March of the Penguins (2005) 1080p YIFY Movie

March of the Penguins (2005) 1080p

In the Antarctic, every March since the beginning of time, the quest begins to find the perfect mate and start a family.

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The Synopsis for March of the Penguins (2005) 1080p

At the end of each Antarctic summer, the emperor penguins of the South Pole journey to their traditional breeding grounds in a fascinating mating ritual that is captured in this documentary by intrepid filmmaker Luc Jacquet. The journey across frozen tundra proves to be the simplest part of the ritual, as after the egg is hatched, the female must delicately transfer it to the male and make her way back to the distant sea to nourish herself and bring back food to her newborn chick.

The Director and Players for March of the Penguins (2005) 1080p

[Director]Luc Jacquet
[Role:]Morgan Freeman
[Role:]Romane Bohringer
[Role:]Charles Berling

The Reviews for March of the Penguins (2005) 1080p

Incredible cinematography; good storyReviewed byMoral DecayVote: 8/10

It is amazing that any animal can survive the months of unfathomably harsh weather depicted in this movie. As told in Morgan Freeman's excellent narration (the English version), emperor penguins have been doing so for thousands of years. At least they are built for it, with oblate spheroidal bodies that maximize volume to surface area and a thick layers of fat and fur to help them survive the tremendous winds and unimaginable cold. As the movie shows, they are also uniquely built to protect the eggs and newborn chicks from the drastic conditions that can even kill the adults.

What is perhaps even more incomprehensible is that this was filmed by humans surviving those same conditions. Certainly they had the advantage of technology, but it is hard to imagine living for days, or weeks or months in the Antarctic winter, much less carrying equipment and patiently waiting for the subjects to get used to your presence.

The only flaw in the movie is what will also endear it to many of those that see it: it is edited in a way that seems to give these animals too many human qualities. Throughout all the hardships of survival, from the courtship ritual through the caring for the eggs and newborn chicks to the ultimate return to the preferred environment of the sea, the penguins seem to show happiness, sadness, love, satisfaction, grief and a range of other emotions in very human ways. These are not after all short people in tuxedos, they are animals acting instinctively. Granted, they do it in an extreme environment, but they are animals nonetheless.

I Just Loved ItReviewed byBBrinVote: 9/10

There's really nothing not to like about this movie. It is interesting being shown how the penguins behave and simultaneously told what they are thinking. Obviously the imagery is rather objective but the subjective "story" told makes this a movie rather than an Animal Planet TV show. The Story is amazing. Fact is truly stranger than fiction. The characters are well developed; the hero more beautifully photogenic than Brad Pitt and A. Jolie combined; the plot is compelling; and though the ending can never be in doubt its story is both riveting and the resolution impactful. I took my date and my 7 year old and we all loved it.

A Beautiful Film.......Reviewed byunderfire35Vote: 8/10

It is becoming increasingly rare to find nature documentaries shown on the big screens of corporate-owned American theaters. And judging by the scant few people in attendance at a Saturday night showing of THE MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, I can see why. With the draw of so many garish productions offering the viewer an escape from the real world, films that actually do show the complexities and beauty of that world are marginalized. It would seem to me that the decision to release a US version of the french film LA MARCHE DE L'EMPEREUR (with different narration, performed here by Morgan Freeman, and a new musical score by Alex Wurman) was based on the success of the animated film MADAGASCAR, which features plucky talking penguins. I'm sure that this was not the sole reason, but I would guess it played a part in the minds of the distributors who were looking for a return on their investment. What MARCH OF THE PENGUINS shows, however, is that even without the power of speech, the emperor penguins in this film are intelligent and complex. It should also help reinforce the truism that animals do not have to talk or sing to be interesting.

THE MARCH OF THE PENGUINS follows the intricate and grueling migration rituals of emperor penguins as they cross the vast extent of the polar ice sheet to mate. Literally thousands make the miles long trip in a single-file formation. Having completed the voyage, we then see the busy process of choosing a partner and how the fertilized egg is exchanged to the males so that the females can make the return trek to feed. They will not return to the starved male penguins for about four months. In that time the eggs have hatched and the chicks take their first look out at the Arctic landscape. This frigid environment is unforgiving and not all the young penguins survive. The film handles these scenes gently. There is an inherent sadness in the idea that the world is hardest on those that can bear it the least, but it is, and the filmmakers do not sidestep the reality of the situation. The babies that do survive, frolic and prance about as the camera lovingly follows them in their antics. They grow strong, amidst peril, and ultimately return to the ocean to begin the cycle anew. This material will be familiar to avid readers of National Geographic magazine (the motion picture arm of which helped produce this film), or those who watch nature films on a regular basis. Actually, THE MARCH OF THE PENGUINS doesn't really offer any fresh or groundbreaking insight into the study of these animals. It is, however, one of the few films that captures, in such a stunningly picturesque way, the full scope of their journey.

In what must have been a harrowing ordeal in itself, the film crew coexists with the penguins in the harshest conditions (with temperatures falling to seventy degrees below zero and exacerbated by viscously high winds). The director, Luc Jacque, who also acts as cinematographer along with Jerome Maison, seems to have a deep respect and fascination for these animals. These feelings come through as his camera lingers on the birds, at times in close-up, capturing only colors and graceful movement. These delicate moments are well accented by Wurman's lovely music. The aerial shots of a huddled black mass of male penguins against the stark white landscape are striking and relay the enormity of the adaptive gathering. One detraction is that the narration often tries too hard to graft the equivalent human emotions onto the actions of the penguins. They may feel emotion, but it is different from the way that we do; there are parallels in the behavior that can be drawn, but Jordan Robert's script (reportedly a vast improvement over the surreal french version), which is mostly informative, does becomes heavy-handed at times. That aside, THE MARCH OF THE PENGUINS is a wonderful alternative to the daily grind of hyperactive theatrical outings which ignore the unique characteristics of the creatures that we share this planet with. 8/10

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