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Mojin: The Lost Legend (2015)

At the beginning of the 1990s, famous tomb explorer Hu Bayi decided to retire with his fiancée Shirley. But before his wedding, Bayi discovers his first love Ding Shitian, who had supposedly died 20 years ago, is actually still alive.

IMDB: 6.449 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Horror
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 920.95M
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  • Language: Chinese
  • Run Time: 127
  • IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 
  • MPR: Normal
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The Synopsis for Mojin: The Lost Legend (2015) 720p

In 1988, the three Mojin(tomb raider), Hu Bayi, Wang Kaixuan, and Shirley Yang, retires and relocates to New York. While Bayi and Shirley have become romantically involved and Kaixuan feels that the great Mojin deserve more than the financial despair they've faced in the States, the trio are pulled back into a grave-robbing game in Inner Mongolia, China, to explore the reason behind the death of Ding Sitian, who was Bayi and Kaixuan's first love died back in 1969.

The Director and Players for Mojin: The Lost Legend (2015) 720p

[Role:]Keith Collea
[Role:]Kun Chen

The Reviews for Mojin: The Lost Legend (2015) 720p

Reviewed bysubxerogravityVote: 6/10/10

It's one of those movies that I knew I'd be interested in, going to thetheaters. the poster screams action and adventure like Indiana Jones.

It's a buddy movie with a little romance and fantastic imagery. It'show the Chinese are doing epic these days, outdoing the Americanblockbuster, or at least giving it a valiant effort.

The special effects are boss, and the movie comes with a greatassortment of charters in a story that untangles in a way that keepsyou interested in what happens next.

But I have to admit, Mojin is not as charming and amusing as they thinkof themselves, but that might have more to do with the culturaldifferences

One of my favorite parts was a scene were the characters just began todrop f-bombs like it was nothing. It felt like the use of this word wasnot as bad in China as it is in America (especially in sub title form),but it made for a good unexpected laugh from a movie I would haveassumed was rated PG-13.

Mojin is definitely visually amazing. I could watch the imagery fordays and it has a great story tied to it. Nice blockbuster made inchina.

Reviewed byquincytheodoreVote: 6/10/10

Fighting a hopping ghostly entity in action comedy flair is an oldtrend in Chinese cinema, mostly dealing with silly version of vampire.As the visual technology advances this kind of premise resurfacesrecently, the closest comparison would be The Mummy with orientalatmosphere. Mojin might seem too flamboyant or slow at first,rightfully so since the blend of horror and action only shows itseffectiveness later on.

Story follows a reluctant adventurer Hu Bayi (Chen Kun) as he is drawnto a mystery from 20 years ago. The pacing is unfortunately sluggish atfirst act, relying heavily on slapstick comedy for a bit too long. Thiskind of loud banter is used frequently in Chinese comedy, or even inKorean or Japanese flicks, but the outlandish approach may not resonatetoo well for audience from the west. It's admittedly a niche flavor andculture-oriented taste. Furthermore, the drama factor simply shinestowards the end.

After it sets the tone, it gets increasingly better. By incorporatingfew mythological embellishments and creepy characters, it even managesto be unexpectedly eerie beyond the original cheesy nature. Action andeffect fare much better. There is a polished visual here, though it'snot the level of high tier animation and it needs the help of artisticdesign to create appealing set pieces, especially since it dabblesmostly on barren terrains.

Credit must go to Shu Qi as the love interest Shirley. She looks verygorgeous, donning the popular Lara Croft visage and it's nice to havesuch character when raiding long lost tomb. The action also comes tofruition on second half as story shifts from silliness to tightnarrative and eye-catching sequences. Humor works better as well,breaking away from the stand-up comedy and presenting a couple of nicegags even when the pace becomes faster.

The movie's later parts are better than the rest, more so consideringit's a fairly long movie with considerable build-up. However, when allthe pieces fit together Mojin - The Lost Legend is an adequatelyfascinating adventure.

Reviewed byCompton SeelzVote: 1/10/10

I actually created an IMDb account just to write this short review.This movie is terrible. Not only does it make absolutely no sense,there isn't one character who is even remotely likable. The maincharacters fight and work at cross purposes for no apparent reason. Themotivations for characters are unclear. I was hoping this movie wasgoing to end with every character dying and an on-screen apology fromthe production company. Sadly, I was disappointed again. Avoid thisfilm if you are planning on following dialogue or enjoying a plot. Ifyou want to see some stuff explode and some sub-par comic relief, byall means watch.

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