Millennium (1989) 1080p YIFY Movie

Millennium (1989) 1080p

An NTSB investigator seeking the cause of an airline disaster meets a warrior woman from 1000 years in the future.

IMDB: 5.710 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Mystery
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 2.02G
  • Resolution: 1920x1040 / 23.976 (23976/1000) fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 108
  • IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 
  • MPR: PG-13
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The Synopsis for Millennium (1989) 1080p

Bill Smith, chief investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), has been assigned to determine whether human error is the cause of an airline crash. He and his team of investigators are very confused by the words on the cockpit voice recorder by the crew relating to the crash. But at the same time, a theoretical physicist named Dr. Arnold Mayer has a real professional curiosity about the crash, which borders on science fiction. While giving a university lecture, he talks about time travel and the possibility of visitors from the future. Smith discovers the involvement of an organization of time travellers from a future Earth irreparably polluted who seek to rejuvenate mankind from those about to perish in the past.

The Director and Players for Millennium (1989) 1080p

[Director]Michael Anderson
[Role:]Daniel J. Travanti
[Role:]Cheryl Ladd
[Role:]Kris Kristofferson

The Reviews for Millennium (1989) 1080p

Interesting Sci-Fi premise but poor scriptReviewed byAphex97Vote: 5/10

This movie is a classic example of how an interesting science fiction idea can be ruined by adding a lame romance subplot into the mix. This movie had a very interesting premise: Two planes collide in mid air and crash. The chief investigator (Kris Krisstoferson) of the accident discovers some very strange elements to the crash. His inquiries attract his attention (and affections) to a mysterious girl, who eventually reveals the truth that people from the future are traveling back in time to steal passengers that are about to die on airplane crashes. They do this to help save the dying human race in a dank apocalyptic future.

While this is a very interesting premise, all the interesting science fiction and mystery elements are unfortunately made nearly worthless by the horrible pacing, extremely poor dialogue, annoying redundancy (we see many of the more boring scenes twice from different perspectives!), and worst of all, the silly romance plot.

I liked the look of the future world in this movie. The production designers did a good job, especially on Sherman the personal servant and on the future elders, who were held together loosely with spare parts in their tubes. However, the dialogue was so cheesy I could only enjoy the excellent scenery when the actors didn't open their mouths to ruin it. The ending of this movie was so horribly cheesy I wanted to vomit. When will Hollywood learn that never every movie needs a romantic subplot and a unrealistic happy ending...

FINAL RATING: 5/10 - The only reason I even give it a 5 is because of the interesting premise and nice production design. Its sad that these excellent elements were ruined by such a poor script.

Noob Aalox

A ClassicReviewed byrbirge-1Vote: 10/10

This is one of the best science fiction movies of recent history. Although it has its share of flaws (special effects are weak and the acting is mixed), but the plot is excellent and the concepts and implications introduced regarding time travel creative and thought provoking. The movie starts out with a plane that is in the process of falling out of the sky due to a midair collision. The copilot exits the cabin to find all of the passengers are already dead. The question is why, and neither we nor the main character, know the answer until later on in the story. But from this point on (and this is no spoiler as it happens in the first three minutes) all those who love stories about time travel, and the paradoxes and potentials therein are in for a great ride. The short story that this movie is based on (Air Raid) is also a classic and worth reading, but hard to find.

A mixed bagReviewed byNilsosmarVote: 7/10

Millennium is mixed bag. The script is reasonably good - not too exciting, but thoughtful and well constructed. But there are some problems that drag the movie down.

The romance/relationship at the heart of the story is not bad, and has been unfairly panned. It's actually one of the strengths of the story. Kristofferson does a good job of playing a rather dull character without a lot going for him... a working stiff without much of a life, who wakes up a bit when he meets Cheryl Ladd's character.

Ladd underplays her part nicely, with a nice understanding of the nuances and double meanings of some of her dialogue. The directing is fine, low key, and the editing is good (apart from the ending, which I doubt was the editor's choice). The script sparkles most when it deals with Ladd's character, her difficulties in communicating across a profound cultural barrier, her inadvertently humorous faux pas when interacting with a world very different from her own. The "cigarette scene" in the restaurant is a classic.

There are some problems, mainly around the ending, some of the acting on the part of the minor characters, and the character of Sherman. I won't reveal the ending, but I will say it was disappointing, and probably responsible for the cool reception the film received. The robot Sherman is poorly designed and conceptualized, and drags down the rest of the story. It's not a question of budget, in Sherman's case, but of someone without a good intuitive feeling for science fiction concepts, making decisions about that character. He's not campy, to my mind, he's an embarrassment.

Some people posting here have complained about the dialogue. I think they may be missing the profound reason for Ladd's character's odd choices of words, and what the words reveal about her. Others have complained about the scenes that are shown twice, telling the same story from different points of view. I can understand that people looking for a more action packed movie could have been bored by these scenes, but they do reveal key information; they're not just reruns of the first, they're revelations. They're an effective device for showing the parallel but very different points of view of the key characters.

In sum, Millennium is a reasonably good but not great movie. It's frustrating because a genuinely good movie could be made from the existing footage if the robot was redone (redesigned digitally after the fact and given a better voice and better dialogue), and if the final voice-over was omitted. But I still like watching it and appreciate the elements that are successful in the movie.

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