Mata Hari (1931) 1080p YIFY Movie

Mata Hari (1931) 1080p

Mata Hari is a movie starring Greta Garbo, Ramon Novarro, and Lionel Barrymore. A semi-fictionalized account of the life of Mata Hari, an exotic dancer who was accused of spying for Germany during World War I.

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  • Genre: Crime | Drama
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  • Run Time: 89
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The Synopsis for Mata Hari (1931) 1080p

During World War I, Mata Hari is a German spy, working in Paris. She has already seduced the Russian general Shubin, and has now set her eyes on lieutenant Rosanov, a young up-and-coming officer. In order to get her hand on secret documents in his possession, she spends a night with him. But the secret police is on to her, only waiting to get enough evidence to arrest her.

The Director and Players for Mata Hari (1931) 1080p

[Director]George Fitzmaurice
[Role:]Lewis Stone
[Role:]Greta Garbo
[Role:]Lionel Barrymore
[Role:]Ramon Novarro

The Reviews for Mata Hari (1931) 1080p

Quite InterestingReviewed byUriah43Vote: 6/10

In this film the legendary Greta Garbo stars as the infamous spy "Mata Hari" who uses her wiles as an exotic dancer during World War I to seduce selected generals and politicians in Paris and then steals their secrets in the heat of passion before passing them on the Germans. Now while I candidly admit that this story doesn't exactly conform to actual history considering the year this movie was produced I have to say that it was still quite interesting all the same. Of course Greta Garbo had much to do with that as I thought she was absolutely stunning. Yet even though I liked her performance I must also admit that in my opinion neither the script nor the other actors involved managed to rise to the occasion and as a result this movie failed to realize its potential. I especially didn't care for the ending as it was just a bit too melodramatic for my tastes. Be that as it may, while this movie might be of interest to nostalgia buffs or fans of Greta Garbo, I have to rate this movie as only slightly better than average.

uggh,...I love classic films but not this oneReviewed byMartinHaferVote: 2/10

I know that this review will not be like most others for this movie. That's because although Greta Garbo's style of acting was extremely popular in her day and many still consider her an amazing talent, I just don't think many of her films translate well to the 21st century. Now some of her films, like Ninotchka and Queen Christina are STILL excellent films, others like Camille and Mata Hari just seem WAY over-acted. The performances are so over-the-top and silly that I find myself very bored by them.

In Mata Hari, the best example of overdoing it are her dance numbers. The costume is one of the most outlandish I have ever seen--with billions of beads and sequins and the silliest Thai-inspired head dress. And, during this "dance", Garbo shimmies back and forth and everyone in the house acts almost like males in a Tex Avery cartoon with rolling eyes, wagging tongues, etc. I just didn't get it. This was supposed to be super-sexy but I just found it stupid and about as sexy as watching grandma dance. It's simply horribly over-done--period.

The story itself doesn't get much better. Garbo doesn't particularly "act" sexy, but all men become slaves to her allures--gimme a break!! This movie reminds me of some of Marlena Dietrich's and Mae West's movies. They, too, at times played these super-vamp roles but I can honestly say that instead of sexy and desirable, they just seemed campy and outdated. As for me, give me REALISTIC acting and dialog or fun acting--not overblown tripe like this.

UPDATE 9/2008--I tried watching this again. That's because I had hated the movie so much and Garbo is such a god-like persona I thought maybe I was being too harsh. Well, now that I've seen it twice, I guess I was wrong....the movie is WORSE than my first review. Bad history, silly dance numbers and laughably bad dialog, this film is pure crap. Only the cult-like devotion that some of Garbo's fans have have resulted in this movie having a decent overall IMDb rating. I can only recommend the film for its "camp value" and to see just how awful it is. If you do watch it for a laugh, look for Garbo's 100% unsexy and ridiculous dance number, Ramon Novarro's ridiculous casting as a Russian and dialog that is howlingly bad.

Enjoyable for Garbo FansReviewed bydrjgardnerVote: 4/10

I'm not a big fan of Garbo in general, and her talkies specifically. Her acting was more suited to the silent era, and this film, an early talkie, has a lot of silent film elements as well as silent film stars like Ramon Navarro and Lewis Stone. In fact, for 1931, this was an all star cast. Garbo herself had just been nominated for an Oscar for "Anna Christie" (1930), Stone was nominated for "The Patriot" (1930) and was in the highly popular "Big House" (1930), and the great Lionel Barrymore got his only Oscar for "A Free Soul" (1931). Navarro was still popular, though his best days were behind him.

Considering how many great films occurred in 1931 (e.g., "Frankenstein", "Cimarron", "City Lights", "Dracula", "The Champ", "M", "Public Enemy", "Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde", "Monkey Business"), this is clearly a 2nd tier film though it was a big commercial success at the time.

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