Max Schmeling (2010) 1080p YIFY Movie

Max Schmeling (2010) 1080p

Max Schmeling is a movie starring Henry Maske, Heino Ferch, and Susanne Wuest. Max Schmeling's fights against Joe Louis are listed in the best 10 ten fights of all times.

IMDB: 4.80 Likes

  • Genre: Biography | Drama
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 118
  • IMDB Rating: 4.8/10 
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The Synopsis for Max Schmeling (2010) 1080p

Pomeranian (NE German) boxer Max Schmelling, a fair, courageous gentleman, becomes world champion and a national hero in the early 1930s, winning the hand of singer Anny Ondra. Just for loosing against younger, fitter colored American Joe Louis, the Nazi regime lifts Max's privileges and sends him to the front, hoping he'll be killed in action. Yet he survives the conquest of Crete and by freeing a British prisoner unwittingly saves his own skin when after the Soviet conquest of his home region, Max is nearly taken PoW. He starts all over, although rather too old, with remarkable results.

The Director and Players for Max Schmeling (2010) 1080p

[Director]Uwe Boll
[Role:]Vladimir Weigl
[Role:]Heino Ferch
[Role:]Henry Maske
[Role:]Susanne Wuest

The Reviews for Max Schmeling (2010) 1080p

Better than what you would expect of an Uwe Boll filmReviewed bydestroyerwodVote: 6/10

I got this movie in a video store bargain bin as an used copy. The cover was appealing as i am interested in WW2 and i like boxing as well. Then it was in my shelve for a while as i was intending to watch it with my cousin who likes both subject as well. But then at some point i decided to watch it anyway, and realize it was sporting the name of ... UWE BOLL on it. Oh boy... i decided to put it in the shelve and include it in my next pawnshop movie sell(i do that once in a while as i buy pretty much all my movies used in video store, i don't rent much and i hate video on demand) So as i was making my movie pile for the pawnshop, i decided i should at least give it a go, after all, my Boll hate comes mostly from him destroying video game licences and i actually did enjoy Rampage.

The movie is in German, but i choose to watch it English dubbed. I am not a fan of English dubbed, but i tough it was rather OK in this, the voices didn't bother me too much. I come from a french province so i am used to french dubbing, but not English ones. Anyway yes the acting was so-so, but not that bad. I could get into the movie. I think his boxing years where pretty well done, the fights whee numerous and entertaining, i was actually surprised. I think the war segments and how the Nazis saw him could had been way better done, but then again it was not the point of the movie per say.

Overall i am surprised... its a decent movie, even tough its made to by Boll. Got to give credit where its due, I'm sure if the movie would had been dubbed in french i would had even more fun watching it. There is nothing spectacular but the movie don't feel too cheap or whatever and i didn't knew Max Schmelling at all, so now i want to look him up on wikipedia.

So yeah, i liked the movie. Will i keep it or pawnshop it? I dunno yet, it was way better than expected.

Max Schmeling a great story boxing of the year 1930Reviewed bythor2029Vote: 10/10

My opinion-.

This film traces the life of the legendary German boxer Max Schmeling, a German boxer born on 28 September 1905 in Klein Luckow (Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania) and died on 2 February 2005 in Wenzendorf (Lower Saxony). He was world heavyweight champion between 1930 and 1932 and will be making himself the first European heavyweight champion of the world. On June 12, 1930, after beating the American Jack Sharkey. Schmeling lost his title to points against Sharkey two years later, in 1932, but later beat the all-time African American champion Joe Louis on June 6, 1936, knocked down on the fourth and then KO in the 12th round . During the rematch organized on 22 June 1938, Louis wins by technical knockout in the 1st round. Max Schmeling later said: "After this defeat, I no longer existed for Hitler, my name had disappeared from the newspapers. Schmeling had then become the shame of Nazi Germany, and Hitler felt humiliated by this defeat in the face of a black man, repudiating him and sending him to battle on the front where he would do everything possible to survive. The production of the film by Uwe Boll is perfect and the film is even better thanks to the exceptional interpretation of Henry Maske. I loved this movie and I think it's really a movie to see or review.

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