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Loves of a Blonde (1965)

Lásky jedné plavovlásky is a movie starring Hana Brejchová, Vladimír Pucholt, and Vladimír Mensík. A factory manager in rural Czechoslovakia bargains with the army to send men to the area, to boost the morale of his young female...

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The Synopsis for Loves of a Blonde (1965) 720p

A factory manager in rural Czechoslovakia bargains with the army to send men to the area, to boost the morale of his young female workers, deprived of male company since the local boys have been conscripted. The army sends reservists, mostly married middle-aged men - and the local beauty Andula, spurns those bold enough to try to win her, for the jazz pianist, newly come from Prague to perform. He seduces her and impresses her, telling her "most women are round, like guitars but you are a guitar by Picasso". Staying the night with him causes a lecture on a young woman's honour at her hostel so she throws over her other suitors and makes her way to Prague to find the young man. His protective Mamma and weary Pappa are not pleased when she arrives on the doorstep with her suitcase.

The Director and Players for Loves of a Blonde (1965) 720p

[Director]Milos Forman
[Role:]Josef Sebánek
[Role:]Vladimír Mensík
[Role:]Hana Brejchová
[Role:]Vladimír Pucholt

The Reviews for Loves of a Blonde (1965) 720p

Dating, flirting, loving and breaking some heartsReviewed byRodrigo_AmaroVote: 10/10

Here's a romantic comedy with some drama undertones made with charm and lots of style by a Milos Forman way before "Amadeus" and "One Flew Over a Cuckoo's Nest"; this is a film made during his Czech phase which is also interesting. He's always a great director, his films are very sharp and he knows exactly how to balance drama and comedy in a perfect composition, looks like a great chemist and this film is quite a surprise if you consider his other works. But it is equally great!

In "Lásky Jedné Plavovlásky" ("Loves of a Blonde") Hana Brejchová plays Andula, a pretty young girl living in a small city whose majority is formed by young girls like her waiting for a nice boy to appear. We follow Andula and her friends during a party where they are seen as object of adoration by three soldiers out of duty and way out the girls league since they're quite old for them but they insist with them dancing and paying a bottle of wine they don't even want. But in the same party, there's Milda (Vladimír Pucholt) a young pianist interest in Andula, also a persistent guy who liked Andula and keeps most part of the film trying to make a move on her. He'll be more successful than the soldiers but the destiny awaits some surprises for him...and for her too.

"Loves of a Blonde" is a humored tale about a woman's journey to the discover of the first love, the enchantments and disenchantment's of it, but also about that old talk about woman's virtue, the value of female honor in not hanging out with too many boys at the same time because this wasn't seen in good eyes by the society (you'll see this in the school scene where the teacher says that to the girls and they make a pledge based on a elevated moral behavior). I quote as "old talk" because times are way different than the one presented in the film and people have another values in terms of almost everything, so what was a something that only men could do, now women can do too if they want; if boys can date or kiss several girls, girls can do the same.

It's a quite updated view this film had back in the 1960's in showing Andula trying to not flirt with soldiers in one way but end up talking to them, then later to have a romantic evening with Milda and...she already had a boyfriend as we discover way later. Even though some might condemn this kind of behavior, in the film is presented without any vulgarity and without any excess; it's well humored, very simple and it doesn't demand much from the viewers to make them laugh; laughter comes naturally with "Loves of a Blonde".

Among the best moments of the film are the soldier who lost his wedding ring in the ballroom during the party (the whole segment of the party is funny with the unsure soldiers trying to make a move on the girls, then the girls keep saying to themselves they don't the guys near them but can't stop looking at them); Milda's insistent moves on Andula that even includes teaching her how to defend herself from guys like him; the "I don't have a girl in Prague" quote Milda keeps saying trying to amuse the girl saying she's the only one in his life; and segment with Andula visiting Milda's irritating parents (although this moment got more irritating than funny, specially because of the mom, one of the most annoying characters ever presented in a film). Highly recommended. 10/10

Forman's must-seeReviewed byluciabrutovskaVote: 8/10

Lásky jedné plavovlásky does not belong to Czechoslovak classics and sadly, lots of people have never even seen this film. I'd like to see the film more like an outstanding display of Forman's work.

I don't concern myself with reviewing the plot of films, but I remember seeing this movie 45 years after it was made and thinking how unbelievable it was, that I still understood the characters in it, as if they were my peers.

Funny and sad at the same time, the first Forman's movie I ever saw and so very-telling about his personality as a filmmaker.

If you like the work of Forman and want to see his development as a director, this and "Hori, ma panenko" are the films you cannot miss.

This is about a shocking case of gender imbalance : more girls but less boys.Reviewed byFilmCriticLalitRaoVote: 10/10

It is true but sad that no one in the world would have known about a small Czech town named Zruc if Czech director Milos Forman had not made this film.It is a good thing that he has made it as its fresh appeal would ensure that it is remembered as a supreme example of a famous cinema movement of the sixties called Czech new wave."Lásky jedné Plavovlásky" is a touching film about sad realities, disappointments in love faced by innocent people when they pursue an idle romantic relationship.It is based on a real event which took place in Milos Forman's life when at Prague he saw a beautiful albeit a lost girl roaming in the middle of the night.We see the lives of young people especially young girls who feel bored as there is hardly any male companionship available to them.As this film was made in socialist times we also get to see the attitude of parents belonging to a socialist system.Milos Forman makes his film memorable when he deals with risks which young people take when they fall in live.He conveys that it is not so easy to continue a relationship which has remained frivolous from its inception.Loves of a blonde maintains it serious stance as there is a talk of a serious problem of dwindling male female ratio faced by many European nations.One of the most funny moments of this film include a good social experiment when an army unit is asked to move to Zruc in order to woo its lonely girls.

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