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Love, Simon (2018) 1080p

Simon Spier keeps a huge secret from his family, his friends, and all of his classmates: he's gay. When that secret is threatened, Simon must face everyone and come to terms with his identity.

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The Synopsis for Love, Simon (2018) 1080p

A young coming-of-age tale about a teenage boy, Simon Spier, goes through a different kind of Romeo and Juliet story. Simon has a love connection with a boy, Blue, by email, but the only problem is that Simon has no idea who he's talking to. Simon must discover who that boy is--who Blue is. Along the way, he tries to find himself as well.

The Director and Players for Love, Simon (2018) 1080p

[Director]Greg Berlanti
[Role:]Josh Duhamel
[Role:]Jennifer Garner
[Role:]Nick Robinson

The Reviews for Love, Simon (2018) 1080p

I love "Love, Simon"Reviewed byJon OchiaiVote: 10/10

The beauty and poignancy of "Love, Simon" is that what makes it so revolutionary may no longer be someday. Nick Robinson is vulnerable and authentic as 17 year-old Simon, who comes out as gay. In Director Greg Berlanti's "Love, Simon" someone hostages Simon's choice. He screams in anger, "It's supposed to be my thing!" Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker of "This is Us" wrote the eloquently whimsical screenplay based on Becky Albertalli's "Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda". Perhaps, Berger and Aptaker's story falters a little in contrivance seemingly forcing Simon's "outing". Yet, Berlanti and Robinson convey its touching humanity.

Nick's Simon powerfully declares, "... I'm still me." He gets to take a deep breath again. Simon gets to just be. Later his Mom Emily, played by compassionately wise Jennifer Garner tells her son, "You get to exhale now, Simon." She sensed that her Simon was 'holding his breath' for last few years, that he suffered.

"Love, Simon" touches all of us within. I saw the movie in the theater with many teens and young adults in attendance. At the arc of the love story, everyone including me applauded. Everyone.

"Love, Simon" distinguishes as the first major studio release about teen gay love story. The movie resonates far beyond just that. "Love, Simon" is about the possibility of falling in love, and being free to be who you are. Maybe "Love, Simon" rounds its narrative edges incorporated in the crisp witty dialogue and commentary. Yet, "Simon" endears your heart with its sense of decency and generous respect of people.

"Love, Simon" opens as Simon describes the stasis of his life. Life is good, normal for the most part. He loves his family. Mom, played by Garner, is the successful clinician. She was the high school valedictorian, who married the Captain of the football team his Dad Jack, played by strong gentle Josh Duhamel, who discovered greater after football. Simon is supportive of his creative younger sister Nora, cute not too precocious Talitha Bateman, who dreams of becoming the next Celebrity TV Chef.

Simon confesses to a big secret. When he gazes at the strapping young male landscaper, we get it. Simon hangs with his core friends in Leah, Nick, and Abby played by Katherine Langford, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., and Alexandra Shipp, who are all amazing. Life goes on with their morning ice coffee runs.

Then one day, Leah, who holds a torch for Simon, tells him that one of their classmates came out as gay on an Internet site. He goes by the name Blue. Curious, Simon contacts Blue to let him know that he is not alone. Simon falls in love with Blue in their email exchanges. One of Berger and Aptaker's conceits becomes the detective story to uncover Blue's identity.

Along the way predictable conflict arises when fellow drama student Martin, played by callous socially crippled Logan Miller, spies Simon's email to Blue. He blackmails Simon to get him with Abby or else he will reveal the intimate email. Simon is barely discovering who he is. Now some jerk victimizes him for discovering what makes him happy, for risking falling in love.

"Love, Simon" is masterful in understatement. Although the narrative veers contrived at times, we experience Simon's life: both the suffering and joy. The movie wisely focuses on Simon's school life. Yet, the moments with his parents are amazing. Too bad Garner and Duhamel don't leverage more screen time. They are awesome.

Robinson is the star of "Love, Simon". He is the brightness of humanity in the darkness of prejudice. Our hearts break in Simon's betrayal. And they soar with his joy. Simon says, "I'm still me." "Love, Simon" also says, "I'm free to be me." Now that is a world we all deserve to live in. I love "Love, Simon".

Fulfil the purposeReviewed byCitizenKaneAAAAAVote: 6/10

Important, relatable, anti-stereotype and all, but also cheesy, corny, and too bubbly. but you really can't make a film in this form to avoid those things, so this film is really for audiences who would enjoy this life-assuring kind of film. with that being said, i still have teary eyed at some scenes because i can relate to it to some extent but also combined with some cringeness attack because of the dialogue and all. could it better? i think it could, but that would kill the purpose of the film, so i'm glad that the film was made this way, but it's still not my thing.

Best Movie of 2018 So Far!!!Reviewed byadensiegelVote: 10/10

Love, Simon was such and amazing movie!!! For one the cast was PHENOMENAL, but two the story had me going through so many emotions! I laughed and cried my way through such an amazing story. I related to it in so many ways and I hope many more people will get to enjoy this incredible movie!

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