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Lymelife (2008)

A family unit begins to bow under the pressure of a failing marriage.

IMDB: 7.11 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
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  • Run Time: 95
  • IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 
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The Synopsis for Lymelife (2008) 720p

Set in the late 70's, seen through the innocent eyes of a fifteen year old boy, SCOTT, "Lymelife" is a unique take on the dangers of the American Dream. This funny, sad, violent and sometimes tragic look at first love, family dynamics and divorce weaves an intricate tapestry of American life during a time of drastic economic and emotional change.

The Director and Players for Lymelife (2008) 720p

[Director]Derick Martini
[Role:]Rory Culkin
[Role:]Alec Baldwin
[Role:]Jill Hennessy

The Reviews for Lymelife (2008) 720p

Sundance DarlingReviewed bymaryphalinVote: 10/10

My friends and I saw this film at the Raquet Club. It moved me. I felt bad for Alec Baldwin even though he is flawed. Rory Culkin is a natural. His role in this film is a star making performance. The acting was aces all around. The story was very relatable to me because it was so much like real life that it even made me uncomfortable at times. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. I also cried. Some of my girlfriends had to shut me up during a scene with Alec Baldwin and Timothy Hutton in a bar. I guess I was screaming at the screen ad didn't even realize it. And the director was in the audience so it was a little weird. Although he was very funny about the whole thing at the question and answer. I asked a few silly questions but he rolled with it and couldn't be a more interactive, nice guy. The film he put together on a small budget is a miracle. I hope he does some more in the future. There is asome real talent her in the vein of P.T Anderson. I will definitely see it again when it hits Salt Lake.

For connoisseurs of suburban miseryReviewed byJames HitchcockVote: 4/10

I can only presume that the title "Lymelife" is a contrived pun on the word "limelight" and on the fact that an outbreak of Lyme disease plays a part in the plot. The film is a "coming-of-age" drama set on the Long Island of 1979. (It is sometimes described as a "comedy", although there was little about it which struck me as comic). The main character is fifteen-year-old Scott Bartlett, and the film charts the tangled web of relationships between the Bartletts and their neighbours the Braggs. Essentially, Scott's mother Brenda is having an affair with next-door-neighbour Charlie Bragg, while his father Mickey is having an affair with Charlie's wife Melissa. Meanwhile, Scott is dating the Braggs' daughter Adrianna. There should really be something in Leviticus to cover this situation. ("Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of the woman whose father has uncovered thy mother's nakedness and whose mother has uncovered thy father's nakedness??").

Youth can be a time of joy, excitement and enthusiasm, but the film-makers, the brothers Derick and Steven Martini, like many makers of similar dramas, seem less interested in these aspects of life than in hormonally-driven teenage angst. The film is said to be autobiographical, but as the Martinis would only have been four and one years old in 1979 they presumably projected their own teenage experiences backward in time from the early nineties to the late seventies. Part of the problem lies with Rory Culkin, younger brother of Macaulay, as Scott, who seems to be perpetually shrouded in gloom and misery. (Another Culkin brother, Kieran, also appears as Scott's older brother Jimmy). It doesn't help that Culkin was actually twenty when the film was made, five years older than the character he portrays. The best of the adults is probably Alec Baldwin as Mickey, but even he cannot arouse much interest.

Independently produced "coming-of-age" dramas are not all bad- indeed, there have been some excellent examples. For every "Ordinary People" or "Gregory's Girl", however, there are several dreary sagas, and it is into this latter category that "Lymelife" falls. (Timothy Hutton, the star of "Ordinary People", appears here as Charlie). The film seems to have been made primarily for connoisseurs of suburban misery. 4/10

You didn't bother to ask.Reviewed bycjhagen44Vote: 8/10

Lymelife is the story of a family in Long Island's suburbia during the 1970's. This movie shows us how half truths and the exclusion of detail are in fact lies and even though we don't mean them to hurt they still do. The father (Alec Baldwin) is so enraptured by the suburbia lifestyle that he's completely forgotten that it's not money that makes you happy, but family. The mother who only wants the best for her children doesn't want to raise them in this judgmental place where she can't be herself. The brother, Jimmy, (Kieran Culkin) has a typical relationship with his father where he wants to be the exact opposite of him and does so by joining the army and running away. Rory Culkin does an exquisite job starring as Scott, the main character, who is the only one who is trying to put things into perspective for everyone else whilst going through puberty and fighting his insatiable love for the girl next door who sees him as a little brother. Although all of their problems seem trivial compared to their neighbor who has lyme disease that is like a constant acid trip and is ruining his life. All in all I would highly recommend seeing this movie because as depressing as I've made it sound it is in fact quite lifting and a great piece of cinema.

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