Man in the Shadow (1957) 1080p YIFY Movie

Man in the Shadow (1957) 1080p

Man in the Shadow is a movie starring Jeff Chandler, Orson Welles, and Colleen Miller. Virgil Renchler owns most of the town providing a thriving economy. When his men go too far and kill one of his migrant workmen, the sheriff goes...

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  • Run Time: 80
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The Synopsis for Man in the Shadow (1957) 1080p

In effect, modern cow town Spurline is run by Virgil Renchler, owner of the Golden Empire Ranch. One night, two of Virgil's henchmen go a little too far and beat a "bracero" ranch hand to death. Faced with an obvious cover-up and opposition on every hand, sheriff Ben Sadler is goaded into investigating. His unlikely ally: Renchler's lovely, self-willed and overprotected daughter. Will Ben survive Renchler's wrath?

The Director and Players for Man in the Shadow (1957) 1080p

[Director]Jack Arnold
[Role:]Jeff Chandler
[Role:]Orson Welles
[Role:]Ben Alexander
[Role:]Colleen Miller

The Reviews for Man in the Shadow (1957) 1080p

Violence explodes!Reviewed byjazerbiniVote: 10/10

"Man in the Shadow" is a vigorous movie. Maybe an Orson Welles presence in a movie has the maximum temperature level, because, most of the time, having bought a certain effect over the years, Welles started to use roles of irascible, violent, arrogant men, exactly the role which was booked in this great movie starring Jeff Chandler, an underrated actor who lived very little. It's really a violent movie set in a small town dominated by a completely unscrupulous man. Its plot allows a certain parallelism with Arthur Penn's "The Chase, 1966", whose sheriff played by Marlon Brando faces a similar situation. It is a great movie in black and white. But the fact is that black and white only exceeds the violence, the racism and the growing tension that eventually explodes at the end of the movie. Jack Arnold, I think, made a great movie here, and Chandler has one of his best film performances, with Welles showing an all-time skill. Great representative of the 50's, great movie !!!

Black Rock, Laramie, High Noon and On the Waterfront.Reviewed bytmwestVote: 7/10

Like "Bad Day at Black Rock" this is a modern western, and also someone tries to throw the hero's car off the road. Like "High Noon" it tells the story of a sheriff that goes against the whole town's opinion to face the bad guys. Like "The Man From Laramie" the hero is dragged, but by a pick up truck and not by a horse. Like "On the Waterfront" even though he is badly hurt?etc. etc. "Man in the Shadow" is a good film, it grabs your attention. Jeff Chandler is excellent as the sheriff and Orson Welles is great as always. It could be a very good film if it would not be for the fact that specially on the last half you feel you are seeing something that you have seen before.

Jeff Chandler standing up alone against corruption - and paying for itReviewed byclanciaiVote: 7/10

Jeff Chandler is always a rewarding actor, his parts are usually paragons of virtue, courage and all good male characteristics, and in the film, a minor counterpart to "Touch of Evil", he walks the full length in fighting alone for a seemingly hopeless cause as the whole town is ruled by the corruption of Orson Welles. It's not a major film, but it has definite qualities which make it worth watching and learning from. Orson Welles' daughter (in the film) plays an important part and actually ultimately saves the plot, while almost all the other (male) actors are ordinary corrupt hoodlums. There is a circle around the leadership of the town that ultimately wakes up to what is going on - when it is almost too late. It's a moral story with the message to never give up if you are certain that you are right, especially if you fight for the truth, and as such it's an important film and argument.

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