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Love, Simon (2018) 1080p

Simon Spier keeps a huge secret from his family, his friends, and all of his classmates: he's gay. When that secret is threatened, Simon must face everyone and come to terms with his identity.

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The Synopsis for Love, Simon (2018) 1080p

A young coming-of-age tale about a teenage boy, Simon Spier, goes through a different kind of Romeo and Juliet story. Simon has a love connection with a boy, Blue, by email, but the only problem is that Simon has no idea who he's talking to. Simon must discover who that boy is--who Blue is. Along the way, he tries to find himself as well.

The Director and Players for Love, Simon (2018) 1080p

[Director]Greg Berlanti
[Role:]Josh Duhamel
[Role:]Jennifer Garner
[Role:]Nick Robinson

The Reviews for Love, Simon (2018) 1080p

"You get to exhale now, Simon"Reviewed byTomas_buffayVote: 10/10

I finally watched this and it was perfect, this is beautiful, and very necessary!My favorite scene was by far Jennifer Garner's speech, that if you watched the movie, you probably know what i'm talking about.There's probably just a few little things i didn't like, especially some of the classic topics and stereotypes that this genre of film usually haves, but still, it's amazing.

We need more films like this. Fun, heartwarming, and just fantastic all around!!

Also, a reminder if this wasn't enough: Be yourself. Be happy. You deserve it.

Cute but... cheesy?Reviewed byroxana-ehsaniVote: 6/10

As a lover of LGBT movies on someone who has experience the coming out process, I felt this movie was way too far fetched and slightly cringey. The ending was so unbelievable unrealistic and out there what I was hard pressed to keep watching. Especially having read the book and how smoothly the events unfolded in the written version, I feel like the film adaptation was not entirely believable, and mostly just cheesy.

That being said, I would still recommend people watch it as some might enjoy it. The protagonist was charming and cute as hell, and the whole thing was pretty uplifting.

Easy watch however nothing too special.Reviewed bycalumgrieveVote: 6/10

Love Simon is a Drama Romace with a bit of comedy, directed by Greg Berlanti and is based from the bestselling book "Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda" by Becky Albertalli. It stars Nick Robinson as Simon, Katherine Langford as Leah, Alexandra Shipp as Abby, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. as Nick and Logan Miller as Martin. It Premiers on the 16th March (USA) and releases on the 6th April in the uk.

Love Simon is about teen Simon coming out as gay and his struggles in doing so. We find out very early in the film that Simon is gay however he has told no-one, we see his frustration as a 'straight male' throughout the start of the film with his dads inappropriate jokes and his previous straight relationships. We see Simon living a 'nornal' teenagers life with his three best friends Leah, Abby and Nick. Near the start of the film we see the school social media group chat appear with a message from a boy who goes by 'Blue' telling us that he is gay but feel he cannot tell anyone. Simon is in a very similar position decides to anonymously email blue under the name jaque and they bond over their similarities as gay men who have never told anyone. however after a number of emails back and forth a less popular school kid Martin finds the emails and screenshots them. Hr continues to use these screenshots to blackmail Simon to help him get together with Abby. This makes simon make some really importand desicisions through out the film.

The positives

Love Simon is filmed with the best of intentions of helping others in real life who may be gay to come out as who they really are. It eventually shows the positives of coming out hoever shows the difficulties along the way. it also covers how unfair many are towards gay people and our poor social sytem of acceptance. The acting from Nick Robinson was outstanding and very believable while the rest of the cast performed well Natasha Rothwell stole the comedy aspect of the film being the only actress to really make me laugh with her fantastic delivery. The film is set in a stereotypical american school which i quite like as its somthin we can all relate to some way or another and gives for a easy to watch film. The film covers the relationships between Simon and his friends, this creqtes intence seens and conflict whoch is yet another hook on why to watch.

The negitives

Firstly for all the good jokes fron natasha bothwell there were plenty of typical simple american jokes such as the princeipal who kept making bad jokes which were unrealistic to be said in frofront pf students. Also the teo cahracters which were supposed to be the "bullies" werejust cringeworthey and had no real motive or even connection to Simon himself. The film also had the characters saying "what the f" instead of sweading which no one over the age of 12 says (the main character being in his late teens) even after that he starts tp swear later in the movie. So the reason for npt swaering at the start is beyond me and gave fpr a fake anrealistic feelling thrpught. Finally Nick was really inconsistent through out at first the funny happy guy half way throught the stupid gullible guy and at the end the over reacting seripus guy, i ouldent quite place him 2hich made him less relatable as a character.

Overall this film wasent bad at all and sent a really good message across the screen. However the undeveloped characters such as the bullies and Nick and the cringe amd bad american jokes has to be taken into condieration. I give "love, simon" a 6/10.

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