, the ominous strings swell and suggest the dread and uncertainty that the family are going through as their lives unravel. And then there's the subject matter, which in this day and age is very hard to tackle especially in the current climate.

This is a thoughtful and beautiful film that touches on a very complex issue and is expertly paced. A real treat.

Tragic French Drama on the search for a daughterReviewed byt-dooley-69-386916Vote: 7/10

This film starts in 1994 when we meet father and husband Alain Deland who is a lover of all things American – especially both their kinds of music – Country and Western. His family seem more than happy to participate in the group outings too and from an outsiders perspective they are a perfect nuclear family. Then on a day when they are having a festival his daughter goes missing.

What at first seems to be a case of abduction, or indeed worse, take on a different hue when she decides to contact them. That is when the story takes a massive U turn and nothing is as it should be. This is a remake of 'The Searchers' which is one of the best westerns ever made and this take – though original – is far removed from the sheer timeless beauty of the original John Ford classic

Now this starts off fairly light hearted at the beginning but it soon gets very dark very quickly – which is like the original. That is where the similarities end. It does have a bristling, brooding quality that makes it very compelling. It is a hard watch in places and that is in part due to the energy that Francois Damiens brings as the grieving father. This is a film that deals with difficult themes in a realistic way and is both well aced, directed, written and is for fans of Gallic cinema.

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