Mojin: The Lost Legend (2015) 1080p YIFY Movie

Mojin: The Lost Legend (2015) 1080p

At the beginning of the 1990s, famous tomb explorer Hu Bayi decided to retire with his fiancée Shirley. But before his wedding, Bayi discovers his first love Ding Shitian, who had supposedly died 20 years ago, is actually still alive.

IMDB: 6.433 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Horror
  • Quality: 1080p
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  • Language: Chinese  
  • Run Time: 127
  • IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 
  • MPR: Normal
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The Synopsis for Mojin: The Lost Legend (2015) 1080p

In 1988, the three Mojin(tomb raider), Hu Bayi, Wang Kaixuan, and Shirley Yang, retires and relocates to New York. While Bayi and Shirley have become romantically involved and Kaixuan feels that the great Mojin deserve more than the financial despair they've faced in the States, the trio are pulled back into a grave-robbing game in Inner Mongolia, China, to explore the reason behind the death of Ding Sitian, who was Bayi and Kaixuan's first love died back in 1969.

The Director and Players for Mojin: The Lost Legend (2015) 1080p

[Role:]Keith Collea
[Role:]Kun Chen

The Reviews for Mojin: The Lost Legend (2015) 1080p

A terrible messReviewed bydircpittVote: 5/10

An attempt to imitate Indiana Jones unfortunately failed. Also in this case (as in Jiu ceng yao ta), the cues are many but instead of enriching the plot they end up complicating the development. On the other hand in some moments the thread of the narration is lost, everything becomes possible but without any connection or logic, the flashbacks sometimes seem put a little at random, more for narrative needs than for concrete reasons of development. It's a pity because it is a product that for the West really introduces so many new narrative inventions and possible paths never crossed but it all translates into a terrible mess.

Reviewed byPaul Magne HaakonsenVote: 6/10/10

"Mojin: The Lost Legend" (aka "The Ghouls", a title which do the movieno justice at all) is definitely not a movie that you should let slipunder your radar. I became aware of the movie because I am a fan of ShuQi, so of course I had to watch the movie. And let me just say thatthis movie can essentially be summarized as a Chinese "Tomb Raider"movie, of sorts.

The story is about three close-knitted tomb explorers whom is driftingapart, as they are not adjusting to life in USA, after having leftChina behind. And when Wang Kaixuan (played by Huang Bo) sends analluring video with proof of an ancient tomb, the interest of the HuBayi (played by Kun Chen) and Shirley (played by Shu Qi) is stirred.But what secrets will the Mojin unearth in this ancient tomb? And arethe intentions of their employer really what they say? Whom can youtrust when you are trapped far beneath the surface of the Earth?

There is a very good pace to the movie, and it kicks up into a fast andgood pace early on, and it doesn't really slow down throughout thecourse of the movie. And as such, then there weren't really any slow,dull or boring moments throughout the two hours that the movie run for.

The effects in "Mojin: The Lost Legend" were goods and that reallyhelped the movie along quite nicely. Especially because special effectsand CGI that prove convincing, realistic or just dazzling awesome arevery important to movies such as this. And the special effects and CGIteam handled this with flying colors.

"Mojin: The Lost Legend" has a good assembly of cast members. The threelead talents were equally performing well in the movie; that beingHuang Bo, Kun Chen and Shu Qi. But also Xiaoqing Liu (playing MadamYing) was standing out here with her performance.

If you enjoy adventure movies with supernatural elements, such as"Indiana Jones", "Tomb Raider" and the likes, then you should mostdefinitely give "Mojin: The Lost Legend" a chance. Don't write it offbecause it is a Mandarin movie, because this movie is definitely awell-worthy addition to the adventure genre.

3D effect is goodReviewed byyoggworkVote: 6/10

3D effect is good, it's a scolding name for the effect of washing garbage. I haven't seen who the actor is for a long time. Big Golden Teeth should be the best performer. In the plot aspect, the plot develops smoothly, breaking through customs and fighting monsters, but unfortunately, there is a lack of a boss in the end, just a little less hallucination.

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