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Little Men (1998) 1080p

Little Men is a movie starring Kathleen Fee, Michael Caloz, and Mariel Hemingway. 1871 New England. Two-week orphaned preteen Nat Blake, in his new circumstance, has been living on the streets of Boston with his more streetwise...

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The Synopsis for Little Men (1998) 1080p

1871 New England. Two-week orphaned preteen Nat Blake, in his new circumstance, has been living on the streets of Boston with his more streetwise friend, fourteen year old Dan, who looks after Nat and who survives by his cunning and by stealing. Due to an event of living on the streets, Nat gets a benefactor in the form of John Brooke who pays for his schooling at Plumfield, a boys' boarding school in the country owned and operated by John's sister-in-law and her husband, Jo and Fritz Bhaer. Although each being different in the way they exact their discipline, both the Bhaers believe that treating the boys with compassion and treating them as boys will result in them being better people than if they were strict disciplinarians. Nat goes through some adjustment of needing to lie to survive on the street to life at Plumfield, but ultimately finds that that different life is one to which he truly wants and that the changes he has to make do make him a better person. Nat's stay at ...

The Director and Players for Little Men (1998) 1080p

[Director]Rodney Gibbons
[Role:]Mariel Hemingway
[Role:]Ben Cook
[Role:]Michael Caloz
[Role:]Kathleen Fee

The Reviews for Little Men (1998) 1080p

Much improved over the 1940 RKO film, though a long way from perfectReviewed byTheLittleSongbirdVote: 6/10

As said in my review for the 1940 RKO film, 'Little Men' is a charming, entertaining and heart-warming book. If you like the more popular 'Little Women' and 'Good Wives', 'Little Men' won't disappoint as it does have much of the ingredients that make those two books so good.

The main reason why there is a personal preference towards the other two is to do with that 'Little Women' and 'Good Wives' are stories I've known and loved since childhood whereas 'Little Men' was introduced to me quite some years later.

So far this reviewer has only seen two adaptations, this and the 1940 film, and while this does have flaws it is the far superior adaptation and film. Sure there are omissions, changes and merging of characters, the characters' personalities are not quite as interesting and it doesn't really convey the essence of the book, but there is much more of the original story and spirit here whereas the earlier adaptation, which was terrible as an adaptation and mediocre at best on its own merits, was almost unrecognisable.

'Little Men' looks very nice, simply but cleanly and beautifully photographed with elegant and evocative costumes, sets and scenery. The music score is understated, lilting and soothing, never overbearing, too low-key or inappropriately jaunty. There is much more of the gentle tone, subtle social commentary, charm, poignancy without being too maudlin and gentle humour without being corny or too slapstick-oriented than in the 1940 film, though there are parts that are a little stilted and don't flow as well as they could have done.

Much of the story is wholesome and charming, with a very heart-warming ending. There are a couple of crucial scenes, like the death of John Brooke, that don't have the impact and are clumsily done, and there is a choppiness and skippy nature to the storytelling giving a sense of incompleteness. The film tries to solve this by getting narration to fill in the gaps, but the narration is rather unnecessary and distractingly over-explains at times.

With the acting, some are better than others. The children fare far better than the adults, with the standouts being Michael Colaz and particularly Ben Cook, who is superb and the best thing about the film. The adult actors are disadvantaged by the adult characters being too much in the background and underwritten. Chris Sarandon is a bit too rough and stern as Bhaer, though admittedly it is preferable to having Bhaer played stiffly like he has been. More problematic is a far too bland and subdued Mariel Hemingway as Jo, who has lost her spirit, tomboy-ish charm and spunk and reduced to a paper-thin cut-out.

All in all, a long way from perfect but watchable. As an adaptation, it's still less than ideal but it's much better than the 1940 film. 6/10 Bethany Cox

Fairly goodReviewed byBurgundyVote: 7/10

This is a pretty good movie, nothing spectacular but a nice family movie. I didn't much like Mariel Hemingway's Jo, she didn't seem to have much of the tomboyish fun spirit that Jo is famous for. I was surprised to see Chris Sarandon, because this role of his is very different from the one I'm familiar with;Prince Humperdink. I didn't like the Mr. Bhaer of this movie, he was too different from the book character. The boy who played Nat was pretty good, and he gave me the odd feeling I had seen him before, though I have no idea where. I most liked Dan though. There is something very appealing about those tough, street-wise boys, who act all hard but you know they have a heart inside. I thought he was very well played, and I'd like to see that actor (Ben Cook) again. Good movie for kids, adults and some teens might like it too.

The Best Film Ever!Reviewed byevefarneseVote: 7/10

When I first saw this wonderful film, I was in love! I was in love with the characters! This film portrays such emotion and love! The best character was Dan played by the gorgeous Ben Cook! He made me cry! I think that role prooves what a brilliant actor he is and playing a street urchin was the best bet for him! I would strongly recommend that people watch this film as it is a sensitive and wonderful family film. People will fall in love with this film the minute they watch it.

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