Metallica Some Kind of Monster (2004) 1080p YIFY Movie

Metallica Some Kind of Monster (2004) 1080p

A documentary crew followed Metallica for the better part of 2001-2003, a time of tension and release for the rock band, as they recorded their album St. Anger, fought bitterly, and sought the counsel of their on-call shrink.

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The Synopsis for Metallica Some Kind of Monster (2004) 1080p

Some Kind of Monster is a music documentary about Metallica's making of their album St. Anger and the difficulties they had to go through in the process. The directors shot over 1200 hours and followed the band around night and day for over a year to create this documentary.

The Director and Players for Metallica Some Kind of Monster (2004) 1080p

[Director]Bruce Sinofsky
[Director]Joe Berlinger
[Role:Himself]Robert Trujillo
[Role:Himself]Lars Ulrich
[Role:Himself]Kirk Hammett
[Role:Himself]James Hetfield

The Reviews for Metallica Some Kind of Monster (2004) 1080p

The Monster livesReviewed byikremnietvoorfrankdeboerVote: 9/10

First of all, let me say I'm a Metallica fan so this review is unevitably biased. But then again, what review isn't? We all know Metallica are great business men, so the first question that arises is: is this movie a marketing tool? Even though I'm sure the movie will be a commercial success, my answer to the question is no. Metallica's record company wanted the movie to accompany Metallica's 2003 release St. Anger as a weekly series of 30 minute reality TV to get the word out about the album. Metallica not only rejected that idea, but even decided to buy out the record company and release this a year later as a movie instead. We can only thank them for it. This movie is certainly not a commercial for Metallica. We get to see the ugly side of Metallica. And it's ugly alright. We see Lars calling James a dick, shouting 'fuck' right in his face and getting drunk while selling his millions of dollars art collection. We see James yelling at Lars, slamming the door, checking in for rehab and after that demanding everyone to only work from 12 to 4. We see Kirk being a sissy the entire movie. The title of the movie refers to James; he explains how Metallica has been a beast to him over the years. But Metallica has undoubtedly been a beast to others as well. Dave Mustaine is one of the most successful musicians in heavy metal with his band Megadeth, but apparently is still haunted by him being fired from Metallica. Nevertheless, the movie is ultimately about James' 'coming of age', changing from an angry alcoholic to a man who has managed to balance his personal life with the life in Metallica. I have one beef with the movie. Around the end Lars says Metallica have proved that it's possible to make an angry record through positive energy. While I believe him when he says that, I do have to say I hardly saw any of that energy in the movie. In fact, it's a small miracle they managed to finish the album at all. Even though not everyone is a fan of Metallica, I can recommend everyone to see this movie. See, this movie is not about the music. It's about people. People who struggle with themselves, with each other and with the outside world. It's also a unique look inside the workings (and non-workings) of a world class band and into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. This documentary is a landmark that upstages the album which creation it was originally supposed to document.

Some kind of burnout...Reviewed bySkeptic459Vote: 9/10

Metallica is indeed one of the most successful heavy metal bands in existence. However, this documentary, Some Kind of Monster, also exposes them to be one of the most bereft. I will leave it to the readers imagination where bereft should be placed. This doco does not give a flattering portrait of the band members. Some Kind of Monster is absolutely unflinching in revealing the underlying psychological dynamics of the band. I give Metallica credit for exposing themselves on camera so brutally.

Much humour comes from the fact that as the band members characters are revealed. They often come off as a real life spinal tap. It is such, that an outsider, who had never heard of Metallica, might perceive this documentary as a mockumentary. Kirk Hammett comes off particularly as a good guy who is just not very clever. Stating that things work themselves out for the better or worse, but they work themselves out. Well duh... Also, after getting some creative lyrical input, all he can add is 'Your lifestyle determines your deathstyle.' Probably one of the dumbest lines that I have heard in a while. Even for a metal band.

The main 'issue' that this doco reveals is that Metallica needs to ride off into the sunset.The three band members are burnt-out and only really making their music for money. All of the bandmembers have moved on and grown up from the angst ridden, angry twenty-somethings that they once were. Hetfield is now trying to be more of a family man. Lars Ulrich is more into art and seems more like he wants to be a dealer rather than a drummer. Even Kirk Hammett, who is the peacemaker in the band looks like he needs to move on. All of these guys would probably be happier if they called it a day and went their separate ways. It would also be easier on their fans, who by my quick glances at amazon, are not happy with Metallica's latest release.

