March of the Penguins (2005) 1080p YIFY Movie

March of the Penguins (2005) 1080p

In the Antarctic, every March since the beginning of time, the quest begins to find the perfect mate and start a family.

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The Synopsis for March of the Penguins (2005) 1080p

At the end of each Antarctic summer, the emperor penguins of the South Pole journey to their traditional breeding grounds in a fascinating mating ritual that is captured in this documentary by intrepid filmmaker Luc Jacquet. The journey across frozen tundra proves to be the simplest part of the ritual, as after the egg is hatched, the female must delicately transfer it to the male and make her way back to the distant sea to nourish herself and bring back food to her newborn chick.

The Director and Players for March of the Penguins (2005) 1080p

[Director]Luc Jacquet
[Role:]Morgan Freeman
[Role:]Romane Bohringer
[Role:]Charles Berling

The Reviews for March of the Penguins (2005) 1080p

Incredible cinematography; good storyReviewed byMoral DecayVote: 8/10

It is amazing that any animal can survive the months of unfathomably harsh weather depicted in this movie. As told in Morgan Freeman's excellent narration (the English version), emperor penguins have been doing so for thousands of years. At least they are built for it, with oblate spheroidal bodies that maximize volume to surface area and a thick layers of fat and fur to help them survive the tremendous winds and unimaginable cold. As the movie shows, they are also uniquely built to protect the eggs and newborn chicks from the drastic conditions that can even kill the adults.

What is perhaps even more incomprehensible is that this was filmed by humans surviving those same conditions. Certainly they had the advantage of technology, but it is hard to imagine living for days, or weeks or months in the Antarctic winter, much less carrying equipment and patiently waiting for the subjects to get used to your presence.

The only flaw in the movie is what will also endear it to many of those that see it: it is edited in a way that seems to give these animals too many human qualities. Throughout all the hardships of survival, from the courtship ritual through the caring for the eggs and newborn chicks to the ultimate return to the preferred environment of the sea, the penguins seem to show happiness, sadness, love, satisfaction, grief and a range of other emotions in very human ways. These are not after all short people in tuxedos, they are animals acting instinctively. Granted, they do it in an extreme environment, but they are animals nonetheless.

Fine Documentary about an Animal Family Doesn't Flinch at LifeReviewed byRandom TaskVote: 8/10

Few animals and fewer people ever venture to the foreboding conditions of Antarctica, but one pair of determined documentary makers made the journey. Director ? cinematographer, Laurent Chalet and co-cinematographer Jér?me Maison braved wild winds and far-below-freezing temperatures to film the annual mating ritual of an even heartier group: penguins. The result is a brief, but complete, look into the world of one of the strangest and most determined creatures to have evolved in nature.

The trailer gives away anything that might be considered plot. After all, it is a documentary about the very direct need to survive. The story is really in the viewing. It is the visuals of the icy expanse and watching the huge the number of penguins in their parade. Once at their destination, their behavior is moving and intricately social. They provide the amusing antics everyone associates with the flightless birds: they slide around on their bellies and proceed upright in their dignified waddle. However, their survival is maintained as a flock as they huddle for warmth, share food, share responsibilities and police one another's occasionally antisocial tendencies.

Director Chalet does not flinch away at the moments when misfortune does strike. There are a couple of villains along the way, but they take their place center stage one at a time. A seal and a seagull come forward to take their meals from the flock. Even one of the group's own attempts a kidnapping. Most of the danger comes from the starkly beautiful landscape. Members, young, old and the unborn, fall to the harsh conditions. There are shots of the lost and the frozen that might bring tears or sadness from a younger movie-goer, but these incidents do not overcome the overall positive themes of love and successful survival.

It is odd that birds that act like fish can do so much to remind us of cartoon versions of ourselves. Although that anthropomorphized perspective is overstated in "March of the Penguins", it offers a glimpse of a rarely viewed part of world with crisp and beautiful photography and shares a genuine sense of wonder with us.

8 out of 10

The real star is AntarcticaReviewed bybobbobwhiteVote: 8/10

Incredibly beautiful cinematography, musical score, and narration by Morgan Freeman made this much more than a nature film about almost unbelievable penguin migrations in Antarctica. Yes, the birds were pretty and very admirable for what they accomplished and the chicks were as cute as any babies of any kind anywhere. They got the requisite ooohs and ahhhs from the audience they should have gotten, but the filmmakers did a great job of not overkilling viewers with the cutesy approach that ruins so many other nature films. This was a serious look at one of the more marvelous events in nature that the tattooed and pierced MTV generation knows nothing about, never will, and doesn't care. More's the pity.

I liked very much that the French filmmaker tastefully didn't show all the bloody gore of a seal killing an adult and a jaeger killing a chick that lesser nature filmmakers seem to love to do. We got the message loud and clear without all the blood and body parts splashed everywhere. It did not harm the truth of the story at all that graphic scenes were limited.

Very classy film all around and anyone with an artistic soul will love the great camera and sound work, and all parents and nature lovers should rave at the penguins' parental dedication and sacrifice shown in the last wilderness on earth, thankfully mostly unharmed by human interference so we could see the real story just as it has been played out for centuries. Wonderfully well done film; don't miss it.

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