Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution (2017) 1080p YIFY Movie

Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution (2017) 1080p

Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution is a movie starring Kimberleigh Andrews, Kim Biddle, and Adam Brown. A documentary about today's young adult hookup culture and the stories in pop-culture that influence it.

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The Synopsis for Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution (2017) 1080p

Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution is a documentary about today's young adult hookup culture. The film follows the journey of college students during their Spring Break revelries, offering an insightful look into their attitudes and behaviors regarding sex. It is an honest and raw depiction of this casual sex environment where sexual violation has become normal. Liberated widens the view of today's hookup culture by examining the role of pop-culture in shaping conceptions of gender and sexuality that underlie this new sexual revolution.

The Director and Players for Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution (2017) 1080p

[Director]Benjamin Nolot
[Role:]Gail Dines
[Role:]Adam Brown
[Role:]Kim Biddle
[Role:]Kimberleigh Andrews

The Reviews for Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution (2017) 1080p

Shocking and hard to watch in some parts but a necessary peek into hookup culture!!Reviewed byamandap-62221Vote: 9/10

I recommend watching this to see the effects of pop culture media in the young adult culture. I'm 24 and I remember growing up watching Spring Break shows on MTV. We can't pretend like "pornified" TV shows, music videos, movies, billboards, ads, magazines, books, have ZERO effect on culture because they do. Unfortunately today we are experiencing the after math of what we chose to watch and produce.

Some of the people interviewed were asked very open questions about what masculinity or femininity means to them and their answers were heart breaking.

I challenge you to not be removed from what's happening but to dig deep.

An Extremely Deceptive Look at Young AdultsReviewed bysnakeye808Vote: 1/10

The filmmakers desperately search for people who will tell them what they want to hear (and many seem to be joking and duping the filmmakers) in order to portray young adults as sex-crazed maniacs. In reality, research has repeatedly shown that young adults are increasingly having less and less sex than previous generations. As such, a better documentary would examine the reasons why young adults are no longer engaging in sex and why they are having trouble dating, maintaining relationships and connecting with their peers on an intimate level. Instead, the film tries to deceive us by interviewing spring breakers on a beach and making it sound like they have casual sex on a daily basis, but there's no actual evidence of this being true even as they try so hard to find morally casual people letting loose on vacation, and in reality, the people in the film may be virgins who are being depicted in a misleading manner. Ultimately, even if you can find a few rare instances of people engaging in casual sex, they certainly are not representative of the majority of people in this age range.

Powerful look into the college hook-up culture of Spring BreakReviewed bymeriahmoffatVote: 9/10

A well-planned and moving documentary. "Liberated" interviewed a host of college students within the microcosm of Spring Break and balanced their real-life opinions with the testimonies of a variety of researchers, advocates, scientists, and experts to explain how media and skewed gender identities have created a harmful hyper-sexualized society. As a young person and current college student, I am grateful for voices like this that tell me that I am more than my sexuality, that sex is more than a commodity, and that men and women are inherently of great worth and should be treated with dignity for their unique, beautiful humanity.

Although written and directed by Benjamin Nolot, the founder of Exodus Cry, a Christian non-profit organization, there are no religious references in this movie. Instead, it is a look at the harmful social effects of our hypersexualized generation.

Although powerful and moving, it lacked a wider discussion of what caused such a harmful culture and a stronger call-to-action at the end. Nonetheless, this film did raise a lot of important questions and clearly portrayed the hookup culture without condemning it.

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