It is not until they hire a new bassist, Danny Trujilo, that a new life in the band seems to appear. The band complains about showing up for practice, for coming up with music. They complain about having to be in a studio. Excuse me? These guys are making millions and they are complaining about having to spend some time in the studio? Oh to be a rock star with over 500 guitars! This lack of enthusiasm only adds to my theory of burn out.

Metallica illustrate how far they are now removed from their macho roots by hiring a therapist. Former bassist, Jason Newstead puts it best by saying how lame it is that they can't sought it out themselves. However the ego's of Hetfield and Ulrich are absolutely rampant and probably need some control through negotiation. Also, their producer is to obsequious to really confront their unbridled self indulgences.

Ulrich is possibly the most irritating man in rock. He absolutely rails against napster. But he also owns an impressive art collection that is worth millions of dollars. The hypocrisy is terribly confronting. This is revealed when he sells the paintings and gets drunk as they are auctioned. Because of Ulrichs grandstanding soapbox routine about napster. The inherent decadence of this scene totally annoys the viewer.

Ulrich talks, talks, talks and then talks some more. He pontificates pointlessly on the beginning and ending of art. Managing to completely sound pretentious. His father also steps in to state that their work just isn't much cop. Absolutely infuriating him! But the thing is he never actually says anything. Vapid, manipulating and annoying. But then Hetfield is a total control freak. The struggle for control of the band is a constant issue between these two characters. The funny thing is that because they are both such control freaks, they accuse each other of having major control issues.

The therapist himself doesn't really seem to do anything except be very serene with being paid 40,000 dollars a week. It is even revealed that he intends to move from his home and set up a base with Metallica. It is plainly obvious that the therapist has observed a major cash cow just waiting to be milked. Eventually the band remove him, but without some major group therapy work first.

What is also interesting is when Dave Mustaine shows up as part of the therapy. A whiny Mustaine bleats about how he was thrown out of Metallica. This is nonsensical because although Megadeth are not as successful as Metallica, they still have sold 15 million albums. When I was a teenage their was always someone wearing a Megadeth t-shirt! What is even more nonsensical is that Mustaines assertion that they are number two. Hey! Maybe back in the eighties Dave! The therapy session between Dave and Lars is never really resolved. Dave moans about being kicked out and Lars is so egocentric, he is incapable of caring.

What is more telling about these guys is the world that they live in. For instance, they are asked to appear on M.T.V's ICON at the end of the doco. They are given a standing ovation in a small M.T.V music studio. This endless adulation that they receive obviously does these guys no good. It is just a reminder to the viewers how artificial the worlds are that celebrities live in.

Overall, this is a very good doco that cuts right to the heart of Metallica. If you are a fan you should definitely see it. If you are not, you should still see it. It is a fascinating look into the lives of Rock Stars and how they are not as bulletproof as they would like to think that they are. As a docu it is excellent and really gives you the 'real' Metallica. 9 out of 10.

I don't like Metallica...this movie proves that!Reviewed byToxciqueVote: 1/10

I use to LOVE Metallica, in 7th grade I read a 250 page biography about the band and did a book report on it. So I really "knew" the band, as in, I knew their history, I read just about every statement made by any members, I knew all their albums etc. Yeah, I was a little obsessive (now it's The Residents) anyway, I didn't care too much for the Black Album when that came out and disliked the whole "Load" thing so much that I lost total interest. Then S$M. Then Napster. Yeah, I've come to truly hate this band. (now for the movie) This movie is documentation that Metallica ('cept maybe Jason) are all such ego maniacs that they can't even talk to each other (without hiring a shrink for $44,000 a month) yet alone communicate well enough to collectively write music together. The only way I could see someone liking Metallica after this, is if they are the kind of person who just likes "stars" and sees no problem with big money bull and giant egos. I know a lot of these people exist, otherwise we wouldn't have shows like Hard Copy or Celebrity Justice, and that sucks, because that means that Metallica still has a fan base, and that means Metallica will continue to disgrace the public buy putting out more (in Lars' own words) stock material! 1/10

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