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Letters to God (2010)

A young boy fighting cancer writes letters to God, touching lives in his neighborhood and community and inspiring hope among everyone he comes in contact. An unsuspecting substitute postman...

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The Synopsis for Letters to God (2010) 720p

A young boy fighting cancer writes letters to God, touching lives in his neighborhood and community and inspiring hope among everyone he comes in contact. An unsuspecting substitute postman, with a troubled life of his own, becomes entangled in the boy's journey and his family by reading the letters. They inspire him to seek a better life for himself and his own son he's lost through his alcohol addiction.

The Director and Players for Letters to God (2010) 720p

[Director]Patrick Doughtie
[Director]David Nixon
[Role:]Jeffrey Johnson
[Role:]Robyn Lively
[Role:]Tanner Maguire

The Reviews for Letters to God (2010) 720p

Reviewed bysddavis63 ([email protected])Vote: 5/10/10

"You show that you are a letter from Christ ... written not with inkbut with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but ontablets of human hearts." Those words - which are featured in theclosing caption of the movie - are from 2 Corinthians 3:3, and reallyserve as the basis for this entire project. It's the story of youngTyler, suffering from an incurable type of brain cancer, who deals withhis affliction by writing letters to God - letters which end uptransforming the lives of virtually everyone he knows and many peoplehe doesn't know. Tyler becomes - in the words of Mr. Perryfield (who'splayed by Ralph Waite, who may be the only actor in this I was familiarwith) - "God's warrior." I may not like that particular imagery, but Iunderstand the sentiment, and the movie makes the point that a littlefaith can go a long way. In a way, the movie and the story is a livingwitness to Jesus' parable of the mustard seed.

That background aside, what of the movie itself? Frankly, it's not badand it's not great. I think that people are going to end up judgingthis on the basis of their own belief or lack of belief in God ratherthan on the actual quality of the movie. Christians are going to loveit and give it a lot of 10's; atheists are going to hate it and give ita lot of 1's. As with any movie of this type, though, the question thatcomes to my mind is why an atheist would want to watch it. As aChristian, I want to say honestly that there were parts of this moviethat I really liked, and parts that I didn't care for at all.

To start with what I didn't care for (because I want to end on apositive note.) The movie hits every cliché in the book. It pounds awayat every evangelical Christian theme over and over again. For a moviethat in many ways is quite touching, it's pretty hard sell. It seems tobe an evangelistic effort - which surprises me a bit since thisprobably isn't going to attract very many who are outside the faith towatch it. On the other hand, I suppose, "there's rejoicing in heavenover one ..." Really, though, it does go on a little too long. It'sclose to two hours long, and after a while it loses some of its impactjust because it keeps making the same points repeatedly. In allhonesty, this likely could have been cut by about half an hour withoutlosing any of its impact - and might have had even more impact if itwere cut by half an hour. Tyler's story is great - at least accordingto this he faced his death with great courage - but I wondered aboutthe decision to end the movie with stories of people of faith who'verecovered from cancer and are going on with life. That doesn't provemuch. There are many stories of people without faith who've recoveredfrom cancer, and many stories of people with great faith who don'trecover. I fear that in the end those stories tended to blur the memoryof Tyler's story, which to me offered a far more powerful witness tothe importance of faith - that faith could give a young boy the courageto face his own death and still keep the needs of others first andforemost in his thoughts (because many of the letters he wrote to Godwere intercessions for others.) To me, that was far more important thanthe stories of the cancer survivors at the end of the movie. I alsohave to be honest and say that I was turned off by Brady taking overTyler's moment at the end. I understand that it was a way of showcasingTyler's faith and his impact on people, but it seemed to move thespotlight on to Brady at that moment - which was not where it shouldhave been!

But there was a lot here I liked as well. I liked the movie'ssimplicity. There's nothing complicated about it. It's astraightforward story about faith, courage and transformation - andthere's nothing wrong with that. From a Christian perspective, I likedthe depiction of prayer in this. Those praying weren't prayingespecially for Tyler's healing - they were praying for strength andcourage - for him, for themselves and for others. Surely that's whatfaith is about. As a pastor, if I'm dealing with someone who's dying orwho's loved one is dying, I'm not going to pray with them primarily forhealing; I'm going to pray with them primarily for strength. In thatsense, the focus on Tyler's story makes the point that healing isn'talways about the recovery of the body - sometimes healing is about thewellness of the spirit. Tyler's spirit was strong and healthyregardless of his body's condition. That was a good message. It seemedto me that this movie sums up why it is that Jesus spoke so approvinglyof children and even used them as examples for adults - children cancut through the nonsense and see God where adults who are perhaps morejaded can't. They have simple and innocent faith and they know how totrust. Tyler becomes the example for those around him. "Become likelittle children," Jesus said. The movie helps explain those words.

It's not great; it's not bad. The performances were OK; the movieperhaps a bit too formulaic. It's heartwarming but not riveting; it'sinspiring but maybe goes over the same ground too often.

Reviewed bytntnavinVote: 10/10/10

I am SHOCKED at the negative messages on this board. This movie wasincredible!! Fireproof was incredible!! Facing the Giants wasincredible!! It opens up dialogue and reassured my children they arenever alone and they can get through hard times without turning toalcohol or other things. Stay positive, have hope, know peace! Takeyour kids! My 9 and 6 yr. old loved the movie. My 6 yr. old son hasalready had 3 open heart surgeries, 7 heart procedures and will befacing another open heart due to a heart defect. Spend a few hours at aChildren's hospital and you will see the THOUSANDS of family membersaffected by any terminal illness not to mention their friends atschool, co-workers/friends/neighbors of their parents, relatives.

My son never cried in the movie, he wasn't afraid, he was proud to seeanother with a large scar, going through similar things he has, beingcalled God's Warrior in the movie gave him the biggest smile. You neverwant your children to be afraid or feel alone! This movie gives peopleHOPE! LOVE! COMPASSION! It helps sibling relationships.

After the movie, he gave me the biggest hug and said, THIS WAS THE BESTMOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN! He loved it, we all did. It is not a movie ofdeath or cancer but LIFE and what you do with it while you are here!Your choices in dealing with difficult days which everyone has.Reaching out to people, friends, neighbors, relatives, even a church.

See it and go open minded.

Reviewed bycarlie1964Vote: 3/10/10

This movie COULD have been real inspiring. If you have ever lost aloved one to cancer, you will be moved to tears, even though its WAYover acted with it's emotional pulling at your heart string acting. Iam a Christian, but I found myself saying out loud to my twelve yearold daughter, who lost her beloved Uncle (My brother) to cancer whenshe was six years old, 'This is WAY too over the top". Lets look at thepositive: They family unit was so strong, which you don't see veryoften in movies. Also, the support that the neighbors and school matesgave to the family was inspiring. I just wish I didn't feel somanipulated by this show.

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