Monkey Kung Fu (1979) 1080p YIFY Movie

Monkey Kung Fu (1979) 1080p

Chu long ma liu is a movie starring Siu-Tung Ching, Chiu-Sing Hau, and Feng Kuan. A small-time crook goes in search of the other half of a wooden keepsake which will lead him to the legendary kung fu technique of the Gibbon Clan...

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  • Genre: Action | Drama
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  • Run Time: 89
  • IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 
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The Synopsis for Monkey Kung Fu (1979) 1080p

Ching, a small-time crook, is sent to prison. There he meets a one-eyed master who has been sentenced to death. Shortly before he is executed, he gives Ching a wooden keepsake, half of which is missing, and cryptically tells him he must search for the other half, for then he will understand. Shortly thereafter Ching breaks out of prison with another inmate and goes in quest of the missing piece to discover its secret. However, he is not the only one after it. A gang leader who also wants the piece is now on Ching's tracks. Also, the inmate with which Ching originally escaped now seems to be popping up everywhere. What secret lies behind the wooden puzzle?

The Director and Players for Monkey Kung Fu (1979) 1080p

[Director]Mar Lo
[Director]Siu-Tung Ching
[Role:]Hui Huang Lin
[Role:]Feng Kuan
[Role:]Chiu-Sing Hau

The Reviews for Monkey Kung Fu (1979) 1080p

80 minutes of kung fu - 10 minutes of plotReviewed byChungMoVote: 7/10

Are you ready for endless action with the thinnest of plots? No? OK that's warning enough. You want to see extremely talented martial artists and acrobats fight each other? Yes? This is the right film. Sloppily directed by second tier Shaw Bros. director Lo Mar, this film is carried by the fight choreographer and the actors.

The plot? Imprisoned brash young martial artist and fellow prisoner, who is a student of a "Gibbon Fist" master just executed, escape and search for the lost Gibbon Fist Kung Fu manual while being chased by the son of the deceased master's greatest enemy, a pole fighting master. That's it, no dramatic filler, no lengthy explanations, just fighting.

The martial arts are truly impressive. The people involved really made an effort for the most part. The story is really a series of set pieces that barely relate to each other. Two big scenes are completely pointless except for the martial art and acrobatic skills on display. This film is one of the few places to see action choreographer Siu-Tung Ching on camera showing what he knows. Not the most photogenic guy but he can move. Director Lo Mar seems to have quit the business soon after this film and it's a good thing. His sense of editing is some of the worst I've seen in HK films. If not for the talents of the actors and to a lesser degree the cameraman, this film would have been trash.

Recommended for fight fans. Need a story and some character interaction? Not here.

Fast paced and entertainingReviewed bywandering-starVote: 7/10

Ching is an cocky, under-achieving crook that ends up in prison, where he meets an old man who schools him in a prison kung fu duel. However the old man is sufficiently impressed with Ching as to give him half of a wooden amulet. The other half is possessed by a fellow inmate, and the two go off on a rollicking kung fu adventure to find an ancient scroll.

Monkey Kung Fu delivers fast paced action in a variety of backdrops - courtyards, mountain meadows, and tea houses where the furniture is predictably, and satisfyingly, reduced to firewood. And the brothel full of kung fu prostitutes was pretty fun. While most of the comedy is cheesy, there are so good one-liners ("Are you tired yet"? "No, I have a date with your sister tonight!"), and it keeps the movie light and entertaining.

The fight choreography starts off not too good in my opinion - moves kind of choppy and slow - but by the 38 minute mark, during the fight in a courtyard, it improves vastly. By the end, with a frenetic fight to the death in the mountains with a skilled bo (staff) master, it is some of the best in the genre. Very much recommended.

Highly impressive kung fu action/adventureReviewed byFalconeerVote: 7/10

Hearing that "Monkey Kung fu" had almost non-existent plot, I did not expect to like this one, but the fact is, this is a highly enjoyable film, thanks mainly to the leads, Ching Siu-tung & Hou Chao-sheng, who together, bring an incredible energy to the screen. Not so much a comedy, but the sheer insanity of the kung fu action is enough to make any viewer laugh and shake their head in amazement. The story is simple; a pair of convicts escape from prison, to discover the mystery of "Gibbon fist," a kung fu technique thought to be lost. They each hold one half of a wooden amulet, and when it it is pieced together, it will lead the pair to a mountain top, where an ancient scroll is hidden. Of course there is a rival clan bent on destroying them and claiming the scroll for themselves. Along the way we join this crazy pair for some off the wall situations; like when Wei Chun (Ching) must battle his way out of a whorehouse after short changing the prostitute, (who kicks his ass with some truly eye-popping kung fu of her own.) In fact, you will see some of the absolute finest kung fu ever captured on film. Also known as "Stroke of Death," this one is a bit reminiscent of "Hellz Windstaff" in how the two friends seem to become one when fighting, working off each other to bring down their opponent. The more involved story and character development of Windstaff makes that one superior, but "Monkey Kung Fu" is a very worthy entry in the history of 1970's kung fu classics; Recommended.

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