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Monster (2008) 1080p

Monster is a video starring Erin Evans, Sarah Lieving, and Justin L. Jones. Two sisters travelling to Japan to do interviews about global warming are caught in the midst of a horrendous earthquake, until they discover that it's...

IMDB: 2.22 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Adventure
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.65G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 86
  • IMDB Rating: 2.2/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 20 / 25

The Synopsis for Monster (2008) 1080p

Two sisters travelling to Japan to do interviews about global warming are caught in the midst of a horrendous earthquake, until they discover that it's something quite different.

The Director and Players for Monster (2008) 1080p

[Director]Eric Forsberg
[Role:]Sarah Lieving
[Role:]Kazuyuki Okada
[Role:]Justin L. Jones
[Role:]Erin Evans

The Reviews for Monster (2008) 1080p

Absolute GarbageReviewed byotaking241Vote: 1/10

There are two big surprises that came at the end of this movie: 1) realizing that they managed to stretch it to almost 90min and 2) this thing had a half-million dollar budget?! Here's how Monster got made: 2 girls with no acting chops and rudimentary filmmaking skills saw Cloverfield and thought, 'Hey, we can do that!' At least they managed to swindle a trip to Japan out of whoever provided the funding for this thing, though you'd barely know it. Over half the outdoors, identifiable scenes were filmed in LA's Little Tokyo, complete with LA skyline in the background! Gawd. Add to this the gobbledy-guk the one girl tries to pass off as Japanese, the non-Japanese actors passed off as Japanese, generally awful acting and persistent 'film damage' issues and you're left with an unwatchable mess. The 'creature' is non-existent, the special effects are generally poor, and there's no drama of any kind.

Nitpicky issues notwithstanding, the film could be good if it had had some decent acting, a single interesting character or any semblance of a plot. Instead, we're left with two plain-looking, flat-affect, uninteresting girls stumbling their way through ninety-minutes of dull meandering through poorly set up scenes. Please give me the last hour and a half of my life back.

A monster movie without a monsterReviewed bySznfctmVote: 2/10

Okay maybe this is not a rip-off of Cloverfield, and maybe I should not have watched it a few days after said movie. But still, Monster is almost exactly the same with chicks (you could sell anything with chicks, right?), without a decent plot, acting, and sadly, without a monster.

We get two girls who are in Japan to make a documentary, when Tokyo is hit by an earthquake. And this is when the movie starts to get irreversibly bad and annoying. Because the two girls, however cute they may be, just cannot seem to use the camera. In the middle of a monster attack, *everything* is filmed, except for what is actually happening. When our heroines are staring with their jaws dropped at something supposedly terrible, the camera is well... showing them, their jaws dropped, staring. Then cut, or artifacts on the film (at every 5 seconds, or when something interesting is about to happen), and we go to the next scene. Rinse and repeat. In the end, we are given 90 minutes of artifacts, girls being scared and talking nonsense, running somewhere (filming each other's legs in the process), and just hanging out in Tokyo, obviously afraid of some tentacle monster that they always fail to capture with the camera.

Besides of not being able to make a point (it is hard when you point the camera at your sister instead of at whatever is happening around you), the movie fails to convey a sense of plot. We know where the girls are trying to go, but we just do not care if they ever get there, or what happens if they do. There is simply no drama, no excitement, mostly due to the bad use of camera, and the long talky scenes, and short scary ones (usually cut by artifacts, or simply, darkness).

I can't help but to compare this movie to Cloverfield, where you got a monster, and after some time, you actually got interested in where the group is going, and in the end, you cared. Monster could have been a great movie, even without showing the monster, if it manages to make you feel for the girls, but it sadly fails. It is not simply bad, but also an uninteresting movie.

LaboriousReviewed bysexytailVote: 1/10

You've probably all figured out by now that this is the straight-to-video knock-off of the much anticipated "Cloverfield". I was pretty curious about this, partly because it comes from The Asylum (their stuff is just addictively bad!) and because the trailer for it looked nearly competent. So naturally I rented it as soon as I had the chance.

The plot (ha!) concerns two women, a documentary crew, who fly to Tokyo to interview an official about global warming. Everything in the movie is filmed vacation-video style from the girls' hand-held camera (just like "Cloverfield"). During the interview the monster attacks and the city becomes a disaster area. Our heroes are forced to run for cover and try to find people who speak English while still documenting the monster's rampage.

I expected weak CGI effects and bad dialogue, but I was also disappointed to find that the hand-held camera wasn't hand-held looking at all (the making-of feature on the DVD betrayed their real techniques) and the down-time that fills out most of the movie happens in spots that look more like L.A. than Tokyo. Transitions are accomplished with unconvincing video distortion, an attempt to sell us on the gimmick that we are watching found footage. There's an attempt at explanation for the monster too, which was perhaps the worst aspect of this mess.

"Monster" may be The Asylum's worst. In spite of a good trailer, this will be forgotten especially because they chose a title already used for a Charlize Theron movie. "Cloverfield" has nothing to fear from this.

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