Mad Foxes (1981) 1080p YIFY Movie

Mad Foxes (1981) 1080p

Los violadores is a movie starring José Gras, Laura Premica, and Andrea Albani. A man seeks revenge after a biker gang murders his family.

IMDB: 5.30 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Thriller
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.53G
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  • Language: Spanish
  • Run Time: 77
  • IMDB Rating: 5.3/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 25 / 42

The Synopsis for Mad Foxes (1981) 1080p

Hal and his girlfriend are out for a drive and a little fun when they are taunted by a group of bikers. Annoyed by the bikers, Hal causes an accident in which one of the bikers is killed. The bikers then follow them and brutally beat Hal and rape his girlfriend. Soon Hal and the bikers are caught in a bloody war where each takes revenge on the other again and again - each time raising the stakes just a bit more with their super violent retaliation in this CRAZY and extreme cross between the biker and the revenge film.

The Director and Players for Mad Foxes (1981) 1080p

[Director]Paul Grau
[Role:]Peter Saunders
[Role:]Andrea Albani
[Role:]Laura Premica
[Role:]José Gras

The Reviews for Mad Foxes (1981) 1080p

"Hey Stileto, give her a good screw!"Reviewed bymacdonell_calumVote: 10/10

No, I'm not giving this movie a 10 because of it's high production values or Oscar caliber acting- I'm giving it a 10 simply because for roughly 70 minutes, I laughed while watching what was supposed to be a serious revenge movie. It truly is an awful mess- bad dubbing, worse dialogue, horrible over-acting, and an "up in the air" ending that begs for an even less successful sequel. (In regards to the title, the movie I saw was actually titled "Mad Foxes Stingray 2", however I don't think there was an actual prequel to this).

People in my town took this film to an almost cult-like status though- all because of one man: Stileto. On-site leader of the biker gangs ('dirt' biker gangs...Jesus), he rapes the hero's girlfriend, gets drunk and attempts karate kicks with no pants on, and kills a gardener with a pair of shears. Classic. It was his signature line (mentionned in my movie summary line) that drew the most impressions for some reason.

Yes- this movie was hokey. Karate gangs that didn't do the martial art justice. A 'dirt' bike gang leader who basically sits there and practically lets himself get castrated. A hero who seems more concerned with how his hair looks as opposed to how his girlfriend is doing. And of course, the big ending: Did they survive the blast from the grenade? I'll never find out - and I don't think I'd want to.

10 outta 10 simply for the fact that every once in awhile, we need to let our brains get even more dumbed down then they already are. This movie is one of those moments that allows you to do so. "Hey Stileto, give her a good screw!"

So stupid, yet so entertaining that I'm torn between giving this 1/10 and 10/10 (hence my final rating of 5/10).Reviewed byBA_HarrisonVote: 5/10

While en route to a nightclub, playboy Hal (José Gras) has a violent run-in with a neo-Nazi biker gang which ignites a series of vicious revenge attacks that culminate in murder.

Exploitation film-makers generally take one of two tried and tested routes—gritty realism or exaggerated excess; rarely are the two styles combined. Director Paul Grau, on the other hand, is clearly a true maverick of the genre, a man who likes to truck convention, break all the rules, do his own thing however unpredictable the result might be: for Mad Foxes, Grau recklessly combines genuinely mean-spirited nastiness with seemingly incongruent, over-the-top elements, and abandons technical perfection and logic in favour of a less rigid, more experimental approach to his volatile material. It's a radical stratagem which results in an undeniably unique piece of work—or to put it another way, the film is an inept one-of-a-kind mess, often unintentionally hilarious (or so I presume), occasionally shocking, sometimes completely random, but always totally insane.

To expound on Grau's bizarre combination of the ridiculous with the realistic, I'll describe the villains of the piece in more detail: sporting a range of clichéd motorcycle gang outfits accessorized with matching swastika armbands, the gang's appearance brings to mind the imbecilic Black Widows from Clint Eastwood movie 'Every Which Way but Loose', whose nefarious plans were constantly thwarted by Clint and his orangutan with suitably comical results. Despite their cartoonish countenance, however, Mad Foxes' bikers prove to be far from a laughing matter, raping and killing without mercy (but strangely enough, not putting so much as a scratch on Hal's swanky sports-car).

Another example of how director Grau casually mixes silliness with the surprisingly savage comes when Hal and his martial arts pals seek revenge for the rape of an 18-year-old virgin (whom Hal had hoped to break in himself): the fracas begins with some of the most pathetic karate ever captured on film, but ends with the bikers' leader having his severed penis unceremoniously jammed into his mouth. It's sudden changes in tone like that which have earned this film its reputation as one hell of a strange cult oddity.

Of course, with terrible direction, choppy editing, lousy acting, dire dubbing and poorly choreographed action, Mad Foxes is about as far removed from decent film-making as you can find, but it's hard to ignore any movie in which vicious rape rubs shoulders with rock 'n' roll jive dancing, evisceration and emasculation go hand in hand with full-frontal nudity and steamy sex, a visit to the crapper can result in sudden death (I've heard of suffering from explosive bowel movements, but this is something far worse), and absolutely no-one lives happily ever after.

Ugh.Reviewed byvalis666Vote: 4/10

I don't remember ever seeing such bad dubbing as in the version I saw of this film. It doesn't even seem like the voice actors were watching the movie! When the actor's face on the screen would seem to denote that he is yelling, the dubbed voice sounds calm. When the actor's face on the screen would seem to denote that he is in pain, the dubbed voice sounds calm. In fact, the dubbed voice ALWAYS sounds calm!!

Not only that, but the actual writing of the English dubbed version leaves a lot ot be desired, to say the least. We are treated to such scintilating, saucy dialogue as:

Man in bathtub, to woman: "Come here." Woman: "Okay."

Even further, we have a biker gang that rides around on dirt bikes (?!?!) and a group of the laziest karate masters ever as their karate kicks don't even rise above their waists!!

I'm a big fan of "bad" movies but this one didn't make me laugh at all. It just made me wince in pain.

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