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Mapplethorpe (2018)

Mapplethorpe is a movie starring Matt Smith, Marianne Rendón, and Hari Nef. A look at the life of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe from his rise to fame in the 1970s to his untimely death in 1989.

IMDB: 6.10 Likes

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The Synopsis for Mapplethorpe (2018) 720p

A look at the life of photographer from his rise to fame in the 1970s to his untimely death in 1989.

The Director and Players for Mapplethorpe (2018) 720p

[Director]Ondi Timoner
[Role:]Hari Nef
[Role:]Carolyn McCormick
[Role:]Matt Smith
[Role:]Marianne Rendón

The Reviews for Mapplethorpe (2018) 720p

Deeply moving bio of a beautifully tragic lifeReviewed bydscharffVote: 9/10

The combination of Matt Smith's acting and Ondi Timoner's direction is really something to savor. You would never imagine Matt in a role like this, and his immersion in Mapplethorpe's identity is increasingly riveting to watch as the film progresses. Mapplethorpe never became comfortable, tame or mellow in his life, and the tension Smith builds captures that restlessness.

Timoner's career of genre-defining documentaries about troubled men and their art make her the perfect director to create a scripted biography of an artist like Mapplethorpe. She understands the power of lived moments that can visually capture a person's inner life. There are times when Smith and Timoner create such a convincing palette of raw and real emotions and interactions that the doc/biopic line blurred.

What really struck me though was the way the film/acting/direction deepened as I watched it. I got more and more hooked in. Mapplethorpe was never in the habit of making people feel comfortable, and that confrontational character trait becomes more and more palpable...even transferring off the screen and into the room (saw it at home).

By the end of the film I was transfixed. His death was beautiful...something very hard to do in a film - and something impossible to accomplish in a documentary. I've seen the documentaries about him. They are powerful and inspiring, but also very challenging and tragic. Seeing this film was something very different. It was beautiful, poignant and poetic.

True to MapplethorpeReviewed byJT1963Vote: 9/10

Having spent my entire life working in photography and following Mapplethorpe's life throughout, I think that this film depicted his personal and professional life brilliantly. Timoner did a beautiful job depicting his life, Matt Smith was excellent as Mapplethorpe. I'm sure those that worked directly with him would agree.

Excellent film (acting, cinematography, script). I have seen this twice and enjoyed it more the second time, noticing the accuracies to his life and his relationship with Patti Smith.

Timoner, again, does justice to Mapplethorpe in showing his actual amazing artwork, whether it be his floral portraits, or his erotic images, which he was so well-known for.

I would hope Timoner does more biopics on other noted photographers or artists in general whose lives have been challenged, as she seemed to perfectly portray Robert Mapplethorpe and his life's work.

Matt Smith is superb !Reviewed bytm-sheehanVote: 8/10

If this was a mainstream cinema release rather than a Gay film festival movie I suspect Matt Smith would have been included in all the major acting nominees for this years awards.Matt Smit gives an amazing performance as Michael Mapplethorpe the famous art photographer for the late 1960's 1970's.

Of course he was a cultural gay icon and the movie does show his famous male erotic photos as well as the beautiful floral subjects he also photographed.It was the era in New York if promiscuous sex when thousands of men died of AIDS including Mapplethorpe who died in 1989 age 42.

Mapplethorpe says in the movie That he wouldn't reach the age of 50 but he hoped he'd be famous before he dies and he was correct on both counts.

The film won 7 audience awards at International Film Festivals and it's easy to understand why as Director Ondi Timoner and the great supporting cast especially Marianne Rendon as Patti Smith and Brandon Sklenar as Edward Mapplethorpe Roberts brother have contributed to make a very interesting and entertaining movie that should be seen by all just not the GLBTQI audiences.

If male erotic nudity in photography or mild homosexual sexual content offends this movie is not for you but as I watched this film I thought of all explicit heterosexual sexual content in films our community sits through and it made me think if one day so called GLBTQ movies will be shown alongside mainstream movies and therefore gain a much wider audience.I also wondered watching Mapplethorpe if the Art and Photography of that amazing psychedelic era of Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol would be viewed as such valuable masterpieces if created today but I guess it's like saying that if a painter today painted like a renaissance master like Leonard Da Vinci or Michelangelo would we think it old fashioned ?We watched Matt Smith yesterday play another famous Gay cultural icon Christopher Isherwood in his 2011 movie Christopher and His Kind in which he plays another very different gay man and I agree with his stance of defending straight actors who play gay characters as far as I'm concerned it's the best actor to suit the part regardless of sexuality and Matt Smith I think is perfect in this role.Hi see it or catch it on DVD or stream release.

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