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Monsters Wanted (2013)

In early 2011, Rich Teachout quit his lucrative job to focus on creating a one-of-a-kind haunted attraction. He and his partner Janel dedicated every moment, ounce of energy, and dollar to ...

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The Synopsis for Monsters Wanted (2013) 720p

In early 2011, Rich Teachout quit his lucrative job to focus on creating a one-of-a-kind haunted attraction. He and his partner Janel dedicated every moment, ounce of energy, and dollar to making their "Scream Park" a reality. "Monsters Wanted" is the story of their self-proclaimed madness and the industry, culture, and people who share it.

The Director and Players for Monsters Wanted (2013) 720p

[Director]Joe Laughrey
[Director]Brian Cunningham
[Role:]Kenneth Schell
[Role:]Janel Nash
[Role:]Richard Teachout

The Reviews for Monsters Wanted (2013) 720p

Reviewed bywiserenderVote: 8/10/10

Monsters Wanted covers the subject of the hunted house industrythoroughly. I had no idea it was as big as it was on this independentlevel. Some aspects of this movie were based on bold decisions to makekeeping the best content the top priority. One man's face is blurredout and his voice is distorted. As you watch the movie the reason forthis is clear and only adds to the impact of what is going on. Somefilmmakers would have cut this person out of the documentary, I am gladthey did not.

The most interesting thing that occurred to me was that in many waysthe process of gearing up for the haunted attraction and then operatingit was similar to film production. This documentary also had highproduction value. So I recommend that you answer the call for MonstersWanted.

- Review by Curt Wiser, Writer-Director of Web-Cam (AKA Cam-Girl)

Reviewed byJessica Kay ([email protected])Vote: 8/10/10

I love documentaries, this one especially because I'm from Louisville &I support anything that makes Louisville more of a major city. Eventslike Fandom Fest (where the movie was first shown), building placeslike the KFC Yum center & even much smaller things like local Halloweenhaunted houses, all work together to create a wonderful city. Withoutgiving anything about the movie away, it's a documentary that capture'sa moment in peoples life's, where they say 'enough is enough, I'm allin". It's not scary, except for their money issue, there isn't anythinghaunting them or spooky ghosts in the woods. Well worth a watch,especially from people that live in LOUISVILLE. You gotta support yourcity, or your hurting it, by just standing around.

Reviewed byVultural ~Vote: 7/10/10

Entertaining behind the scenes documentary on Asylum Haunted ScreamPark. The site is a sprawling 40 acres outside Louisville, with fourdedicated horror areas. Doc follows Rich and Janel, a well adjustedenough couple, and their labors to get everything in place beforeopening day. Surprise visits by inspectors, backstabbing rival horrorparks, rain and more rain, temperamental actors - including one whoseems borderline certifiable, complaining business partners, equipmentmalfunctions, running out of money, as the opening deadline shrinksfrom months to weeks to days to hours. You wonder how they can possiblyget it done. Will hold your interest from start to finish, might evenplant the urge to get out Halloween night. For anyone who is a repeatcustomer of haunted parks, for anyone who ever worked a MidnightMansion, for anyone who took a stab creating their own Death House*,this film ought to be in your queue.

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