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Little Birds (2011)

Lily and Alison face a life-changing event after they leave their Salton Sea home and follow the boys they meet back to Los Angeles.

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The Synopsis for Little Birds (2011) 720p

Lily and Alison face a life-changing event after they leave their Salton Sea home and follow the boys they meet back to Los Angeles.

The Director and Players for Little Birds (2011) 720p

[Director]Elgin James
[Role:]Kay Panabaker
[Role:]Juno Temple
[Role:]Leslie Mann

The Reviews for Little Birds (2011) 720p

Perfect actors for rolesReviewed bySnoopyStyleVote: 7/10

Lily Hobart (Juno Temple) is a restless damaged teen desperate to leave her Salton Sea trailer park. Alison Hoffman (Kay Panabaker) is her more reserved best friend. They run away to LA and follow Jesse (Kyle Gallner) and his boys. They get further and further into trouble as their friendship is put to the test.

This is written/directed by first time Elgin James. It's a very solid debut. Juno Temple has carved out a nice niche in the damaged teenager roles. She is probably one of the best at that role right now. Kay Panabaker is one of the smarter actresses, and she fits this role. She's great at the friend role, and she's great as the wet blanket in LA. Leslie Mann has a great maternal feel. Kyle Gallner is the perfect companion to Juno Temple. Overall, the acting fits perfectly in a fairly lightly written movie. It's a well worn genre. It's not new, but it's well done.

The Hard Cold TruthReviewed bycarleystrongVote: 10/10

Most movies usually aren't realistic. They might be to a point but lots have a happy ending and everything is okay. Little Birds is not like this at all. It doesn't have the happy bright movie feeling. Little birds is realistic and every single event in it could easily happen. This movie also teaches a great lesson and has its shocking surprises. We learn in this movie sometimes trying new things is good, but going too far can end with terrible results. Little Birds isn't just an independent movie, it's the hard cold truth to life and proves bad things do actually happen. Always trying to impress people isn't going to get you anywhere in life except possibly leading up to terrible consequences.

Reviewed bysecondtakeVote: 6/10/10

Little Birds (2011)

A harrowing movie, a slice of very believable and scary life for twofifteen year olds looking to escape their awkward or dysfunctionalfamilies. What they get into, moving from the Salton Sea to L.A. in astolen truck, is a nightmare for any parent. Yet for the girls there isa mixture of adventure and discomfort.

All of this depends a lot on a great ensemble cast, which is prettymuch here. The two girls are terrific--I had just seen Juno Temple inanother excellent indie and sought this out. The boys they run into andhook up with are a little wild at first (and then more wild later) andweave into the story with surprising ease.

This is a low budget movie but it makes the most of a series of scenesinside and out that keep it from feeling constrained. The Salton Seaparts are both beautiful an so impoverished they are sad. When the edgeof L.A. comes in it's rougher and yet filled with energy. The girls aredivided on how the city works on them. Temple's character is exudesconfidence, and sometimes has it, too, and so she gets in deeper. Theother girl, played by Kay Panabaker, is more morally solid and yet morescared, and she plays a perfect counterbalance to her friend.

Writer and director Elgin James is just starting out here (that's partof what Indie films are all about) and the movie might not soar or showparticular originality, but it does hold up pretty well in normaldramatic terms. The sets are very real--gritty and rough, for sure--andthe acting matches. It's quite well shot, too, if nothing special isgoing on--give the editors some of the credit for keeping it fluid.

You wonder by the end what the larger point might be, beyond a verydistracting entertainment. There might be a little (a little) sense of"there's no place like home" at work. And there's a kind of buddy movieat work--the two girls being the pals on the road. Mostly it's abouthow tough some teens have it, and how they want to find ways to survivethat surprise their parents (usually singular, parent). It's also atale of how kids want a lot from everyone and everything--life seems sofertile and large--and how they know so little about how to get it.

So, with vulnerability on their sleeves, these girls are a little bitof all of us. No, we aren't all so fully stupid or careless, but maybein small ways we are all the same.

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