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Man on a String (1960)

Man on a String is a movie starring Ernest Borgnine, Kerwin Mathews, and Colleen Dewhurst. A US secret agent is sent to Berlin to pretend to be a spy for the USSR.

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The Synopsis for Man on a String (1960) 720p

After 1919, Russian Boris Mitrov immigrates to the USA where he becomes an American citizen. Over the decades he builds a career in the film industry. In 1959, Mitrov is a movie producer with many rich influential friends. He continues to cultivate other Russian émigrés like himself and even some members of the Soviet Embassy in Washington. One of his Soviet friends is Embassy official Vladimir "Vadja" Kubelov. In reality, Kubelov is a KGB colonel who finds Mitrov useful to the Soviet cause by providing certain services. For instance, Mitrov provides reference letters of employment for various Soviet sleeper agents in the USA. Mitrov throws parties for Soviet diplomats, spies and American Communists such as millionaire bankers Adrian and Helen Benson. All these activities catch the attention of American intelligence agency CBI which places Mitrov and his entourage under close surveillance. When the CBI confronts Mitrov about his activities, he admits it but claims naivete. Eager to ...

The Director and Players for Man on a String (1960) 720p

[Director]Andre De Toth
[Role:]Kerwin Mathews
[Role:]Ernest Borgnine
[Role:]Colleen Dewhurst
[Role:]Alexander Scourby

The Reviews for Man on a String (1960) 720p

A decent time passer with one giant problemReviewed byMartinHaferVote: 5/10

This is a decent Cold War film about a Russian film director working in the United States. While he is not a Communist, his "friends" are and while he tells himself he isn't working for them, he has accepted favors and naively thinks it will all somehow work out. However, when he is confronted by the CBI(?) (a fictional US government agency), he realizes he's become a Communist stooge and agrees to help the US in a counter-espionage mission behind the Iron Curtain.

While the film is a decent enough time-passer and the last 1/3 of the film is pretty exciting, it has one giant problem and a few small ones. Oddly, they decided to cast Ernest Borgnine as the Russian Director yet he never even sounds the least bit Russian and you can STILL detect his New York accent. This makes the entire film seem rather cheesy and very tough to believe. Had they recast the film and perhaps punched up the first 1/3, it could have been an exciting spy yarn. Oddly, just a few years later, Borgnine was cast as a Russian in ICE STATION ZEBRA and he was able to do a decent Russian accent! Additionally, when Borgnine's character went to Moscow, it looked like a bad travelogue with all the stock footage inserted rather haphazzardly into the movie. As it is, it's just passable entertainment and a mildly interesting curio of the Cold War.

By the way, don't get the idea I hate Cold War films--I am a history teacher and naturally love a good espionage film and could recommend several good ones such as I MARRIED A COMMUNIST and ASSIGNMENT Paris.

The Spy Who Dulled MeReviewed bywes-connorsVote: 3/10

Ernest Borgnine is the "Man on a String" spy who is persuaded to work for the Central Bureau of Intelligence (which is supposed to be the CIA, of course). He is a movie producer, and is relocated to Berlin, to be close to the Communist enemies. The actors read their lines like they're bored to death. Mr. Borgnine sets the tone - his dialog is mostly, monotone, soft-spoken, and emotionless. Maybe this is how you are supposed to play a Russian spy? A narration relentlessly punctuates the drama with a mostly, monotone, soft-spoken, and emotionless off-screen explanation of the unfolding on-screen events.

It also makes sure we viewers know Communists are very bad people.

Kerwin Mathews plays the friend and partner spy. He has more expression, and tries to liven Borgnine and the others up; but they doggedly resist. Mr. Mathews' performance is not bad, and I wondered, in his scenes with Borgnine, if Mathews was wondering: what happened to the great actor from "Marty" and "From Here to Eternity"?

*** Man on a String (1960) Andre De Toth ~ Ernest Borgnine, Kerwin Mathews, Colleen Dewhurst

Ernie Doublecrosses The RedsReviewed bybkoganbingVote: 6/10

Based on the real life story of Boris Morros who was a musician instead of a film producer, Man on a String comes at the tale end of the Cold War espionage thrillers where there was absolutely no doubt as to who the good guys and bad guys were on the screen.

I can understand the reason for renaming the lead character that Ernest Borgnine plays Boris Mitrov and changing his occupation even, for dramatic purposes to give the character more scope. But for the life of me was anyone fooled when the agency he worked for was renamed the Central Bureau of Intelligence?

Borris Morros has his own page on IMDb and you can see the rather astonishing list of film credits he had, working on the scoring of a whole lot of films, some of them classics like Stagecoach. His own life gives a lie to the notion that there were no Communists in Hollywood. The blunderbuss approach taken by the House Un-American Activities Committee is another issue altogether.

The Mitrov character we see here isn't exactly stealing the atomic secrets, in fact he's not really doing any spying at all so to speak. As the Russian agent says, all they're doing with him is buying his good name to gain entrée into other places.

Our own CIA knows that and turns him into a double agent where he does perform useful work in identifying Soviet agents here. In real life it wasn't quite as dramatic as shown in Man on a String.

One thing that is of interest is that Man on a String, made as it was in 1960 in the wake of Nikita Khruschev's boast about how he would bury America. That is their attitude, that victory for them was inevitable because Marx said that's how history was flowing. It's interesting to watch this film now in the light of the fall of the Soviet Union. And it fell because it's economy couldn't keep spending militarily and provide its citizens with basic necessities.

Man on a String is a Cold War relic, but interesting viewing nonetheless.

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